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Isabel Marant floral bikini bottoms - Yellow
Isabel Marant floral bikini bottoms - Yellow
White floral bikini bottoms from ISABEL MARANT featuring high waist, stretch-fit, side lace-up fa...
Isabel Marant floral bikini bottom - White
Isabel Marant floral bikini bottom - White
White floral bikini bottom from ISABEL MARANT featuring high waist, stretch-fit, side lace-up fas...
Wolford Cara Beach Brazilian bikini bottoms - Black
Wolford Cara Beach Brazilian bikini bottoms - Black
Black stretch polyamide and cotton-blend Cara Beach Brazilian bikini bottoms from Wolford featuri...
Sunuva ruffle trim swim bottoms - Green
Sunuva ruffle trim swim bottoms - Green
Mint green ruffle trim swim bottoms from Sunuva featuring a multicoloured print, a ruffle trimmin...
Fleur Du Mal high waisted bikini bottoms - Multicolour
Fleur Du Mal high waisted bikini bottoms - Multicolour
Multicolour high waisted bikini bottoms from Fleur du Mal. Swimwear must be tried on over your ow...

About Bikini Bottoms

Do you have beautiful legs? Then why not flaunt them in a chic bikini bottom? This swimwear has evolved to a great extent, especially when it comes to size.  It has significantly reduced over time. This size reduction trend can be seen in super cheeky bikini bottoms such as Brazilian, high-waisted, and full-coverage. Read on to know more about the bikini briefs that perfectly suit you.  

If you want to flaunt your hot bum, then wearing the most flattering bikini bottom is the solution. But what exactly is it? Well, bikini bottoms are triangular pieces of fabric that are used to cover your bottom when out chilling on the beach. They come in several types. Moreover, they are available in numerous styles, colours, designs, and fabrics. You can pair them with a matching bikini top or with a contrasting cover-up and accessories. Super cheeky bikini briefs and full-coverage swim bottoms are known for being sexy, simple, chic, and comfy.   

Be comfortable in your own skin with these bikini types 

Summer can always make you think about taking a dip in the water. It’s good if you have a private pool party to attend. But what if you are heading out to the beach? Then, you need to wear something that will make you stylish and comfortable at the same time. Well, that’s when you need bikinis. And the bikini bottom is an essential part of it. However, there are so many kinds of bikini briefs out there. This makes choosing the right one a bit challenging. Well, fret not because we are here to help you out. We’ve listed below some of the best bikini briefs that you can consider when shopping online.   

Hipsters and skirt bikini bottoms 

Not everybody has that perfect beach-bod. Ladies with small hips or narrow waistlines consider hipster style bikini bottoms as their saviour. This sits lower on the hips. It also comes in various designs and types, from side ties to ruffles. Though it gives you similar coverage as a regular bikini, it also comes with a flattering cut at the hips. However, bikinis with a skirt cut are another must-try variant. Skirt-cut bikini briefs usually feature a fitted waistband and a sleek dolphin hemline. This makes them look like miniskirts; hence, the name. They come with built-in bikini bottoms for an effortless summer style. 

Cheeky high-waisted bikini bottoms 

Do you love retro style dressing? Well, high-waisted bikini briefs give out a retro vibe. The cut offers ample coverage to the lower body. They sit naturally on the waist over the hips. They can either be high-waisted high-leg bikini briefs for a contemporary feel or be a low-leg for higher coverage, known as a full-coverage bikini bottom. Have you been hitting the gym hard? Then we suggest you show off your hard work in a pair of cheeky high-waisted bottoms. As the name suggests, these show off your best assets. Cheeky Brazilian bikini briefs are an ideal example.

Boy shorts and high-cut bikini bottoms 

Who doesn’t love a twist in their regular outfit? Well, you can now have that for your bikini briefs too! High-cut bottoms are V-shaped swimsuit bottoms popular for spring and summer. This style is high on the hips and stays above the hip bone. They give you the illusion of longer legs and are super flattering. If you love wearing bottoms with a tomboy vibe, then this bikini bottom is a great choice. Ladies who aren’t into cheeky or string bikinis favour these athletic-style bottoms. Though they feature a boyish look, the current trends come in bright and feminine colours.  

Plus-size bikini bottom 

Most of you probably own a classic style bikini bottom. It is perfectly proportional, so you never have to worry about being overexposed. But what if your bikini doesn’t fit you? Then, go for plus-size bikini briefs. These are highly comfortable and come in various styles and patterns. From animal-printed bottoms to floral ones, you have a lot to choose from. They provide extra room, so they support and fantastically style your well-endowed silhouette. Now, you can hit the beach and embrace the sun with confidence. 

Tips on how to buy Bikini Bottoms online

Taking a dip at the beach is surely fantastic. But swimwear shopping is an exhausting and confusing experience. Finding out where to buy some perfect bikini bottoms online in the UAE can be a daunting task. Well, not anymore, though! Check out the magical tips below to get yourself some fantastic bikini briefs. Without much ado, delve into the fundamental things to consider while shopping for bikini briefs online.

