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About Underwired Bikinis

Amongst the massive range of bikinis available today, a lot of varieties have started gaining popularity. So, you don’t have to restrict them to string or halter anymore. Fashionistas, celebs, and designers have pumped up the game to get a lot more into the clothing picture.

Underwired bikinis are one of the newer ones and are the perfect blend of comfort and style. The difference between them and other types is the presence of an underwire. They not only look good on the wearer but also provide more bust support. Going for underwired swimwear, however, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the style factor. Brands around the world are now incorporating underwires into their products as their demand keeps increasing. Since an underwire makes a big difference to comfort, fit, and visual appeal, many women prefer having it on their wardrobe. If you have never owned an underwired bikini, now is the time to start shopping for it.

Choosing the best-underwired bikinis

With so many choices available, it can sometimes get overwhelming to decide. The underwired style is new and trendy. Plus, it also makes your bust intact in and out of the water. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate set of clothes as soon as you get back from the pool. The underwired style also comes with moderate padding that helps maintain a modest look. Plus, it makes you feel comfortable whether you are swimming or lounging around. Several attractive variations of underwired bikinis are readily available today. Colour block, halter, bandeau, and others are among the options you can select from.

The one-piece swimsuit

This is one of the best-underwired bikinis for big busts. A one-piece swimsuit covers the chest, stomach, and waist, thus, allowing you to conceal your problem areas easily. Although this type does not usually come with an underwire, it’s great if you find one that does. An alternative option would be to ask if the brand can add an underwire to your customised swimsuit. The one-piece option works wonderfully well for women who are not comfortable showing their tummy. It makes you look slimmer and taller if those are things that you want to focus on. Overall, it is an excellent choice to opt for!

The tankini

This is designed on the concept of a tank top and is another excellent underwired bikini for big busts. Since it is super comfortable, you can comfortably wear it for longer durations. With a tankini, you don’t need an additional sarong or cover-up either. It works best with high-waisted bottoms. Tankinis are usually not so popular, but mainly because people fail to realise the level of comfort that they can bring to the body. However, they look beautiful and work well for most body types.

The halter and plunge bikini

One of the popular choices for women, this one gets better if it has an underwire. Since halter swimwear doesn’t have back support, an underwire helps to fill in the gap. The plus side of a halter top is that it works for large breasts. Meanwhile, the plunging bikini has a low neckline, and an underwire in that equation helps add support. When shopping for these types online, we recommend you go for the one that works for your bust and cup size. They are also perfect with any swimwear bottom, as they can add a little drama to your otherwise simple bikini collection.

The full-coverage bikini with underwire

The full coverage swimwear is excellent when you don’t want to show off too much skin. What’s more, those featuring an underwire are notable for their optimal bust support. Thus, they are comfy to wear for longer durations. An excellent full-coverage bikini with an underwire will cover some part of the tummy and a considerable part of the thighs. It is especially significant if you plan to laze around in your swimwear without cover-ups. Overall, it is the best option for first-time wearers and plus-size women who may sometimes feel they lack confidence. Are you one of them? Then underwired full-coverage bikinis won’t let you down.

The balconette bikini

A balconette underwired style adds support to the bust and is great for a beach party. You can pair it with a summer jacket, a shrug, or a sheer top to look fabulous! Thus, it gives you the perfect blend of comfort and style. Most importantly, it enables you to move with ease and adds a spark to an otherwise dull bikini. It also gives your breasts a nice shape and is versatile enough to work for most body types. So, you can never go wrong investing in an underwired balconette bikini.

Tips on how to buy Underwired Padded Bikinis online in Dubai

Are you accustomed to padded bras? Well, you now have the option of a bikini too! Bikinis that have both an underwire and padding ensure adequate support during beach activities. What’s more, they enhance your femininity by creating the illusion of fuller breasts. So, you can trust them if you want to slay a gorgeous beach-babe look. Let’s explore below some practical tips that will help you choose the perfect bikini suitable for your figure, preference, and style.

  • Go for versatile variety – When shopping online, go for versatile varieties that can be worn both for swimming and at a beach party. Also, opt for ones that fit snuggly, whether you are choosing a halter, balconette, plunge, trikini, or monokini. Remember that comfort and style are everything when it comes to bikini tops.
  • Consider the look you want – This one needs to provide the level of coverage you need. If you want to flaunt your curves, go for cheeks, Brazilian, or thongs. However, if you want to look modest, a high-waisted or full brief bikini makes a fantastic choice.
  • Consider your body type – Are you the sporty type? Then a one-piece swimsuit will never let you down. This works well for all body shapes. However, go for one that will flatter your features or conceal your problem areas. For instance, pick swimwear with ruffles if you are flat-chested. Meanwhile, refrain from wearing one with padding if you have full breasts.
  • Go for a good brand – Brand matters when it comes to bikinis. So, go for a good brand. You can find the best ones here on our retail search engine. Among them, the popular ones are ASOS, Next, Debenhams, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister.

Don’t just stick to these few variations. You can try all you want and add a touch of creativity to your swimwear options. Most women underestimate how versatile swimwear can be. There is too much that you can do with just about any bikini. But don’t forget that your needs, preferences, and figure are what truly matters most when adding something to your cart.

Question & Answer

What is an underwired bikini?

This bra comes with an underwire. It is a metallic piece shaped like a deep U, hidden underneath the two cups. It works by providing additional support to the breasts, making it excellent for heavy bust lines. The underwire is concealed and stays under the bra cups and fabric. Most underwires come in metal, so they don’t wear off over the years. You can choose between an underwired padded bra or one without padding, depending on your level of comfort.

What is a floating underwire?

Just like a regular underwire, a floating wire is also located in the bra cups. It improves the fit and support that the bikini or bra provides. However, it is not secured to the frame of the brassiere. Thus, it gives you the convenience of removing the wire in the future if need be. In a regular underwire bra, the same wire is secured inside the concealed hem. So, it is not removable. This makes floating underwired bras slightly pricier. However, they are comfortable, too, so you can take them into consideration while purchasing underwired bras.

Why are underwired bikinis good?

Compared to a regular one, an underwired bikini is more comfortable, offers better support, and looks good. The underwire is carefully aligned underneath the bra cups. It also provides grip to an otherwise ordinary swimsuit or bra. Moreover, it offers a better form and fit. A good underwire will also ensure your bra does not dig into your skin. This especially happens if you wear an ill-fitting bra that is too tight. Hence, you should have at least a couple of underwired bras in your closet.

Where can one buy underwired bikinis online in Dubai?

A lot of brands in the UAE feature some fantastic collections of high-waisted underwired bikinis and other options. These include ASOS, Next, Debenhams, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Marks & Spencer, Bershka, and Old Navy. They offer wide-ranging options and alternatives depending on your body type. What’s more, they boast exciting collections like retro, summer, floral, neon, and more! Check out the underwired swimsuits on sale online to get the best value for your money.

Where can you find the best underwired unpadded bikinis online?

We highly recommend shopping online to spot the best collections and grab amazing discounts. Many online stores have size calculators, which are handy if you’re buying from them for the first time. Alternatively, you can always visit a physical store to know your measurements before purchasing online. For an even smoother shopping experience, try, the fastest product search engine in the UAE. Here, you can find products from 500+ online stores. The best part is, you can compare their prices to save much on your purchase!

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