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There is nothing quite like the first toy! Of course, many others like action figures, miniature dolls and more will inevitably join in later. However, among all of them, there’s always something inspiring about the character dolls & puppets. This is exactly why we’re going to discuss them in this post. Here we bring you a list of adorable dolls and puppets to help make your toddler’s childhood both inspiring and fun! Stick till the end, because we also give you a few quick tips on how to buy dolls online in UAE as well as, how to buy puppets online in UAE. 

Indeed, playing with dolls or puppets brings in a lot of other benefits apart from a fun-filled childhood. Playing with dolls stimulates open-ended pretend play. This is a critical aspect in your child’s development. Besides, pretending with dolls & puppets helps your kids to develop fine motor skills and creativity. Above all it nurtures instincts. It even teaches them to be responsible and sensible. From reading stories to changing diapers, watching their pretend play in action helps you understand everything that your tots are learning from you. Modern era dolls & puppet manufacturers are thoughtful and creative enough to create some lovable dolls for toddlers as well as puppets for adults. Let’s look at a few choices that you can buy from. 

The finest dolls & puppets for babies and toddlers 

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find several types of dolls & puppets out there. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some tend to be floppy, cuddly, and simple, while others are interactive, clever, and come with umpteen accessories. Most of them come with vibrant colour outfits and other exteriors. Some even are gender and age-specific. It’s certain that choosing the best one from such a huge variety becomes quite overwhelming, particularly when you must buy them online. However, the first step to making this decision easy is to know a few trending models in the market. This helps you narrow down your choices. Below is a list of a few such puppets and some best dolls for toddlers that you can consider buying. 

The rag dolls

Rag dolls have been at most of our home generation after generation. Our grandparents played with them, our parents too, we did, and our children will, as well. Rag dolls, in general, are characterised by their incredibly soft and endearing feature. A typical rag doll is a cloth figure stuffed with spare scraps of material. And because they feature soft fabrics, they’re an ideal doll for babies. You can easily let you babies sleep with them without the fear of your babies being harmed by them. Since the entire doll is soft your babies can easily hug them while sleeping. Today, you’ll find many modern versions of the traditional rag dolls that come with added features such as patchwork clothing. 

The Barbie dream house

Barbie dolls are the all-time favourite dolls, and the dollhouses are the best that the brand offers. One such lovable, best, and cheap doll set is the Barbie Dream House. With toy comes with so many exciting features and accessories that as parents, you’ll surely buy them for your tots. The various aspects of the toy encourage young one’s imagination to move into this dollhouse and create a new dream home. Besides, kids have limitless ways to explore and play, from family bonding to friend sleepovers and birthday parties. A typical Barbie Dream House measures about 3 ft in height and 4 ft wide. The entire structure comes with 3 stories, 8 rooms, and 70+ accessories. You’ll also find some special amenities like a home office, working elevator, carports and many more. 

The shark puppet

Miniature animals are great. A classic example, the shark puppets are an amazing set of toys both for kids and adults, while for kids it’s something that they can enjoy playing with for hours. The puppets usually come in soft, comfortable and safe materials ideal for the kids. Moreover, their non-toxic nature ensures that even babies can play with them without the worry of any health hazards. Further, their unique shark head structure keeps alive the fun factor. Your kids can move their fingers to make the shark’s mouth open or close. Besides, they can also make endless facial expressions that look just like the real shark. Kids are sure to have great fun with these realistic looking shark dolls & puppets. 

The sock puppet

We bet as kids we all loved collecting old socks that our family members weren’t using anymore and giving them features characters, and personalities of their own. Now that most of you might have kids of your own, you would want to recreate this experience for them. Luckily, you do not have to pick up your old socks and take all the pain to create DIY sock puppets. The thoughtful, contemporary manufacturers bring you several kinds of charming sock puppet options. In fact, there’s a character for each of your kid’s preferences. Some of the common sock puppets you’ll find today include the funny feather sock puppets, sock dolls with yarn hair, no-sew horse sock puppets, and many more as such.

Tips on how to buy Dolls & Puppets

The choices are endless when it comes to dolls & puppets. You must’ve figured this by now. You could easily choose one for yourself, but when it comes to your kids, things might get a bit tricky. Besides, the sheer number of options out there on the market might make things even more overwhelming for you. Here are a few thoughtful tips that you can follow to pick the dolls & puppets that are best for your babies and toddlers.