  • Consider your activity – Consider what activities you are going to do wearing the bikini. If you are going to spend time in a pool or lay down on the beach sand, then look for something that flatters your figure. Go for one that offers the coverage and mobility you’re looking for. However, for specific activities such as water aerobics, get yourself bikini bottoms that provide freedom of movement.
  • Get yourself different bikini styles – Keep a couple of bikini briefs handy depending on your frequency of pool/beach visits. Consider buying more than one type of bottoms. This way, you’ll have different options for various activities. Also, if you are a regular pool-goer, then buy those made of chlorine-resistant materials. They are designed to last longer.
  • Know your measurements – Understand your body type, size, and style. The more you know your body type, the better you’ll be able to choose from various options. There are many combinations available in the market, and knowing your exact measurements will help you pick the right one.
  • Consider your skin tone – Decide based on your complexion. Choose colours that don’t attract the sun when you are outdoors. Pick prints and styles that compliment you. Go for those that seem appealing to your taste and style. Also, it is a must to consider the occasion. Wear bright colours when you head out to take a dip.
  • Analyse your body type – Don’t we love going to the beach and having a relaxing day in the sun? But it is so annoying when you feel uncomfortable wearing the wrong bikini bottom style. Therefore, ensure that you get your measurements right. For those who have bigger assets, the side-tie bikini gives the ability to adjust the width.
  • Go for hipster if you have wide bottoms and curvy hips – If you are looking to balance your wide hips, then this style is a perfect choice. It is also an impressive choice when it comes to those who have rectangular butts. If you have an hourglass figure or a droopy butt, high-waisted bottoms can flatter a small bum.
  • Side-ties for flat butts – Apparently, flat booty also benefits from side-ties. The adjustability gives you control, taking off the attention from the rear to the sides. They are also an excellent choice for heavy bottoms. Moreover, you can easily tie them. That is why these bottoms are an ideal choice for almost all kinds of body types.

The most flattering bottoms feel like they are made just for you. Not only do they add a charm to your figure, but they also ensure that you’ll feel super confident and comfortable. They will transform even the most swimsuit-wary gal into a certified sun goddess. So, prepare to be a beach bombshell by keeping the above tips and suggestions in mind.

Question & Answer

How to stretch bikini bottoms?

Was your bikini bottom perfect the last time you wore it but not anymore? Does it need some stretching and sewing? We get it. Swimwear is fickle. When it just isn’t cooperating anymore, try a DIY way to stretch them. You could also try the age-old method of pulling them across. However, it is always better to buy a new one rather than spend time reworking the one you have. Having a bathing suit that does not fit correctly can cause you pain. So, go for a new one if it is hard to adjust the old one.

Can you wear bikini bottoms as underwear?

Yes, you can replace them. But is it recommended? That is another question altogether. Here’s the thing.  Underwear has certain qualities and functionalities that bikinis don’t. Just imagine wearing a two-piece bikini under regular jeans on a regular day. Bad choice! Moreover, a bikini might cost you around AED 350 ($100) in contrast to panties for AED 35 ($10). Price apart, the comfort factor is the key. You need to get that right.  Hence, you should not mix them. Use each for the purpose they have been designed. You can find both in a wide range of options.

Which bikini bottoms are the most flattering?

The sun is shining brightly, which means it is time to officially bring out those bikinis! But finding the perfect one always has its challenges. And, most of all, you want a bikini that accentuates your body in all the right places. Whether high-waisted or low cut, it is important for a bikini to have a flattering fit. We think you’ll love wearing Brazilian bottoms, high-waisted bottoms, hipsters, and adjustable bikini bottoms. These are some of the best figure-flattering swimwear. You can find many varieties here on

What bikini bottoms should I wear?

Have you been working out? It is time that you show off that worked off butt. Go for side-tie bikinis if you have a big butt. However, a Brazilian cut may be more suitable for smaller bottoms. Also, hipsters suit women who are wider at the bottom than on the top. And if you have shapely hourglass curves that rock, go for a high-waisted bikini bottom. For those who love a boyish look, pick boy shorts to flaunt those assets. Hence, your choice depends on a wide array of factors. Choose one as per your requirements, brand preferences, and budget.

How should bikini bottoms fit?

Is bikini shopping a nightmare for you? We understand your struggle to get those perfectly body-hugging bikinis. So, let us help you. Go for bikinis with angular cuts if you have wide bottoms. Alternatively, go for a reverse heart-shaped bikini bottom if you have a heavier bottom. But tangas work best for a flat behind. They make your butt look cheekier. Remember, no two figures are the same. Explore and analyse those curves that frame your shape. It will make choosing the right one a breeze. Explore, a superfast product search engine where you can find an impressive collection from popular brands like Antigel, Tchibo, Valimare, Azulu, Peony, Shoshanna,  Nike Swim, Juan De Dios,  and Ralph Lauren. And remember to navigate through various other clothing options too.