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About Stripped Skirts

Are you looking for a trendy voguish skirt to wear this season? Pick a striped one! It is one of the most transitional bottoms that serves well in spring, summer and fall seasons.  If you are fashionably smart and wise enough you can pair, it with different everyday essentials and evening apparels.

Remember girls, simplicity, if carried to an extreme, becomes elegance. However important is to know the best way how you can build the look. It becomes more specialised in transitional weather. Mostly females don’t have any idea of what to wear during autumn and spring months. If such is the case with you, try a striped skirt. These skirts are available in different lengths including; maxi, pleated, flared, midi, pencil, A-line, and bodycon.  This sleek and straightforward bottom wear is more versatile than you can imagine. With verity in lengths and fabric, it can be used is every season. However, crucial is to make a balance according to time and occasion. Let’s explore what does it mean.   

Beginner’s guide on how to style striped skirt dresses

Strips are the ultimate idea for summer and fall season. While other trends come and go, strips seem to stay here for a long time. Stripes are versatile and act neutrally for pairing with any of your favourite prints. These stripes are available in different horizontal, vertical, thick, and think lines and colours. Among many others, the horizontal stripes are trendiest. Horizontal stripes enhance the bust of wearers. While vertical stripes add height and give a slimming effect to the wearer. In the meantime, when it comes to colour choice, the combination of white and black can never go wrong. Let’s explore some trendy style ideas you can try this season.

Look younger with striped maxi skirt dress styles

As already said, horizontal lines make you look wider. Consider picking a skin-tight shiny spandex bodycon dress with horizontal lines. Here you can think of classic cotton Breton striped shirt tucked in. If otherwise, you can consider a ladylike flared full skirt with horizontal stripes, it helps you look flatter. Although classic, this simple lined pattern makes the wearer look fresh and chic. Despite being simplest at the bottom, it can be paired with different types of tops. You can pick a top from the bow, fringe, or ruffled style. Meanwhile, a button done shirt in solid, subtle tones can be a great idea as office wear. Here the key to success is picking the right colour according to the need of the occasion.

Wearing short strip skirts with flats

If you are afraid of wearing heels for a long day, be happy, you can carry striped skirts with flats. The resulting combination is feminine and airy. You can think of taking a ruffled crop top in classic white and pair it with a high waisted maxi striped skirt. Here you can go beyond typical white and black stripes. Think of something like adding a blue clutch, sunglasses and a pair of white platform sandals to complete the look. However, if you have the classic black and white striped skirt and want to innovate it, pick a loose shirt in pale pink. Here, ideal accessories could be suede belts, sunglasses, flats and a fringe bag. You can also consider this skirt with denim clothing; they look magical.

An office attire with a striped pencil skirt and high heels

With just a few exceptions, females of all ages love wearing and styling in heels. A classic striped skirt makes an ideal pair with pointed closed toe high heel shoes. This duo can be carried as an evening outfit or to a cocktail party. Consider wearing a classic black crop top and body fitted vertically striped skirt outfit. A black ankle strap high heel with a leather clutch could also do just fine. Otherwise, you can try a button-up shirt with orange, white striped skirt, and coloured earrings. For a formal or professional outfit, you can wear a black and white striped pencil skirt with a long sleeves t-shirt. Taking out your pink heels could be a worthy and eye-catching addition to this outfit.

A vertically stripped skirt in black and white

Let’s speak a bit more about the mini and long striped skirts. Enjoy a stylish office look once again by paring sleeveless crop tops with these skirts. However, to follow the no skin show policy at work, prefer going for a high waisted skirt with your crop top. Pointed toe, high heels and leather clutch could help you look stylish and feminine. Here grey tee is another option you can pair with your black and white skirt. Meanwhile, the red lace top is another evergreen idea to pair with your skater striped skirt. This intense combination gives a unique look and feel. However, for an effortlessly mature look, you can pick a striped mini skirt with a fine black sequin top.

