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Is the beach on your mind? Everything about it is delightful—the sand, the sun, and of course, the refreshing dip. But the wrong clothing can spoil the fun. That’s why it is essential to wear the right beach attire. Well, chic bikini tops can save the day! They are an essential piece of the seaside puzzle that completes your summer look. 

From longline bustiers to sporty cropped tanks and much more, there’s always some kind of bikinis to go with them. Typically, a bikini top is a two-piece suit featuring two triangles of fabric at the top, similar to a bra. It can take almost countless forms such as bra-style underwire cups, triangle tops, halter bikinis, and much more. And the best part? It is built for carefree coastal comfort. Plus, it comes in crazy-awesome patterns, prints, and styles so cute that you’ll want to buy more than one. With endless forms and styles, however, choosing the right bikini top can be a daunting task. Well, no worries. We will reveal everything you need to know for a happy online shopping experience. So, read on.

Unleash your best version with these types of bikini tops

Hosting a pool party or heading to the beach this summer? Whatever the case may be, there are several bikini tops for you to try out. They have evolved through the years and are now available in versatile shapes, cuts, prints, and colours. Therefore, you can grab the one that suits your taste and personality best. However, with so many options to select from, it is quite normal to be caught in a dilemma. That’s why we have compiled below some of the best picks that will suit your body type and preferences.

Bandeau bikini tops

Bandeau swimming tops are also known as bandeau bikini tops. They are strapless with some straps or bands straight across. Others also come with off-shoulder sleeve details that make you look cute and dainty. Overall, bandeau bikini tops offer optimal comfort and confidence compared to other swimwear varieties. However, if you are the sporty type, then one-piece swimsuits will never let you down. They are less stylish than bandeaus, though.

Triangle tops with underwire

Triangle tops also feature a straightforward style. From the name itself, their cups are shaped like a triangle and give you an oozing beach babe look. They commonly have an underwire that offers a bit of lift and support. Since they almost function like a push-up bra, they are also called push-up bikinis. What’s more, you can find triangle tops with and without padding. So, you can choose from a lot of options depending on your desired coverage.

One-shoulder long-line bikini tops

These are asymmetrical in style and feature a single strap running through one shoulder, instead of both. Some of their alternatives, such as long-line bikini tops give a crop top-like feel. They hit lower on the rib cage than other bikinis, making them look like crop top high-waisted swimsuits. Both the one-shoulder and long-line styles are sexy and super stylish. However, remember to accessorise them properly to achieve a chic look.

Crochet bikini tops

With a unique pattern and cut, these are considered the mysteries of a female wardrobe. Crochet bikini tops generally come in cotton yarn materials and look stunning. Their design resembles a knitted sweater, which offers extreme comfort and support when you are out in the sun. That’s why they are an ideal choice on the beach. Plus, the strings attached to them offer great support and style.

Rash guards

Do you like long sleeves? Then these rash guard tops are probably the best choice. They come in both long sleeves and short sleeves, which are usually used in sports such as surfing. Nowadays, most people use them over their regular swimsuits to help prevent suntan and UV exposure. Want maximum coverage? Then go for high-neck rash guards, as these do not plunge. Moreover, they have a high neck that fits closely to the neck.  

Tips on how to buy Bikini Tops online

Finding and buying bikini tops online in the UAE for the summer can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider than just the parts you want to hide. By taking into account a few simple factors like your skin tone, cup size, and body shape, you’ll be able to find your perfect bikini top easily. Here are some tips on how to get the right one tailored to your specific needs.

  • Be realistic – First, figure out your favourite summer activities and take it from there. For example, a bandeau looks cute and also prevents visible tan lines. But if you are heading to a water park, then wearing a bandeau top isn’t a good idea. Something that won’t put you at risk of wardrobe malfunction will do. So, a one-piece swimsuit will do.
  • Think about your body type – If you are not comfortable and confident with the bikini of your choice, then you’re probably not going to wear it in the future too. So, go for a top that suits your body type and gives you the freedom to move. Understand your silhouette well to get that perfect top.
  • Experiment with tops & bottoms – Whether you want to look stylish or feel comfortable, you can freely mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms. You can play with the colours, patterns, and designs. And that means to say, you can look both cute and sexy or sporty yet classy.
  • For those with large busts – Underwire tops are generally best for women who have a large chest. The underwire offers extra support and keeps your assets in place. Meanwhile, the foam pad gives them shape. If you want to keep the pressure off your neck, then straps that cross in the back are also a good choice.
  • For those with small chests – Generally, flat-chested are encouraged to opt for padded bikini tops. However, these can look fake. So, go for something with the right amount of pad to enhance your bustline without over the top push-ups. You can also go for tops with ruffles.

Finding the best bikini tops can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Spotting trends, narrowing down your choices, finding your perfect fit—it takes a lot of time and effort. However, if you know what suits you best, everything becomes a piece of cake.

Question & Answer

Which bikini top is the best for me?

Finding a bikini that fits you perfectly is not that easy at all. But if you want to put an end to the frustration that comes with swimwear shopping, then analyse your body type first. This will help you narrow down your choices quickly and easily. There are bikini tops for pear-shaped and curvy figures, large busts, and small busts. You can also find ones that conceal the tummy. You need to understand your fit to get the perfect one among the endless options available for each body type.

Which bikini top is the best for broad shoulders?

Do you have a rectangular body shape and broad shoulders? Then go for bikini tops that offer less coverage and create an illusion of a shapelier figure. Those with ruffles and bold prints make the athletic built oblivious. You can also try wearing bikini tops with embellishments. What’s great about them is that they bring out your charm and femininity. The whole purpose of adding ensembles to the shoulder is to make your appearance proportionate. So, if you understand the final look, you may yourself experiment with the clothing or by adding attachments to it.

Can you alter bikini tops?

Sometimes, you make bad shopping decisions. So, what do you do if a bikini top lets you down? Well, you can alter it yourself. If you’ve mistakenly bought a bigger size, then you can try sewing it on the sides to make it snug fit. However, ensure that its structure won’t be compromised. Meanwhile, you can also add some fabric to make your bikini top a more modest choice. However, this requires you some skills. So, if you think you cannot do a DIY project successfully, it’s better to entrust the job to a professional.

How to crochet bikini tops?

Crochet bikinis are your saviour if you want to add a twist to your regular bikini tops. From yellow to khaki, neon, and red, these shades look sexy on the beach in the sweltering summer. You need to know a few stitches to make this type of bikini. Though it requires a few basic stitches, the colour blocks and patterns look incredibly beautiful when finished. Not only you can modify them as per your choice, but you can play with the colourful yarns as well.

Which bikini top is the best for big busts?

Are you more well-endowed on the upper part? Then ample support is the key. Go for bikini tops that have moulded cups or underwires to keep your assets in place. Avoid embellishments and ruffles up high, especially if you’re hoping to minimise the attention on your chest. You can also go for tops that have thicker and adjustable straps. Most importantly, pick those with sizing like your regular bra, as they ensure the right fit.

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