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About Baby dolls

From toting around in a stroller to feeding snacks, your kids can do just about everything with a baby doll. You can get your hands on reborn, luvabella, baby alive, corolle and more varieties of baby dolls. They all are hugely popular due to their unbelievable resemblance to real infants.

As the name suggests, baby dolls are child-like dolls that come in varying appearances and features. Dolls such as luvabella and baby alive dolls can even give expressions and make movements. They can cry, laugh, play, giggle, and wet, just like a real baby. Creating a real baby-like doll is not an easy task. Hence, several artists have been working on it since the mid-19th century. The good news is that we can now have them in various forms. You can purchase them directly from artists or get them online at stores like Let us know more about them to consider the best one for your little kid.

All about different types of baby dolls

Baby dolls come in a wide assortment depending upon their appearance, construction, features and more factors. They are slightly different from usual dolls as they are something more than a toy for your little kid. They make your kids learn many skills in their early life, such as nurturing and caring for someone. Not just kids, some dolls can even be used to overcome the grief of a lost child. Several dolls make such real movements that the onlookers may confuse them with real babies. Read on to understand the various types that can make an interesting toy for your kid.

Reborn dolls

A reborn or lifelike doll is created from an existing doll or kit to resemble a human infant’s appearance strongly. The artists involved in the creation of reborn dolls are called reborn. Some consumers collect reborn dolls as other regular dolls. However, others use them to overcome the grief of a lost child. Due to their lifelike appearance, reborn dolls have gained huge popularity in countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, and Africa. Reborning a doll is a time-consuming process, but the final product is unbelievably breathtaking. Reborn dolls are not factory products, and hence you can either get them from artists directly or at online stores.

Luvabella dolls

Luvabella is a lifelike doll that can make facial expressions and movements, just like a human infant. She responds to love and care adorably. Kids can feed her, rub her back, and can even hear her lovely giggles. A Luvabella doll does many activities like a real baby, such as eating, playing, sleeping etc. Her eyes and mouth move as she tells you about how she is feeling. You can even see her soft belly movement while she takes a nap. Surprisingly, these dolls even develop vocabulary as you talk and interact with them. A Luvabella doll is a toy to play with and makes your little kid learn many things.

Baby alive dolls

Baby alive is a doll brand that Hasbro has created. These dolls can eat, drink, poop and even make movements like a real baby. If you are looking for something that interacts with your child, then Baby alive dolls are a great option. A Baby alive doll teaches your baby a range of life skills in her early life, like nurturing and caring for others. These dolls come with a whole set of essentials like dresses, diapers, pretend food, containers, a food tray and more. Some of the models are very soft and cuddly to snuggle with.

Tips on how to buy Baby Dolls in Dubai

A baby doll is an interesting toy and has an exceptional function in imaginative play. You can get them in different sizes, features, and materials. The variety is so wide that even frequent toy buyers can feel overwhelmed while selecting one. You have to keep certain factors in mind to select an appropriate one for your girl child. So, here are some tips that would help you get through it smoothly.

  • Age of child – Age is an important factor when it comes to choosing a toy for kids. You have to go for something that your child understands and feels comfortable playing with. Baby dolls are best suited for girls aged above 3 at least. For the first initial months, you can engage them with a no-movement doll, whereas at later stages, including baby alive or luvabella dolls.
  • Movement – Some baby dolls have just appeared like infants, whereas others can laugh, cry, eat and make many movements resembling real babies. So, choose as per the interaction level required by your child.
  • Construction material – Look for a material that is not so heavy and also does not cause any harm to kids even when licked or chewed. Kids have a habit of putting everything, even non-food items, in their mouths. So, put them on a safer side by bringing a safe material.
  • Source of purchase – You can get dolls in an artist’s collection, a local toy store or online shops. However, at local stores, you might not find as much variety as you can get over online stores. Moreover, if you do not like a particular store’s collection, you can quickly move to others through fewer clicks. So, consider ordering dolls online.

On, you can find a huge collection of baby dolls offered by popular brands operating in the industry. Our product search engine has brought together over 500 trusted stores that sell quality toys online. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go ahead and grab the best ones for your little kid while stock lasts. Also, get cheap realistic baby dolls if you have budget restrictions.

Question & Answer

Are baby dolls good for toddlers?

You can bring baby dolls for 3-4 years, old toddlers. Babies aged less than three might not be very well with imaginative play. When the kids start understanding dolls and their movements, they will imagine themselves better as parents. Baby dolls are not just toys but also something that can develop certain skills in your little kid, like taking responsibilities and caring for someone. They make your kids learn many skills in their early life, such as nurturing and caring for someone.

How much are baby dolls that look real?

A baby doll of decent quality can start from $50, and many go up to several thousand dollars depending upon the brand, construction and artists involved. Creating a baby-like doll is a time-consuming task which is why some artists can charge you very high for their work. For example, a reborn is used as an element to overcome the grief of a lost child. Hence, creators have to do a lot of work on developing as much realism as possible. If you are looking for it, you are in the right place.

What dolls are popular this year?

There is a huge number of baby dolls released every year. However, some of them win many hearts with their incredible styles and features. Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Baby Alive, Lottie, Simba Toys, JC Toys, Dimian, Lixada, and Melissa & Doug are some brands you can check out to explore incredible creations. Baby dolls come in a wide assortment depending upon their appearance, construction, features and more factors. So, choose one as per your preferences.

What age plays with baby dolls?

Every kid develops at a different pace, but generally speaking, kids aged above 3 would find baby dolls an interesting toy. Still, it depends a bit on their development and how much they understand. Some can play with them till 5 or 6 years of age, while others may lose interest early. If you are looking for something that interacts with your child, then Baby alive dolls are a great option. So, the recommended age depends upon the kind of doll you are bringing for your child.

Where can I buy a barbie baby doll?

You can buy Barbie dolls from any local or online toy store, but you might not find a variety to choose from in the local store. In contrast, online stores come with an extensive collection of dolls divided based on brands, types, price slabs, colours and many more factors. Even if you do not find a particular store interesting, you can switch between many through a few clicks. However, on, we have made it even easier by bringing together hundreds of stores in one place. We are a product search engine from where you can buy baby dolls for toddlers offered by some of the sought-after brands of the industry. So, log on to our store and get the best barbie for your kiddo. Also,  find other types of dolls & puppets here.

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