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Of course, skirts are fun to wear. But would you like to try an even trendier style? We hope it is yes! Cause we are about to introduce you to a unique yet cool outfit today. They are a bit costumery, a detail that most people hugely criticised in the past. A modern twist that certainly does not make you look thin and is difficult to pull attire. And it is none other than the peplum skirts.

Peplums are basically a small, frilly and gathered piece or a strip of fabric that is usually attached to the waist of a woman’s skirt, dress or even a top or a jacket. While peplums heydays were famous in the 1940s and 80s, they have been around long before then. In fact, instances of this unique dress date back to the times of ancient Greece. During those times the Grecians wore apparel termed as ‘peplos’. Incidentally, this word is the one from which the term ‘peplum’ originated. They have been evolving since then. With their current popularity, the peplum skirts and tops have become yet another vintage look that the designers are bringing back without any second thought, with updated twists, of course.

Feed your inner diva with these types of peplum skirts

Peplum skirts are jolly and fun. And they are most certainly not a look that only string beans can wear. Of course, some peplums are hideous. They look a bit like a frilly valance that you usually find around the bed. Well, the point is that they come in various forms, both bolder and more demure shapes. This is why you can no longer consider them as ad detail to be scared of. You can see them in elegant dresses and jackets, tops, blouses, peplum skirts and tops, pants or even jumpsuits. However, if you want to look your best in a peplum design, then you need to understand their types first. Make sure to read through these fantastic types of peplum skirts.

Peplum miniskirts

Wearing short skirts is incredible. They are like a religion to the fashionistas. They wear them regardless of the season, occasion or the time of the day. For example, if you have legs like a supermodel, then these miniskirts with peplum hemlines are a must-try. Wearing them creates the illusion of perfect symmetry on the body. The miniskirts with a peplum design have a piece of frilled fabric on the waist. This overlaying fabric on the hips makes them seem proportionate to the shoulders. However, be mindful of your body type when picking this style. If you have a fuller bottom, a peplum skirt wouldn’t be a wise choice for you. You must then opt for peplum tops instead. Just let them take centre stage in your wardrobe by styling them correctly.

Peplum hem skirts

Should we call them pephem? Nope, we are not making up words. Pephem is a short peplum hem, a new trend that is worth going gaga for. Now, this means that the frilly peplum, initially on the waist, has moved down to the bottom of the skirts and dresses now. Crazy, right? Well, as crazy as it sounds, these are some of the great types of skirts that you can wear for both formal and informal occasions. Such is their versatility. The dresses with such hems are the perfect combination of bold and chic style. It is quite intriguing how these come in a variety of forms. From mini pephems to maxi pephems, we have them all. They usually come in vibrant colours and unique patterns. It is quite fun to explore the by-product of these organic lines of pephems with some modern geometric checks.

Peplum pencil skirts

There are trends, and then there are those which you can count under timeless styles. No matter what falls out of fashion, the pencil skirts hold a special place in the hearts of those savvy fashion mavens. This is because the pencil skirt flatters every woman. Why? Because they are great for parties as well as offices. It brings us to the fact that they are straightforward to wear attire. But, have you ever thought of getting a pencil skirt with a design twist? The pencil skirts with a peplum hem twist have a frilly fabric either on the waist or on the bottom. Both of these peplum skirts can be dressed up or down as per the occasion you are attending. You can wear them for both informal and formal events. They come in a massive range of colours and patterns.

Plus size peplum skirts

Peplum skirts are a great addition to your wardrobe. But are you hesitating because you are not sure whether they’ll suit the plus size figure or not? Well, contrary to what you might assume, peplum skirts or peplum hems are a fantastic trend for women with curves and it is a must-try. The whole idea of peplum skirts is figure-flattering feminity. And there are peplum skirts and blouses for everyone. However, it largely depends on where the peplum hem sits. For example, you could create an hourglass figure with peplum skirts. You just need to choose a peplum that starts at the thinnest point of your waist and ends just below your widest points.

Tips on how to buy Peplum Skirts online

The short over-skirt ruffle, the peplum, attached to the waistline of a skirt does more than what they seem. The great advantage of peplum skirts is their slimming effect and the that they accentuate the waist. They are feminine and suitable for most shapes. However, if not chosen smartly, they can play a spoilsport in creating that perfect diva look. Therefore, we have here listed a few tips to make your buying peplum skirts online in UAE easy and breezy. Keep reading if you want to get the best peplum tops, skirts and dresses.

