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Of course, a classic bikini is fantastic. But nothing annoys women more than those awkward tan lines. What if we tell you that there is a way out? Bandeau bikinis make an almost tan line-free summer life possible as it offers support, coverage and padding options, b. What’s more, you can choose to style them up with different clothing in several ways.

Bandeau bikinis are not new, and there are endless ways to wear them. For example, an oversized shirt with a bandeau bikini top works wonderfully well for all body types. You can also layer the look with a sarong, wear a skirt or chinos, or simply go for a crocheted cover-up. And here’s the best part, bandeaus are one of the most flattering swimsuits for curves. Thus, you can freely choose something that speaks for who you are. Let’s know more about this iconic bikini below to help you make the right choice.

Different types of bandeau bikinis you can consider for the summer

Bandeau bikinis come in several variations, enabling you to customise them based on your personal style and preferences. You can always add a creative touch to your regular bandeau swimwear by experimenting with a few styling tricks. Moreover, changing your look does not mean investing in a different set altogether. You can mix and match some, and you will be amazed by the output. Here are a few of their types that you can carry off with poise. As a general rule of thumb, go for the one that makes you look and feel good!

Bandeau bralette bikini

This versatile bikini is a cross between a bandeau and a bralette. Though it has the features of a bralette, it looks like a bandeau. And it is perfect for those who find a classic bandeau uncomfortable. It may have lace or crochet details, thin straps, halters, or ruffles. All these factors make it the ideal bandeau bikini for big busts. What’s more! The bralette also looks great under a tank or cotton tee when away from the beach. For those who are new to the concept of bikinis but would love to give them a try, start with the bandeau style. It will bring out the best in your figure and make your pictures truly Instagrammable!

Push-up bandeau bikini

This is generally a good option for petite women. That is because it gives the need lift to your bust line and hence, adds some “oomph” to your look. Moreover, a push-up bandeau bikini adds padding to the bust region, making it more comfortable to wear. Pick this one for a fun pool party or when hanging out by the beach. The push-up style is trendy since it makes for a 2-in-1 option. You can wear it as a swimsuit and as a part of your outfit. Meanwhile, for plus-size women, using transparent or broad straps is recommended. This will ensure a better grip and make you feel more comfortable, especially when lounging around.

Bandeau bikini with underwire

This can be counted as the perfect bandeau bikini for full breasts, as it comes with an underwire offering optimal support. And because of that, you can conveniently wear a bandeau bikini with underwire under a casual tee or dress. Moreover, it eliminates the need to insert bust pads and saves you from an embarrassing nip-slip. However, this swimwear often makes the wearer feel that it is prone to slipping off. In this case, we recommend you check appropriate alternatives like halters and straps. You can also opt for unique no-see straps if they make you feel more comfortable.

Bandeau bikini bottoms with fusion topwear

Mixing and matching your outfit is the key to confidence, and bandeau bikinis are one of the best examples. It is surprisingly easy to create a new look in a bandeau bikini. While you can invest in a single swimwear bottom, you can always pair it with a ruffled or funky top. You can also choose from options like string, tankini, monokini, trikini, halter, multi-string, front-blow, and the like. However, proper pairing is essential for comfort, confidence, and ease of movement. A bandeau bikini bottom with a fusion top will never disappoint when worn to a pool party or the beach, as it will give you a funky yet chic vibe.

Printed bandeau bikinis

Printed bandeaus are one of the new choices that have gained popularity over the years, and they work well for all body types. We particularly tout them as the best flattering swimsuit for curves. Ideally, summer is the right time to experiment with printed options. You can check for geometric, floral, retro, solids, and neon shades. However, the ultimate trick to slaying colourful bandeau swimwear is to ensure proper balance in your outfit. If your top is funky, then go low–key with the bottom and vice versa. Also, keep the accessories minimal. This will allow the colours and patterns to stand out on their own.

