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What is a girly solution when you are ready for some fun in the sun? Bikini skirts, of course! They are feminine, flirty, flattering, and are the perfect quick fix to make you comfortable in any condition. Whether you are planning to flaunt your body in a cute summer style or want to keep a little more covered, bikinis with skirts are the ultimate option to switch up your look.

They are a great way to cover up any bum issues. Their attached skirt covers your lower parts and makes you feel flirty and look sexy. Furthermore, their peculiar design makes them a great choice when you want to wear a bikini modestly. And the best part? You can handle them easily, especially when you want to change into a pair of thongs quickly. Besides, they come in all kinds of prints, patterns, and colours. However, this is also one of the reasons why it is a little tricky to purchase them. This page will take you through the nook and corner of bikini skirts. We will guide you in picking the right swimsuit with skirts the next time you go shopping.

Types and benefits of bikini skirts

From sexy styles to decorative ruffles in a variety of lengths, styles, and colours to choose from, bikini skirt models are endless. However, remember that they are not something that will camouflage all your body tissues such as stretch marks on your thighs, legs, or hips. A bikini skirt lets you express your style with its varied options. With different colours and patterns, there are now several varieties out there that will surely make a style statement. Keep reading to explore more of their types and styles.

Plus-size bikini skirts and high-waisted skirted bikinis

Are you on the plump side and having second thoughts about getting yourself bikini skirts? Well, fret not because they are available in plus-size too. You can just slip into these bottoms and feel comfortable doing your favourite water sports. Moreover, they offer a little extra coverage to your lower half. Typically, the high-waist swim skirt has a conservative bottom with a low leg and high waist. Hence, you could retain your modesty. Usually, the skirt overlay covers the front area from the waist to the crotch level. Therefore, it looks like a skirt in the front and high bikini bottom at the back. The best part is, that skirted bikinis are available in vibrant colours and diverse styles.

Bikini swim skirts

Swim shorts and cover-ups combined make an impressive alternative to bikini skirts. They enhance your body shape beautifully. What’s more, skirted swim shorts are highly fashionable and come with a high-rise ruche on both sides of the skirt. You can adjust and easily pull them up or down from one side. Sometimes, you will also find them with gripper elastic at the back to prevent slipping. If you want to flatter an hourglass shape, then go with a pareo style. Or you could create curves with a ruffled Brazilian cut skirted suit.

Swimming wrap skirts

These are perfect for summers and come in universal sizes. That’s why they are a great option if you want to flaunt your sexy legs on the beach. Just wrap them around your waist, and you’ll have a beach-friendly look in seconds. Usually, you will find them in materials such as spandex, nylon, or polyester. Ideally, swimwear must be stress-free & functional. With bikini skirt wraps, you’ll get that and more. For example, you can get out of the pool with no tugging or pulling. You need not constantly adjust your bottoms. They surely are chic yet comfortable at the same time.

Mid-thigh bikini skirt or high-swim skirt

Do you need a swimsuit that covers more for family events? Or perhaps, want to show less skin? Either way, a mid-thigh bikini skirt or high-waisted swim skirt fits the bill. From sexy styles to longer coverage, they are available in several varieties. These hot skirt pieces come in a fantastic array of colours and patterns for your every mood. Whatever your body type may be, there is swimwear to compliment your figure. Therefore, choose wisely. Furthermore, accessorise your swimwear properly to look chic and feel comfortable.

Tips on how to buy Bikini Skirts online

Bikini skirts are hard to shop for, and it is tough to find a style, colour and type that perfectly fits your body. But we are here to convince you that you can get them effortlessly. However, to get the perfect one, you need to play by the rules. You must analyse the item in detail and explore your various options. Here’s how you can get the right one among the ocean of bikini skirts available online.