Tips on how to buy Stripped Skirts online in UAE

One can never have too many skirts. Every length, cut, colour and flare can be styled uniquely and never be replaced by any other. At the time when longer lengths look more directional than knee-length, the minis are sexy and feminine. Just like the feel, every length and cut of the skirt demands different styles of tops to complete a look. Above all these, the quality of the fabric, finish, colour and fitting of the skirt have an impact on how you look. Hence, we can conclude that only a wisely chosen skirt can give you the feel and look you wish for. This is the reason why we have gathered some hot tips to buy a perfect skirt for you to be playful with.

  • Know the occasion – A work-appropriate skirt always have different length, cut and colour preferences. Here you must go with classic cuts, a softer tone with minimum colours. While a skirt for casual or special occasions like dates, wedding or parties is more sensual and livelier, so, pick a skirt accordingly.
  • Pick the right fabric - Skirts are available in a verity of fabric. Most reliable, appreciated, and widely available options are twill, silk, wool, cotton, linen, viscose, cashmere, and polyester. Soft, sleek fabric with easy flow is not good for women with the heavy bust. Hence choose according to body type.
  • Pick the right style – Social media is the best place to get inspired and know what is trending. From many different trends, find what is meant for your body shape. It is important to finalise a style that helps you look flattering and feminine.
  • Go online – Do you believe you can visit a physical store or a shopping mall and find all the styles you saw online? Trust me, you are wrong. The right place to look for those styles is to shop from our shopping search
  • Know about the product – Always read product details available with each product online. Here you can know everything about the fabric, care instructions, size and other specification about the skirt. Additionally, you can consult the customer review section to dig deep.

Here at we offer you access to thousands of products from more than 500 brands. The top brands include Adidas, Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Ted Baker, Denim. Besides, you can also explore products from Bershka, Marks & Spencer, Next, and Nordstrom before deciding. With the price comparison facility, you can buy the most economical striped skirts online in UAE.

Question & Answer

Are stripped skirts flattering?

Yes, stripes are flattering. Surprisingly both horizontal and vertical stripes change the overall look of the wearer in just a snap. Broadly speaking, if selected wisely, these stirpes can flatter and enhance the look of women with all body types and sizes. For instance, a vertical stripes body-hugging skirt or trouser can make you look taller and fuller. They can work well on both women with a heavy bust as well as petite with a flat bottom.

What to wear with strip skirts?

Striped skirts are versatile. It means they can be styled with different types of tops. You can use a button-down shirt while heading to the office and take out your high heel pumps with pointed toes to complete the look. Meanwhile a crop top, ruffled or off-shoulder top can help you enjoy a flattering look on brunch or time out with friends. If such is the case, you can pick any of the flats from your collection. Pick pumps, sneakers or simple flat sandals matching the colour of your top or bottom. Additional accessories could be sunhat, glasses, leather bag and wrist bands as per the style call for.

Which stripped skirts are best?

The most classic and preferred choice in striped skirts is the vertical black and white striped skirt. The cut and length of this classic strip vary according to the suitability of occasion. However, now, girls are getting innovative with the core idea. You can now find shades like pink, blue and eggplant paired with white and denim striped skirts. However, some of the best striped skirts are; Black pinstripe tie-waist mini skirt, black with white double side stripe mini skirt, dark wash sports stripe denim skirt, grey pinstripe tie-waist mini skirt, and black pinstripe paper bag miniskirts.

Where to buy stripped skiers in UAE?

A product search engine is where you can find more than 500 brands selling striped skirts online in the UAE. Apart from brands like Zara, Denim,  Lacoste, Mira Mikati, and Next, you can also explore trusted stores. These include Namshi, Newchic, Ounass, Yonis, GAP, Mamas & Papas, and Lacoste. With dozens of store and thousands of products, you can do an easy online search according to price or brand. These skirts are available in such a vast variety that it is not possible for any store to present you all the options. This is the reason why women are appreciating online shopping methods to look for stylish products.

So, ladies when it comes to adding style to your life of economical shopping, go live. Explore social media to know what you might need. Go online to buy what can make you look flattering and sensual on your next day out.