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About Hand Puppets

Hand puppets are simple but provide ceaseless hours of interactive fun to kids. You can keep them engaged for hours in a hand puppet act using different animal puppets like Kermit the frog, shark, dinosaurs and more.

Hand operated puppets are simple with no batteries, sound or blinking screens but still a lot entertaining. They use your child’s creativity and offer a long session of fun. They come in attractive colours and shapes to grab your kid’s attention. Kids are typically oriented towards soft material animal puppets such as frogs, sharks, dinosaurs and more. They do not just promote engaging play but also act as a therapy for children dealing with complicated emotions. So, if you are planning to get one for your kid, go through the below guide. On this page, we will let you know everything you need to know about puppets before you choose one.

Popular types of animal hand puppets

A hand puppet or glove puppet requires a puppeteer’s one hand inside it. It controls the head and hands movement of the puppet character. Puppet characters for kids are generally animals ranging from frog to monkey, elephant and tigers. One can use animal puppets for a variety of purposes, but mainly for playing. They are excellent at developing imagination and creativity in your child. You can work on your child’s early learning comprehension by using animal puppets in storytelling. Let us explore some of the famous characters your kids would love.

Kermit the frog hand puppet

Kermit, the frog, is an American television puppet character that typically comes in an ultrasoft cuddly form. It is a bright green frog who was the star of The Muppet Show and performed in Sesame Street. This puppet is sure to please all the fans of sesame street, be it a child or adult. The puppeteer’s hand has to go into the puppet to operate its head and mouth. Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire earlier performed the character; however, now Matt Vogel performs it. Kermit, the frog, is a calm and sensible character that always tries to keep everything together.

Shark hand puppets

Shark hand puppet is another famous hand puppet that kids love. It typically comes in soft rubber material with grey and white shade. Your kid has to put one hand inside it and wear it like a glove to make it function. This toy encourages kids to imagine and create their magical world. Your kids enjoy endless interactive play with such toys and develop skills like role play, storytelling, motor skills, and more. The realistic shades of a shark puppet take your kid underwater for a fantastic adventure. They can use it to create many facial expressions, munch on anyone, and even create stories around it.

Dinosaur hand puppets

It comes in a super-flexible material with highly realistic shades. At first glance, the teeth might appear sharp to you, but those are super stretchy and soft mostly. Your kid can create several expressions and bites by playing with dinosaur puppets. Through this puppet, your kids get the ability to control the fiercest predator on the earth. Children will also use their motor skills to manipulate the puppets, create expressions and indulge in storytelling. High-quality puppets are made of squishy, flexible and non-toxic rubber.

Tips on how to buy Hand Puppets in Dubai

Puppets seem to be a quick pick, but it can be daunting when you start shopping for one. You find a wide assortment of options varying based on colours, shape, characters, and even brands. So, if you are having a tough time selecting one, go through the below tips. These handy tips would steer you towards the right purchase in Dubai.

  • Purpose – The primary purpose of using a hand puppet includes playing and treating children with complicated emotions and shows. If you are bringing it for playing, you can pick any with decent size and attractive colours. However, you will require one the child can connect with for therapeutic purposes, so keep their choices in mind. For plays, you must choose a bigger one that the audience can see and relate to.
  • Type of puppet – Four common types of puppets are sock-style puppets, finger puppets, mitt puppets, and bath puppets. Sock style puppet is a traditional style, whereas finger puppets are apt for toddlers as they fit on fingers. Mitt puppets fit like gloves, and bath puppets are suitable for playing in the tub. So, pick one as per your requirements.
  • Recommended age – Puppets are generally harmless for any kid, but very few ones might not find their use and would bite it. Most toy puppets come with a recommended age at which kids find the puppet most beneficial. So, consider it.
  • Material – The construction material for puppets may range from soft fabric like polyester, plush, and cotton to rubber. Material like polyester and cotton are generally used as stuffing for the head, whereas yarn is for hair or fur. The construction material of a hand puppet is an essential consideration as cheap quality may be of some toxic or harmful material. Kids have a usual habit of putting things in the mouth, so make sure you get one that does not harm your kid in any way.

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Question & Answer

What are the famous hand puppets?

Some famous puppets include Lambchop, Kukla and Ollie, Topo gigio, Kermit the frog, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Garfield goose. In our childhood, most of our favourite characters were not actors but puppets. Like, you can find yoda hand puppets for sale here if you want to find something popular and exciting. All the above puppets have a vast number of fans, both kids and adults. They are the best hand puppets for preschoolers also. These puppets would tell jokes and interact with costars to entertain the viewers.

How to use hand puppets?

A hand puppet is controlled by one hand. You have to put your whole palm inside to move the puppet’s face and mouth. If the puppet’s body is bigger than the hand, the rest hangs over the entire arm. However, while choosing a hand puppet, make sure it fits your hand properly. Too small or too large hand puppets would not make accurate movements confusing the onlookers. If you are on a show, your puppet’s eye contact with its audience is essential for the best possible interaction.

What are hand puppets made out of?

Puppets can be made up of various materials like polyester, plush, and cotton and soft rubber. Polyester and cotton are generally used as stuffing for the head, whereas yarn can be used for hair or fur. If you go for soft rubber counterparts, the whole body is usually made up of one material. While purchasing a hand puppet, beware of cheap qualities as they may include toxic or flammable materials that are harmful to kids. So, go for quality options sold by reliable sellers.

Where to buy hand puppets for adults in Dubai?

You can buy hand puppets for kids from any local or online toy shop, but you should choose online platforms if you are looking for a wide array of options. They generally come up with a vast collection. Moreover, you can move to another store with a few clicks if you do not like a particular collection. A quick way is to log on to Shops. We have brought together over 500 different online stores. We can be a one-stop store for all kinds of hand puppet requirements. Right here on, you can find a vast collection of dolls & puppets offered by popular industry brands at an affordable cost.