Tips on how to buy Bandeau Bikini

Buying a bikini is no rocket science. However, ensuring it works for your body type is crucial. Of course, the material, fit, and style make a difference. There are several other factors to also consider in this case. Here’s a quick list of some essential pointers to bear in mind before you go online shopping.

  • Get measured – No, your lingerie measurements won’t work. Ensure you go to a specialised swimsuit store for sizes. Try on a few to know your size, then shop online to get the best deals and discounts.
  • Check for options – With the variety of options available today, you are not left with just one to two choices. There are endless possibilities of wearing even a simple string bikini or going all out with a completely different style.
  • Ensure it is comfortable – Regardless of how good a bikini looks, if you are not comfortable in it, then it is useless. You may sometimes want to use the swimsuit to relax on the beach, and unless it is comfy, it won’t allow you to be at ease.
  • Add accessories – Why settle only for a bikini when you can do so much more to make it better? Accessorise with artificial flowers for your hair, chunky bangles and neckpieces, fun flip-flops, and more. All these add a special touch to a simple bikini.
  • Choose something uncommon – Although not a very popular choice, a bandeau bikini is best for those who don’t feel confident in a two-piece. This enables you to eliminate the two separate pieces, and the output is a single piece instead.
  • Mix and match your choices – Even ordinary bikinis look great with a swim skirt, shorts, or directly with swimwear bottoms. This option is perfect for showing off your fun side while you are sunbathing or enjoying a pool party.

With these super simple tips, shopping for a bandeau bikini will be a piece of cake. Remember that choosing something that makes you comfortable is important. The bikini should fit securely on your body, not being too tight or loose. Moreover, go for colours and styles that complement your skin tone and figure. With a little perseverance and extensive research, you can find your ideal bandeau bras without any hassle.

Question & Answer

What exactly is a bandeau bikini?

The word ‘’bandeau’ comes from the French word “bande”, which means strip. It is, thus, a strip that covers the bust. This swimwear looks precisely like that—a single long, broad piece that runs across the chest. It has no tie-ups, belts, straps, or slings like regular swimwear. A lot of celebs have popularised it in recent times. Although it may look simple at times, it does take confidence to carry this style. You can always add a creative touch to your regular bandeau swimwear by experimenting with a few styling tricks.

What is the best way to keep a bandeau bikini up?

Bandeau bikinis are not recommended for plus-size women since there is always a danger of the bikini falling off. Wearing a delicate bra, probably with transparent bra straps, is one way to avoid such an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. If your bandeau shows off your innerwear, wear a size that fits well. Another way is to opt for something that has concealed buttons or a zip. All these simple and easy tricks work well and ensure that your bikini stays put.

Which are the best bandeau bikinis online?

Being such a globally favourite clothing item, women love wearing bikinis as swimwear, beachwear, and even to a party. That is also one of the primary reasons why a lot of good brands come forth when you talk about swimwear. Some of the trendiest ones include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Panache, ASOS, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, DKNY, and more. All of these showcase some impressive collections of bandeau bikinis that you must explore.

How to style a retro bandeau bikini?

Retro bikinis look spectacular when worn with the right accessories! For a retro look, start by looking at the right swimwear type. A colourful bandeau bikini top paired with high-waisted bottoms can be the right choice. Team it up with a net cover-up or sarong. For accessories, add chunky beads or bangles on your wrist and a matching neckpiece. Complete your look with sunglasses and a hat, or string a scarf to your bikini bottom. Either way, it looks fantastic for a post-beach look.

Where can you buy bandeau bikinis online in Dubai?

Shopping online is a safe and convenient choice if you fancy buying bikinis in the UAE. Check out the best brands by exploring online websites and choosing one that will suit you best. If you still feel that a little help is required, check out, the perfect product comparison site. We will help you filter out the best ones as per your choice from over 500 online shops. Our shopping search engine is exceptionally user-friendly and eliminates the need to check different online shops, compare items, and buy stuff separately.

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