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About Tennis Skirts

For sure tennis is all about sports. However, all sports do have major style moments. The iconic pleated tennis skirts are among one such moment. These basic tennis short skirts are remixed with long and short hems, a variety of pleat thicknesses and colours. In the age of athleisure, we are exploring a different way to wear sportswear as fashion clothing. In such times, these tennis skirts are surprisingly proven versatile. However, with just a few layers, they have moved from sporty to work-appropriate.

So even if you are not a tennis player, you can rock a tennis skirt. With all the fashion innovations tennis skirts are now for everyone. They typically come in brighter shades to give maximum styling options. Additionally, they offer peak comfort when you are sporting, walking, running or dancing around. In the past, these skirts were simply game costumes. But time changed and so did fashion. The sportswear manufacturers started making stylish and vibrant costumes. It was the time when fashion lovers started paring this sportswear with random clothing items. The resulting styles, at times, became a disaster. However, many made their impression successfully. These skirts as street styles are one such fashion innovation.

Style guide to wearing tennis skirts on and off the court

The development of tennis outfits made skirts to be very popular in the women’s fashion world. Today, we will explore some of the many stunning ideas of how to wear ladies’ skirts for different occasions and looks. This athleisure trend is at the top of the list of this fashion wave. Luckily today the market is full of fantastic designs and colours of skirts that can surely drive you crazy. This is why you can find classic flared tartan skirts, pleated mini versions, high waisted and minimalistic skirts online. With these bottoms, you can easily create an elegant yet sporty look. However, you need to pay attention to the appropriate top. Let’s explore some sporty-stylish ideas to keep you up to date easily.

Traditional white tennis skirt as a daily outfit

If you are a fashion innovator, you must have integrated a baseball jacket into your daily outfit. Here is the good news, you can do the same with a white tennis skirt. A standard skirt is flared and pleated that can make you look younger and active. It is very easy to pull off with amazing results every single time you add a stylish top. You can make a plain white skirt with a white or baby pink sweatshirt for a teenage look. However, if you want to enjoy a chic look, pick a mesh crop tube top and add white sandals. Yet another sweet sexy look can be made by pairing a white skirt with a long sleeve, an off-shoulder crop top in black or maroon colour with flats or heels, both.

Tennis outfits with a comfy sweater look

Pick a comfy sweater, high heels and a flared high-rise mini skirt in tartan print. You are ready to turn the heads around. The athleisure bottom can effortlessly reach its fashion zenith with just a few accessories and matching clothing items. Besides many others, a sweater with a skirt is best for ladies who do not want to reveal much. A statement sweater can help these ladies stay comfortable, covered and sophisticated. Here a plus point is that even the simplest sweater can look classy with a pleated skirt. Just add some accessories like a long chain pendant, a stylish and playful bracelet and a trendy leather handbag.  

Go playful with your tennis apparel

When it comes to these skirts, girls like to be playful. This is why graphic tees are the most preferred street styles with these skirts. Graphic tops add a whimsical feel to your outlook. Here you can enjoy many different foot options. Consider heels to add a class or replace them with shoes to get a cute tennis player feel and style. However, just by replacing your graphic tee with a button-down shirt, you can shift to formal attire. The formal button-down tops in subtle tones or lighter prints are the best to pair with these skirts. The clash between the two pieces can help you achieve a look worthy of fashion magazines.

Explore sensuality with tennis shorts for women

Summer gets over, but it doesn’t mean the time to wear these skirts is over. The same goes for your sexy crop tops. The duo of these skirts and crop tops is extremely spicy. Since it can get chilly inside, consider covering yourself with a cute blazer or jacket. Meanwhile, if you are lucky enough to live in a temperate state with mild seasons, these skirts are a must-have. An off-shoulder top with this athletic bottom looks stunning on a street day. Adding a sling bag or satchel will complete the look. You can enjoy this balanced outfit with both laced high heels and a cute pair of sneakers. If not sure, you can visit brands like Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and Forever21 to see and buy trending styles.

