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About String Bikinis

G-string bikinis are one of the most iconic swimwear of all time. The reason behind their popularity is their minimal yet flattering style. They feature a narrow cloth strip attached to a waistband covering only the genital area. So, you need not worry about any skin discolourations due to suntan. What’s more, G-strings are a perfect match even for tightly fitted pants, gym tights, and body-hugging dresses. With their versatility, they truly are a great investment.

G-string swimwear, also known as a thong, is a special type of two-piece swimming costume that gives an upscaled sensual feel to your beach bod. Generally, the style of a G-string bathing suit exposes the buttocks while providing minimal coverage on the hips. Thus, its main purpose is to make you seductive. However, here’s the tricky part—a G-string thong and a string bikini look similar. Thus, a lot of women get confused when shopping online. We don’t want you to be one of them. So, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about this swimwear.

Thong vs string bikini online in the UAE: What are the differences?

It is imperative to be finicky when it comes to choosing swimwear. That’s because it can either make or break you. The best way to know you are wearing the right one is when it makes you look sensual and feel confident at the same time. Well, this is exactly what a G-string bikini does! If you are particularly eyeing this type, it is crucial to know its specific features and characteristics to avoid buying similar swimwear. Let’s explore below some of the notable differences between a string bikini and a thong.


G-strings and thongs have an almost similar cut and panty style. So, what sets them apart from each other? Well, the former comes with strings rather than wide straps. Instead of forming a Y at the back, the strings form a T. Since a G-string is a type of swimwear with minimal cloth, it barely hides your bum. It also perfectly conceals panty lines under too thin or too tight clothes. Comparatively, thongs feature thin straps that go around the pelvis and meet at the coccyx; hence, forming a Y shape. Both designs leave your buttocks uncovered.

Design variations

The thin string gels of a G-string go around the waist and down between the buttocks. It is a fantastic choice if you want to wear a delicate dress and avoid a peek-a-boo look. This characteristic makes a G-string’s design highly functional. However, the front side is made of sheer fabric to offer coverage to your private part. The thong-style bikini is also based on a similar design principle. It goes around the waist and the butt area. Hence, if you are looking at the front or sides, you can barely tell the difference between the two. It all boils down to your preferences on which one to choose. However, ensure that your comfort will never get compromised.

The differences in usage

G-strings are often considered an ideal replacement for dress panties, specifically when you are planning to wear something sleek or see-through. Even if you want to don a patterned net beach cover-up, a G-string with a contrasting colour would be a great complement to your outfit. This swimwear is mostly made of sheer fabric, including mesh. Thus, it can give you a sexy yet fun vibe during summer. What’s more, G-strings are an ideal innerwear for low-waist jeans or short dresses. Likewise, you can consider wearing thongs as underwear or swimwear. It just depends on your taste and mood.

In a nutshell

People will stare at you on the beach, and that’s for sure. So, it is important to wear your best! If you have it, then flaunt it. And rocking a G-string bikini is the best way to do this, as it exposes 98% of your body. What’s more, this style is sexy and playful. So, it will bring out the cheeky side of you. Not to mention, it suits all body types and builds, so you can always wear it with confidence, whether as innerwear or swimwear. However, it is important to consider your OOTD and the activities you intend to perform when planning to wear a G-string bikini. After all, what matters most is your comfort.

Tips on how to buy String Bikinis swimwear for sale in the UAE 

Indeed, choosing a bikini is a daunting task. This is true, especially if you are trying a daring style like a G-string for the very first time. We know the struggle is real, ladies. So, we will make the entire process a breeze for you. Check out some tips and tricks below to have an informed buying decision.

  • Make up your mind – G-string bikinis are nothing new. Also, they are not weird, as they are just a way to showcase your style. If you are planning your next beach trip, then decide what fabric, design, or colour you would like to try.
  • Select your brand – Many lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret, Asos, Misguided, Julbie, Ashley Graham, and The Iconic have a wide range of inner and swimwear. Each brand offers a unique spectrum of styles, colours, and fabrics. So, you can get the chance to choose the one that suits your taste the most.
  • Choose a flattering style – A G-string suits all body shapes equally. However, if you have an hourglass figure, a small waist, and a flat tummy, nothing can make your look more sensual than a G-string halter bikini top paired with a cheap string bikini bottom.
  • Check the product description and exchange policy – Have you already selected a perfect-looking bikini? Do you know the material it’s made of? Most of the time, the fabric plays a significant role when it comes to fit. So, we recommend you refer to the product description and exchange policy before placing an order.

When looking for string bikini swimwear for sale, our product search engine is the best place to be. You can find here a range of stylish swimwear tops and G-string bikinis from more than 500 online stores. And the best part is, that everything just takes a click away!

Question & Answer

Are string bikinis appropriate for use on the beach?

Due to minimal coverage of the intimate parts of the body, string bikinis are legally banned in most parts of the world. Here in the UAE, particularly, you must be careful and discreet, especially when you are on a public beach or community pool. However, if you will be on a private beach or pool away from the glaring eyes of the public, then you are free to flaunt your curves in the G-string bikini. Therefore it is better to check on the rule and regulations of the area you are planning to enjoy some time before you step out in a string bikini.

Where to buy string bikini swimwear?

Online shops are the best place to find and buy string bikinis. To make your shopping experience fun and satisfactory, check out the offerings of more than 500 stores here on  This is where you can find all the reliable, best selling and famous brands and sellers. In addition, you can take help from the price comparison tool and make your search process even easier. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your search today and indulge in prices that you will love!

Are string bikini bottoms flattering?

Generally, the design of a string bikini is meant to expose your curves and the intimate parts of your body. However, it is believed to be more flattering for skinny and petite women who want to make a sensual style statement. No wonder, you will find a lot of celebs with those body types wearing a string bikini. You have to be confident to slay it though. Even if not, head to some famous fashion vlogger websites and see how they are slaying in it. It will never harm to give it a try at least once. Isn’t it?

How to tie string bikinis?

First, fasten the bikini top below your breast. Next, position the cups properly and tie the upper band behind your neck. The knots of the bands should neither be too loose nor too tight, as this can hinder the blood circulation in your chest and hurt your tissues. When done, put it on the bottom in the same way. Ultimately, tie its strings one by one from each side and check the firmness. Whether you want to look sexier or unleash your cheeky side, string bikinis will never let you down. Our retail search engine has everything you need including clothing at prices you’ll love. So, explore the shops here today!

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