  • Pick something that your kids adore – As we mentioned before, it’s easy to pick something for yourself, but things get complicated when it’s something for your kids. Well, picking the best dolls & puppets for them is one of it. Try and keep a close eye on your tot’s liking. Is he/she inclined towards fancy dolls or do they prefer softer finger puppets? Having these things in mind helps you make your choice wisely.
  • A bit of research helps – Research always comes in handy when you’re buying something online. Toys aren’t an exception. It means, understanding various types of options, different manufacturers, and the distinct places to buy your perfect model dolls. This facilitates a hassle-free online purchase. Besides, the more you know about a product the better it is.
  • Explore various available options – The choice of dolls & puppets is endless. From soft, stuffed rag dolls to huge barbie dream houses you’ll find extravagant options for your kids. Of course, you’d want to buy them all for your tots. But it only makes sense to check out a few prevalent options that would suit your kids and the ones that they’ll like to play with. Make sure you also keep an eye on each of their specs.
  • Choose one with safe materials – Everything around your kids ought to be baby-proofed and safe. You do not want something that’ll harm your precious little munchkin. Therefore, make sure you pick a doll or a puppet that’s soft, doesn’t have sharp edges, and comes in vibrant colours. Also, do not go for something that comes in toxic plastic materials. Pick baby-safe materials.
  • Select the right size – Dolls & puppets come in various sizes. Usually, any doll or a puppet ranges between 14 and 18 inches in size. However, you’ll find some in both bigger and smaller sizes than the standard option. It’s best to stick to smaller dolls if you’re buying them for younger children or smaller tots. While you can get your older kids larger dolls that are more lifelike.
  • Look at the interactivity – Interactive dolls or puppets increase the fun. Many dolls today come with lifelike animations and functions for your kids to respond to. These interactive activities include feeding, diaper changes, crying, and even app connectivity. It’s best to pick an interactive model. However, other options that leave much to the imagination of the kids also tend to be great for kids to play with.
  • Go for a model with accessories – Several dolls & puppets include additional accessories. The right accessories can help your child use their imagination to the fullest while playing with their toy. Some popular accessories include a stroller, toys, clothing, or themed playsets. You’ll also find several other accessories depending on the model of doll or puppet you buy.
  • Pick a high-quality product – As adults, none of us wants a substandard quality product, regardless of what it is. Well, the same goes for kid’s toys. You should always pick something that’s of premium quality. A superior quality doll or a puppet would be durable, reliable, and for the kids. Thus, make sure that you spend your pounds on something that’s worth it.
  • Consider the price – Fortunately, you’ll find dolls & puppets in all price ranges. You’ll find both expensive and cheap puppets & dolls. However, the price tags usually depend on the features, specs, quality of the product. Many a time the place and brand from where you buy your dolls & puppets might also affect the price. Therefore, set aside a budget for yourself. It helps curb your expenditure and get you’re the best.

Regardless of which doll or puppet you pick, it should inspire, develop motor skills, and most importantly must provide the desired fun to your kids. And for that, you should be smart enough to pick something that suits your tot’s taste. Follow the above tips, and we guarantee you’ll end up with the best dolls & puppets from the lot. But make sure you carefully check out the various specs especially the material to ensure your kids safety, before buying.

Question & Answer

How much is a shark puppet?

The shark puppets come in various styles and sizes. Therefore, they come at different price tags too. The cheapest option might cost you around 30 Dhs. However, you can also find a little expensive model with additional features and high quality. Such puppets cost you a bit more, around 50 Dhs. See which one suits your budget before you make the choice. Make sure you explore enough to receive a satisfying product at your doorstep.

How much is a lol doll?

These Little Outrageous Littles with fun surprises have a varying budget range. The price of the LOL doll varies depending on the type of doll you want to purchase. In general, you may have to shed anywhere between 20Dhs to 60Dhs for a single doll. Limited edition model like the Pearl Surprise and LOL Big Surprise cost from 80Dhs to 250Dhs. There are more you will explore in your shopping drive. Setting a budget for yourself is a wise idea on such occasions.

Which dolls are worth the money?

Any dolls & puppets that fit your budget and suit your tot’s liking is worthy of the money you spend. Besides, its important to choose a superior quality product regardless of which model you choose. One of the best ways to ensure high-quality is to pick them from well-known brands. Some of the brands that you can buy your dolls and puppets from include Mattel, Simba Toys, Zapf Creation, LOL Surprise, Hasbro, Lottie, and Disney.

Where to buy dolls online in UAE?

You, as a parent are quite lucky to be in the modern times. Besides, being in UAE is an extra boon, as several online stores across the nation offer you numerous dolls & puppets options from many popular brands. If you’re actively in search of a doll or even a hand puppet toy, then do also check out the adorable options on Our product search engine brings you a plethora of lovable stuff toys, dolls, puppets and much more. Better yet, you can get them from your favourite online stores as well.

Dolls & puppets are fun only if they suit your kids liking. Which means you should carry out a well-researched and smart purchase. We believe this article has offered you adequate information about the doll & puppets to help you make the right choice. So, begin your search today, and get your tots the entertainment that they deserve!