Tips on what to consider while buying Tennis Skirts online in UAE

Whether you are wishing to have something for the office or want to dress to impress, buying the right style is important. Here skirts are one of the trickiest clothing items in women’s wardrobes that you may need to buy. Thus, when you head to buy tennis skirts online, make sure of your needs. Likewise, important is to know what style you will like to carry. This is because the colour selection, cut, prints, style and length of your skirt will directly depend on the final look you want. Thus, from cool monochromatic to fun floral and everything in between, pick yours wisely. Today we will share some ground rules to consider. With these tips in hand, you can make a better shopping decision online.

  • The cut of the skirt – It is the main element to consider. These skirts are notably available in pleated, straight and A-line cuts. Each of these has its characteristics. An A-line won’t cling to legs, while a pleated skirt is basic classic and easily available to mix and match with.
  • The fabric of the skirt – As a female, you must have had the idea that each fabric drapes differently. Most of these skirts used today are made of high-performance polyester. This is why they are comfortable, cool and keep you dry. Another option is cotton, which is also acceptable for many ladies.
  • The waistband – These skirts are also selected based on their waistband. They come in two types banded and in elastic designs. The elastic waist is stretchy, thus easier and comfortable to wear while the banded waist skirts are stiffer but offer enhanced security when worn.
  • Built-in shorts of your skirt – Mostly these skirts come with sewn-in compression shorts. These shorts are highly fitted and thus give complete body cover in skirts. Meanwhile, there are many shorts with lesser form-fitting shorts and other features like ball pockets. Choose what you need or prefer to have.
  • Length of the skirt – Here you need to pay a little attention to your shopping venture. The length of the skirt is a reckoning factor to buy a skirt. An average skirt has a length between 11 to 15 inches. This length is measured from the waistband to the bottom. Your length selection must also depend on the overall outlook you wish for.
  • Colour of skirt – Here is the time to recall the overall look you want to carry with this sexy women’s tennis apparel. So, choose colours that mix and match your style, cut and colour of your top, bag, jacket, blazer and other accessories you are planning to wear with it. Going monochromatic or being overwhelmed with colours is entirely up to you.

So, you have had an idea of what to look for while buying a skirt. Do you know where to buy it? We know the first option you will consider is to visit a sportswear shop. Hang on, and the world has much more than that for you. Just explore our product search engine. It is where you will find more than 500 stores to explore trendy skirts and tennis shorts for women online. Hence, apart from top sports brands find products from Puma, Channel, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren. Compare the products and their prices to enjoy a smart and economical shopping venture by the end of the day.

Question & Answer

When were tennis skirts popular?

The history of tennis clothing for women is not much different than that of men.  After entering the games in the 1860s, women started wearing a long maxi skirts for games. A few years later, in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe’s windy skirt become an iconic style that soon entered the real tennis courts. By 1960s the fashion becomes centre stage. Since then, women are taking more playful approaches and wearing short skirts with different types of tops. Since then they became a basic attire for female tennis players.

Are tennis skirts in style?

Yes, these skirts have had their ranking in women’s fashion for a long time now. During the early 20th century, these skirts have become a staple clothing item for women. The comfort and freedom with sensuality is the reason why they are also used as street styles now. Stripes, pleated, polka cots, and checkered styles are some of the core inspirations. These skirts are now helping women to look fashionable with different styles of tops.

Why do tennis players wear skirts?

With time, these skirts have become an essential part of the official dress code for tennis. Although the players keep trying to play with the colours and cuts, they have some limitations as well. However, with all the restrictions, these skirts have become a must-have for females’ tennis players. The skirt offers an essential cover while keeping the player comfortable. Additionally, the cuts and flare of the skirts also offer optimum freedom to move legs easily.

Where to buy cheap tennis skirts?

Here at you can explore products from more than 500 brands online. Moreover, you can search for products according to your price or brand preferences. Thus, it is a comprehensive solution for all your shopping needs. So, explore to shop for trendy products and everything in hot sales on brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Burberry. Otherwise, you can explore stores that the world trust.