Bikini Hipsters

About Bikini Hipsters

The hipster bikini will change the way you look at swimwear. A superb bottom wear, it is amongst the most versatile and stylish clothing options available in the market today. Aside from being comfortable, it also offers full coverage; thus, making you look and feel good.  

Swimwear is so fashionable and versatile that people have grown to love it. Gone are the days when women would choose swimsuits only when they go to the beach. These days, you can sport a bikini at pool parties, outdoor games, and pretty much anywhere you want. Since it has grown into a style statement, it makes an impression wherever you wear it. And the best part is that bikinis are not restricted to a single body type. With the significant number of options available, you can easily find something for your build and preference. The most important part, however, is to be comfortable and confident in whatever you choose. 

Reasons to choose a hipster bikini 

There are various reasons why women love a hipster bikini. Aside from the fact that it hides some of the body’s most common problem areas, it also spruces up your overall look. No wonder, it is one of the oldest yet classiest styles of swimwear that has managed to retain its charm throughout generations. Hollywood style icons Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor flaunted hipster bikinis with grace. Here’s the best part—whether you are slim, petite, busty, or curvy, they make for the safest option on the beach and pool parties. Not only are they chic but also comfortable. Thus, you will always look and feel good in them!   

Hide your waist and thighs 

Let’s face it—not every woman is blessed with a toned body. Some struggle with weight issues due to motherhood and medical conditions. As a result, they feel deprived of good swimwear options. Well, with a hipster style swimwear, your woes can finally be at rest. It does an excellent job in concealing the most problematic areas of the body like thighs, tummy, and hips; thus, saving you from embarrassment. The beauty of the bottoms is that they offer more coverage than regular bikinis. They work well to create the illusion of a well-proportioned body, making them something that can give you the best of both worlds.  

Better coverage  

With a bikini hipster style, your overall outfit will look as modest yet as stylish as possible. It is perfect if you want to keep your skin-show to a minimum, especially here in the UAE. This way, you can feel confident and comfortable in swimwear without going overboard. For most older women, this factor also makes hipster bikinis a common choice. If you want to take your style a step further, choose a contrasting colour scarf that you can tie around your hips when you are out of water. You can pair it with accessories but ensure that they suit the shades and design of your outfit to still look classy.  

Comfort above everything else 

Let’s say you opted for string and cut-out swimwear. You need to up your confidence level to carry them off. However, that is not the case with a hipster bikini, as you can effortlessly flaunt it without compromising your comfort. Thus, if you do not want to worry about your outfit slipping, it is the best choice. The design, structure, and style of a hipster bikini make it an excellent option whether you are on or out the water. All you have to do is pick the one that fits you perfectly, and it’s a done deal. Being comfortable will radiate on the outside and will make you look more fab than ever. When you feel good regarding the size, fit, and fabric, that’s when you know you have a good one! 

Worry not about wardrobe malfunctions 

Being with kids, family, or pets on a holiday makes it difficult to focus on other things. Your clothing, especially, should not be attended to. If you want a relaxing and carefree beach getaway, choose the hipster bikini. You can also laze around the beach or on the hammock wearing a hipster bikini. However, doing the same in a bandeau or string may be uncomfortable. To ensure that you’re wearing the right bikini, try out a couple of options at a brick and mortar store first before you shop online. If it doesn’t feel comfortable outside of the water, then it will never be good enough for swimming.  

Tips on how to buy Hipster vs bikini

There is no right or wrong here—it all depends on your body type and comfort. Thus, it is essential to weigh out the pros and the cons before you go ahead. When choosing a certain style, ensure that it looks wonderful on you and makes you feel good. Need help when it comes to decision-making?  Below are some tips that will help you out.

  • A little skin-show – If you don’t mind flaunting your body, the classic, regular bikini is for you. Amongst the style options you can select from include string, thong, seamless, tanga, G-string, and more.
  • Multi-purpose bottom wear – You can easily hide a regular bikini under any piece of clothing. Alternatively, you can also style it with different tops or bottom wear as desired. All in all, it is an incredible multipurpose option.
  • Layer it under other clothing – Going for that party straight after a dip in the pool? If your swimwear is dry, you can top it with pants or a skirt. Alternatively, the hipster style is great even on its own.
  • Style above everything else – This classic bikini style is famous across the globe! If it’s your favourite too, there’s no reason to go for anything else. You can pair your bikini several ways, both with swimwear and outerwear options.
  • Comfort and modesty – Without any guesses, the bikini is the best choice if you’re looking for something comfortable. It is easy to carry it off even when you’re outside the water. Opt for a good cover-up, and you can rush to that pool party too, only to take it off later.
  • Plussize women – While most women look great in a regular bikini, it may prove to be a challenge for heavier women. The hipster works flawlessly in hiding issues like love handles, stomach flab and any extra weight around your thighs and hips.

While there is no right or wrong choice to go with a particular type of bikini, it all depends on your body type and preference. Some women adore the bikini for its classiness and style, others like the hipster for its fabulous comfort and fit. Whichever is your favourite, ensure it does justice to your body type.

Question & Answer

What exactly is a hipster bikini?

Just like hipster shorts or pants, this swimwear bottom also reaches till the hips. It is not low sitting like a regular swimwear. The bikini may come till your navel or above it in most cases, making it an excellent choice for pear or apple-shaped bodies. It also helps to hide love handles to some extent. You can pair this type with a halter, high-neck, or a matching swimwear top. Since hipster bikini shorts are so popular, you can mix and match them with anything. A lot of women also wear hipster bikinis as underwear, due to their fantastic fitting. For slim women, cheeky hipster bikini bottoms look spectacular paired with a beautiful swimwear top.

What is the ideal way to wear a hipster bikini?

To look enchanting, pair hipster bikini shorts with a long or short crop top. Alternatively, a baggy shirt also looks very flattering with them. If you don’t mind a little skin, pair your cheeky hipster bikini bottoms with a bralette or crocheted top for an instant, party look. You can also tone it down with full-coverage hipster bikinis. With these, feel free to match colourful tees or sheer tunics. Whatever the case, don’t forget to keep the look simple and summery. If you need to take it up a notch, you can add accessories like sunglasses, bracelets, or a hat. Most hipster bikinis also look excellent with scarves, oversized tote bags, and more.

How do hipster bikini bottoms fit?

Offering a slightly snug fit, a hipster bikini fits to cover most of your thighs and stomach. This bikini is a “high-waist” kind. It gives you a full bottom coverage. Some of the fuller varieties reach until your navel and entirely over the sides and bottom. Hipster style is also referred to as a “hip-hugging” style. They are comfortable, modest, and a somewhat classic bikini style. You can also find types that look like they’re a cross between the boy shorts and the perfect bikini. Either way, they’re high on both comfort and style.

Where can you find cheap hipster bikini bottoms online?

Some of the best online stores are Newchic, Yoins, Ounass, Brands for Less, and GAP. You can easily find some classy bikini and swimwear options on these online shops. Most of them also feature size charts to help solve sizing concerns. With global size charts, you can seldom go wrong if you know your size. If it’s your first time, go to a store so someone can guide you. You can then shop online later.

Which are the best brands to consider when buying hipster bikini bottoms in the UAE?

Forever 21, River Island, Adidas, South Beach, High Streets, Vero Moda, Jockey, Debenhams, Trendyol and H&M are some of your best picks. If you want to explore other fantastic brands, then check out what our superfast product search engine has in store. is a product search engine offering the largest product range in the region. What more, it enables you to compare products and pricing very easily. It’s a boon for both new and experienced shoppers as you don’t need to visit thousands of different online stores to get customised results.