  • Know which style to choose — You must have gathered by now that there are a plethora of peplum skirts out there. From mini peplum skirts to midi and pencil, their options are endless. Though most of them are hypnotizingly beautiful, you need to keep in mind that all of them might not suit you. So, pick the ones that best suit your figure.
  • Assess the fabric — Well, assessing the fabric is one of the prime things you need to do when buying these skirts. Why? Because most of them are form-fitting and stay close to your skin. Therefore, you need to purchase fabrics that make you feel comfortable and airy. But, remember that you may not be able to physically check the fabric quality if you are going to purchase them online. However, you could always check the various features and benefits of different materials before hunting down your perfect one.
  • Consider the fit, colour and pattern — Of course, the peplum skirts are undeniably chic, but the wrong pattern or colour for the wrong occasion will just spoil the whole outfit. Always go for bold and plain colours when you are out for a formal meeting. However, you could go for peplum skirts that come in vibrant colours and patterns when heading out for a night party or an outing with friends.
  • Style them wisely — The peplum skirts themselves are versatile pieces of clothing . Therefore, they look stylish with anything and everything you wear. However, you need to pair them with the right accessories carefully. For example, a peplum skirt with a crop top might be an excellent choice for informal occasions but would not work well if added with pieces of jewellery and worn to formal events. Some of them could be paired with heels to give you a longer appearance.

Looking back at the phases of these peplum skirts and blouses we can certainly state that they are one of a kind in the vast field of skirts. They’ll surely inspire you with their versatility and will indeed help in accentuating your feminine curves when you wear them. But, just remember to make sure that they suit your shape. Well, undoubtedly, they suit almost all shapes well; they can sometimes make the legs appear shorter. So, if you have a long body and shorter legs, they might not work out for you. But there is always an alternative solution when it comes to the peplums. So, own one now.

Question & Answer

How to rock peplum skirt?

Sometimes a bitty detail to your skirts can make a world of difference and make you look so much more attractive. This is probably why you consider a skirt with peplum hem as a unique yet cool piece of attire. You could rock in them for any occasion, provided you style them smartly. For example, to achieve an elegant look at the office, you can wear a pair of black and white plaid fitted shirts with a navy peplum skirt. Pair them with pointed-toe pumps and a necklace to complete your professional look. Isn’t it fun?

What is peplum skirt?

Peplum is a word that has come a long way with fashion and ever-changing trends. First of if you haven’t heard of it, then you would require a definition. A peplum is an overskirt, that is attached to another garment such as a jacket, blouse, skirt or dress. Now, peplum skirts have these tiny strips of ruffles on either the waist or on the bottom of the skirts. Their primary purpose is to highlight the mini waist by accentuating the hips essentially.

What to wear with a peplum skirt?

Peplums have been in fashion for a long period now, which is why they can be paired with some chic tops to achieve your favourite looks. You could pair this type of skirt with classic white button-down shirts. For a trendier look add in some accessories such as statement necklaces. If you want to create looks that stand out from the crowd, choose the same colour skirt as your shirt but with different prints. Well, be creative and style them to accentuate your intentions.

Is the peplum skirt flattering?

Peplum skirts with their uniqueness create a sexy and stylish look. These small frilly pieces of fabric attached either to the waist of the skirt or at the bottom are no doubt one of the best detailing a skirt can have. These little ruffles flatter your waist and legs. They make you look thinner if you are on the plump side. For example, a peplum pencil skirt is an excellent piece of attire to give you a smooth and slender look. Pair them with crop tops or button-down shirts to complete the look. In short, they are the most figure-flattering outfits.

Are peplum skirts still in style?

It was in the year 1947 when the craze for peplums began. They were the ‘new’ look that took the spotlight off a woman’s waist. Their structure defined the feminity of the people who wore them. Since then, year after year, fashion season after fashion season, peplum skirts and tops have been featured in many fashion shows. While some designers adhere to their feminity, the others brought them forward onto the era of crossing paths and expressing true uniqueness.

Where can I buy Peplum skirts online in the UAE?

In short, peplum skirts, tops or for that matter any apparel with a peplum hem twist are fun and lend dynamism to your entire look. This is why they are indeed a wardrobe staple. Hurry and get one now at! You can browse through this incredible retail search engine to get some high-quality peplum skirts online. They feature a massive collection of peplum skirts, tops, blouses and much more from top-class brands like Zara, Asos, Marks and Spencer, Gucci, Gap, Burberry, Next, and Forever 21. Buy them from 500+ online stores only from our unique shopping site.

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