  • Know what you are looking for – Since there are a plethora of bikini skirt types and alternatives, you need to first clarify what you are looking for. Understand your body type and the colour and print you prefer.
  • Determine your size – Each body is different. Therefore, study the size chart for bikinis available. Analyse your body type and check out a few recommendations online. Some retailers even encourage live chatting to clarify any doubts you have.
  • Choose your retailers carefully – Remember, not every store is excellent for online shopping. You must order from places that make returns easy and inexpensive. This is indeed necessary for a satisfying online shopping experience.
  • Order at least two sizes – Order the one that fits you perfectly according to your measurements and the size next to it that’s more likely to match. This will help you get the perfect one.
  • Just try it – You will not know how swimsuits will look on you unless you try them. Just order them and try them on. They might look impressive or may seem downright embarrassing. Either way, you need to find that out.
  • Keep them tight – Getting the right bikini skirt is tricky but wearing it in the right way is even more precarious. Usually, bikini skirts should not swish around when you walk. They must be reasonably close to your body. However, make sure that they are not as tight as a sausage casing.
  • Keep them short – Getting the right bikini skirt means ensuring it fits your body. The bottom of your skirt must hit right below your bum. Go any longer, and you will look like an old lady. No matter how bad your lower body issue is, wearing a longer bikini skirt will spoil your whole appearance.
  • Get a balanced top – Bikini skirts are reasonably modest. So, you can pair them with a bikini top to look better. And if you plan to wear a slightly longer version of them, then it is imperative for your top to be a bit more revealing. This balances out the overall look of the swimwear.

However, remember that bikinis with skirts are not something that will camouflage all your body tissues such as stretch marks on your thighs, legs, or hips. They are also not something that will fool others into thinking that you got some smoking hot perfectly toned legs underneath. Whether you are headed to a beach or on vacation or spending some quality time in your neighbourhood pool, a bikini skirt lets you express your style with its varied options. So, choose wisely.

Question & Answer

Why are bikini skirts better than pants?

In a single sentence, we would say that they are funky, feminine and far much more comfortable than many other bottoms you can find for women. Whether worn to the sun or for a swim, your swimwear must be comfortable. Bikini skirts are one such attire that is perfect for vacations, pool days, and beach trips. In a swim skirt, you might not be the fastest, but you’ll be the happiest. They are a great way to cover up any droopy or saggy bum issues. Unlike pants, they are modest and stylish. They look good with any top they are paired with.

Are bikini skirts comfortable?

Yes, if you are a bolder person and do not hesitate to flaunt your body, these skirts are the best decision you will ever make. Moreover, swim skirts are versatile, and they can literally be worn from water to land without diminishing the style factor. You can paddle, surf, and chase the kids when wearing a bikini skirt. Being a fully lined skirt, it is incredibly comfortable too. Everybody is different; however, these bikinis are designed in such a way that fits any figure. Considering the versatility, comfort and style these skirts are among the top favourite for women around the globe.

Are bikini skirts flattering?

Yes, just like any other skirt for women, the bikini skirts are also extremely flattering. The heavy, wool serge and shapeless swimsuits in the 1900s have greatly evolved through the years. They are now more comfortable, flattering, and fashionable. Bikini skirts are one of the swimwear items that are fashionable yet modest. They are beyond glam and can be worn high on the hips. There are several brands offering this stylish wear. These brands feature products from world-class brands such as Tommy Bahama, Ralph Lauren, La Blanca, and Panache. What’s more, you can explore several other clothing options from over 500+ online stores right here on!

Can bikini skirts be worn at work?

Indeed, you cannot wear them for corporate meetings. However, they can be a great choice when travelling for work to sunny destinations, mainly when there is water involved. Work trips to places with beaches and swimming pools necessarily mean that you won’t be able to resist a dip in the water. Looking fabulous in a bikini skirt solves the modern work travel conundrum. Bikini skirts are versatile, feminine, and flattering. They are crafted in different lengths, styles, and colours to choose from. We think owning bikini skirts can be an excellent idea. But where can you get the perfect one? Well, you can buy a ton of convenient yet chic styles from any of the fantastic stores here on our product search engin e.

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