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About Fringe Bikinis

Are you getting ready for your next summer getaway? Do you already have a new swimsuit? If no, we think you should try out fringe bikinis. Why? Because they’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Bikinis with fringes have freshened up classic bikini styles. They’ve got the right amount of edginess which makes them look flirty and fun when worn. 

Fringe bikinis are normal bikinis with fringes on them. The ruffles on fringe swimsuit top are design elements that add movement and texture to the outfit. These fringes come in classic, bandeau, halter, and triangular tops. Thehave become extremely popular to the point that they are now a staple swimwear design. They come in all forms-long, short, ombre, and knotted, to name a few. From crochet to laser cut, they are available in all kinds of fabulous designs that will show off your astounding personality. But here’s the deal! Finding one that fits, looks great, and works for your budget is easier said than done. Therefore, we have compiled their types and a few shopping tips. 

Slay that beach look with these fringe bikinis  

As you gear up for the official arrival of the summer, take your swimsuit to the next level. These trendy and colourful bikini sets are one of the best you can own. Trust us! They’ll add some major drama to your beach-day getup. So, get ready to channel your inner goddess wearing one among these fringe bikinis. They come in an array of types and designs, so choosing the right one will never be a herculean task. We will discover some of them below, so read on.  

Look good with fringe one-piece and fringe crop top 

There is no denying that the one-piece fringes are elegant and comfortable. For instance, you can pair these neck-plunging one-piece fringe tops with a choker. Moreover, you can wear these bikinis as a bodysuit with high-waisted jeans. Apart from that, they really do give out an off-duty look. Furthermore, one of their alternatives is the cropped fringe bikini top. You can pair it with lounge shorts and a straw hat for the ultimate summertime getup. 

Be the best at the beach with a fringe high-waisted swimsuit 

Do you love being preppy? Then go for a high-waisted rash guard swimsuit with fringes. They are great because you can pair them with long sleeve tops with fringes. Moreover, they minimise your sun exposure and will make you look like a seasoned surf enthusiast. Furthermore, one of their alternatives is the side fringe swimsuit, which is a twist to your regular one-piece swimsuit. Apart from this, you can find swimsuits with some fierce fringes on the side. They can help you perfectly rock a poolside look. 

Rock fringe bandeau bikini and fringed side-tie bikini briefs 

The playful fringe on the bandeau is enough to swap out your safe one-piece swimsuit. Some also come with a removable halter, so you can even go strapless if you desire. If you have a glamcation coming up with your girls, let them feast your eyes on these fringe bikinis that feature a top with fringe overlay. By the way, if you are not planning to chill on a poolside, team them with a sheer crochet maxi. They will look awesome too.  

Grab plus-size fringe swimsuit with string bikini bottoms  

If you are slightly on the plump side, go for plus-size swimsuits. They are traditionally designed one-piece swimwear featuring a V neckline and halter tie at the back of the neck. They come with fringes suspended from the shoulder area. The barely-there bikini bottoms are not for those who are overly modest. They come in some cool tropical print. Thus, they will make you feel like you’re basking in the paradise when you’re just soaking up rays on your back.  

Experience a swimwear revolution with fringe tankini bathing suits 

Tankini tops deliver ultimate style. Moreover, they come in lively prints, stunning solids, and a range of body style combinations. For instance, the fringes at the top showcase a gorgeous and glamorous look from every angle. Too much fringe? Well, there is no such thing. Go for hippie-dippy fringe bikini tops that add a groove to every beach getup. By the way, do not underestimate the power of embellishments, especially when you add them to fringe bikinis. These give out extra beach bling.  

Tips on how to buy Fringe Bikinis online

Flattering swimsuits are a great asset to your wardrobe. But, there’s something about beachwear such as fringe bikinis that seem to lead otherwise stylish people to make a public mistake. Therefore, before you pick and your ideal fringe bikini for the season, consider these five essential factors while buying fringe bikinis online in UAE.  

