Push-Up Bikinis

About Push- up Bikinis

Why spend thousands on expensive cosmetic procedures to look perfect in swimsuits when you can get a sexy cleavage with push-up bikini tops ? A padded push-up bikini works wonders if you want to create the illusion of fuller bust s without undergoing risky cosmetic surgeries.

You might have the question in your mind how does it enhance your sensuality? Well, the magic comes from the pads swan inside the cups. These are made of silicone, which gives your breasts an upward push and support. The padding also saves you from the embarrassment brought by perky and pointed nipples. They ensure no-show by concealing the unsightly parts of your chest. Thus, you can always enjoy your time on the beach, knowing that your tatas look sexy yet stay in place. But using these innerwear demands a bit of experience and knowledge. There are certain things you need to know before buying these bikinis. So you really want to give push-up bikinis a try? Continue reading to find out more about them.

Things to know about a push-up bikini top

A push-up bikini, which is often customisable, comes with removable or built-in pads that can give a fuller effect to your busts. However, padded push-up bikinis are the most preferred swimsuit varieties, as they can transform the body in just a matter of minutes. In fact, several women compliment this swimwear for offering the required breast coverage. The multiple functionalities of push-up bikinis are also one of the reasons why they are suitable for different body types. We will reveal more about this iconic swimwear below to help you make the most of your beach getaway in style.

Achieve a sexy cleavage with padded push-up bikinis

Push-up bra swimsuits are perfect for ladies who want to have a sultry-looking cleavage and highlighted feminine curves. Designed to lift the bust, these make your breast look firmer naturally. You will commonly find them with built-in silicone pads, while other styles have removable pads that are adjustable according to your needs. Plus, push-up bikinis are available in a wide array of cup sizes, styles, designs, and patterns. If you want to add them to your swimwear collection, you can find them here on at prices you’ll love!

Buy a push-up bikini: two-piece or one-piece?

The push-up one-piece swimsuit or bikini top is the best option for flat-chested ladies. Meanwhile, two-piece bikinis are the perfect choice for females with different upper and lower body sizes. If you want to go for the latter, you can play with their cuts to customise them to your figure and needs. Do you want to emphasise your cleavage? Then wide straps can do the trick. Meanwhile, if you wish to look sexier, then choose between a string model and a Brazilian bottom. However, a high-waist bottom paired with a crop top can give you a modern pin-up style.

Scream your style economically

Remember girls—you can achieve any style statement you want, but you must learn how to carry it off. Thus, it’s essential to know what suits your body type. Let’s say you are flat-chested. In this case, choose an underwired balconette bra that could make it look fuller instantly. Another fantastic option is a sexy and trendy push-up triangle bikini top. On the other hand, a padded bikini will create a plunging neckline and sexy cleavage. Wait, do you want to look more sensually ravishing? Then pick a double push-up and pair it with a high-waist bikini bottom.

Get creative with colours, prints, and patterns

Bikinis are one of the most delightful ensembles that can reflect who you are. They come in a spectrum of shades, colours, and prints. So, you have the creative freedom to experiment with your style. And if you want some attention, a push-up bikini top with striking details can do the trick. Specifically, an opaque top with some fringe, frills, and flounce will give you an additional feminine vibe. Your options are endless! All you need to do is search for shops offering a variety of push-up bikinis online in the UAE. Well, they are all here on !

Tips on how to buy Push-Up Bikini

Push-up bikinis are unfortunately one of the most underrated fashion ensembles. That’s because of the misconceptions surrounding them. Many women believe that a push-up bikini is not meant for women with full breasts. Studies reveal that the reason for this myth is their failure to choose the right size and style. So, let’s explore the ways how to do that below.

  • Take advantage of Instagram – Social media, specifically Instagram, is the major source of style inspiration these days. It’s the best place to explore different trends. Thus, experts recommend using social networking sites to know how a certain style looks on different body types.
  • Buy two-piece bikinis – Let’s be real, most women don’t have proportioned bodies. It means that you may be size 12 in a bikini top, but your bikini bottom could be size 10 or vice-versa. The good news is, a two-piece bikini is sold separately so you can tailor the size accordingly. Amongst the best brands that offer an exquisite collection include ASOS, Oakley, and Sea Folly.
  • Look for promotions – Here on, you can find an array of branded push-up bikinis on sale. However, it’s a must to compare their prices before buying to get the best value for your money. If you’re lucky enough, you can also look for shops that offer free shipping on products.
  • Refer to the sizing chart – Size always matters. Therefore, when shopping online, we highly recommend you look at the size chart of the brand or shop. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision based on your body type. Keep in mind that the only way to rock a one-piece push-up bathing suit is through getting the right size that flatters your best features.
  • Check the return policies – This is a critical aspect when it comes to online shopping. If the swimwear doesn’t fit, there should be a way to return or exchange it. So, ensure that the store of your choice has a policy when it comes to this.

If you are buying any bikini or swimsuit online, the features, size, and price of the product are of the essence. Here on, you can find more than 500 trusted stores that sell high-quality padded push-up bikinis online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

How are push-up bras supposed to fit?

A perfect fit push-up bikini underwire should fit right under the breast, and you must be able to bend forward without anything falling out. The seam of the top must also be comfortable and not dig into the breast tissues. Moreover, the front and back of the top should be parallel without creating any arch. The straps must also neither be too tight nor too loose that they drop off the shoulders. For a visual presentation and better understanding, you can consult the online tutorials. It is important to understand your product before making a purchase.

Are push-up bras padded?

A push-up bra generally contains light pads on each side of the bra. These pads are meant to help your breast move upward. However, for additional firmness, you can use external pads in the same bra. When searching online, you can also find different styles and types of non-padded push-up bikini bras with various features. Therefore, it is a must to try them first in a physical store before you shop online. However, if you have a clear idea about your size and how certain shape will sit on you, buying online is best. Online shopping will save you from a lot of hassle and waste of money in travelling etc.

How to put padding in your bikini?

Stuffing your bikini bra with extra pads is easy. Get started by putting on your bikini top to make better adjustments. Next, push your breast upward in the cup to create the cleavage that the pad will hold up. Then, insert the pad under each breast. For better security, we recommend you use double-sided tape to keep the push-up pads in place inside the bikini top. Try this hack, and you will feel more comfortable than ever. For more assistance, you can check the user manual that comes with the product.

Where to buy push-up bikinis online in the UAE?

You can find a lot of high-quality yet cheap push-up bikinis in the online world. And the good news is, you don’t need to go anywhere else anymore. That’s because offers you branded products from the most trusted online shops.  Some to name are Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Asos, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Oakley, and Seafolly. These shops are reliable and offer all the latest types of clothing and fashion accessories. It is always better to check more than one brand and seller and compare products before making the final purchase.