  • Consider the construction - Are there single rows or double? Do they have threads coming loose? Is the whole bikini fringed or just a part of it? Well, these are some ideal questions you should ask yourself before you lay your hands on a fringed bikini. A high-quality fringed swimwear is lined throughout with strong stitches. Ensure that the threads are not coming loose, as they probably won’t hold up to the fun in the sun.
  • Check for customisable features - Finding the right fringe bikinis is as hard as getting the right pair of jeans. To make it a little easier to shop for fringe suits, look for those that are adaptable to your needs. Some fringe bikinis come with adjustable shoulder straps. This prevents them from falling or digging into your shoulders.
  • Examine the embellishments - Do the bikinis have beads or sequins sewed on to them? Are there just a few of them or a whole lot? Have they been tightly held? It is always disappointing to have attractive exotic beads, only to fall off later. Remember, those fringe swimsuits that have quite a lot of embellishments will not stand up a lot of wear and tear.
  • Price vs. use - If you are interested in trendy fringe bikinis, you tend to go for the cheapest one, knowing you may only wear it once or twice. However, if you want your fringe swimwear to last long, inspect the quality and spend a little more cash. It is better than buying a penny-pincher.
  • Check for UPF - The ultraviolet protection factor is something that gauges a fabric’s effectiveness against both UVA and UVB light. The higher their number, the more effective they are at blocking the UV rays. So, pick fringe suits with a UPF of 50 or higher, so that the next time you go out to soak some sun, you are carefree about your skin getting damaged.  

Long gone are the days when people used to settle for something that is just comfortable. Whether you are size 6 or 16, you should embrace the skin you are in. Remember that confidence is the new sexy! So, when it comes to getting yourself a fringe bikini, you should consider the tips above. Follow the rules, weed out the unnecessary ones from the multitude of possibilities, and find the right swimwear.  

Question & Answer

Where to buy fringe bikinis?

Summer is just around the corner, and it can be hard finding fringe bikinis that are cool and comfortable. In such a scenario, you should resort to online shopping. It is hassle-free, and you can browse through endless options in just a few minutes. Hence, we’ve made things easier for you. You can browse through our superfast retail search engine that features fringe bikinis from world-renowned brands. So, your perfect fringe bikini is just a click away.  

Why buy fringe bikinis?

A fringe bikini is one of the best types of swimwear that is both trendy and comfortable. It comes in vast choices of designs and prints. From laces and ribbons to designed garments, it can match your personality and boost your summer appearance. Also, being made up of good quality materials, it lasts longer and can be used for years. Although it has a peculiar design, the price of fringe bikinis is pretty competitive. 

Are fringes bikinis flattering?

If you are on the lookout for the best beach fashion, fringe bikinis must surely be on top of your list. Why? Because they give you a pretty yet simple look. The fringes on the top add a peculiar vibe to your entire appearance. With their unique design, it is hard to avoid stares. The best part is, they come in an array of types, making them a beachwear favourite. 

Are fringe bikinis suitable for my body type?

Each of us is beautifully different from one another. You must keep this in mind when heading out to buy your swimwear. There is a perfect fringe bikini for women of pear, hourglass, or apple body shape. It is just that you need to get the correct fit. Let’s figure it out together. Avoid fringe if you have large busts because it makes your upper part bigger and fuller. However, women with small busts can gladly include a fringe bikini in their wardrobe.

Take a moment to imagine walking along the beach in your fringe top. Every step you make will create movements, just like waves. But let us warn you! Picking the best one is one challenging task. So, how are you going to buy your favourite fringe bikinis? Well, you can buy the best fringe bikinis online from high-end brands such as Seafolly, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Billabong, and Missguided. Are you eager to find out where you can buy them? You can count on, the smartest product search engine where you can find cheap fringe bikinis. You can also explore here the best fringe bikinis in Dubai from popular online stores such as Newchic, Yoins, Sun & Sand SportsOunass, Brands for Less, Tryano, GAP, and many more.  What's more, you can also discover several other clothing options from over 500+ online stores right here!