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Royal or not, babies don't care about what you feed them. It's all the same for them. But, that's not the case when it comes to their playtime. Any kind of toys cheap or costly gets them all excited and happy. But, among all the toys, the finger puppets have a special place in their heart. And why is that? Keep reading to know!

Kids love listening to stories, and there's nothing better than the finger puppets to telltale to your tots. That's because, since ages, puppetry has been the form of artistic expression. You can unfold the drama in a specialised way. Plus, it enhances the sensory responses of your kid. Of course, reading books is an alternative. But, that suits only for toddlers of age 2-3 years old. That's why the finger puppets seem to be excellent entertainment for your babies. Above all, the unique designs and colours of the puppets also attract children. In short, the finger puppets are a boon to your kid's toy arsenal. But, which ones are the best finger puppets for babies, and how many types are there? Well, that's exactly what we're going to discuss in our next section.

The different types of finger puppets

Typically, a finger puppet is a type of puppet that you can control by one or more fingers. All you need to do is to slip in your finger into the puppets. Generally, these puppets are simple, consisting of a sheath. While the movements of the puppets are limited, you can wear these puppets on multiple fingers. By the way, since the puppets are simple, you could also create your own. However, you need not do that, since you can find several kinds of puppets for your toddlers in the market today. And the best part, all of them come at nominal rates. Besides, most of them are kid-friendly, colorful, and come in various themes, sizes, and shapes. But, you need to make sure that you get one that suits your toddler's liking. Let's have a look at the ones you can consider.

The family finger puppets

'Sister finger Sister finger, where are you? – here I am, how do you do?" This lyrics teach baby a sort of knowledge. However, it's quite impossible to bring out the picture without that sort of finger puppets. Well, that's when the family finger puppets come in handy. These family finger puppet sets include family member puppets that you can wear on your fingers while you recite the poem to your kids. This way, your kids are able to recognise the characters and understand them through the puppets. Usually, the set includes – father, mother, grandfather, son and daughter. Indeed, they're some of the most creative toy pieces that help your kids with behavioral development.

The set of animal finger puppets

Introducing animals to your tots has never been so easy with these animal puppets. You can buy zoo animal finger puppets of several different types. For example, there's a set that includes 14 different kinds of animal puppets. Some of the common animals include – pig, mouse, tiger, blue hippo, dog, rabbit, duck, frog, white bear, horse, monkey, panda, cow, and pink elephant. These puppets snuggly fit your fingers. Besides, most of the animal figures come in silky smooth materials that'll not harm your kids. Apart from that, they have a sturdy fit that helps them to stay in place when you wear them and do not fall off quickly.

The monkey finger puppets

Monkey puppets are one of the best if you want to depict the rhyme 'Five little monkeys' to your kids. You can play with the puppets as you recite the rhyme to your toddlers. Moreover, you can find these monkey finger puppets in different types. For instance, there are monkey puppets that come in fur materials while there are others that are made of fabric. Using them increases the child's engagement with a story. Apart from that, it also encourages him to reproduce the story on his own. This, in turn, allows him to build language skills and comprehension. Both of these are critical for reading and brain development.

The lion finger puppets

The lion finger puppets are one of the best to tell any kind of story. They're particularly fantastic when you want to recite your story of a king in the jungle. By the way, you could also use them to recite rhymes and songs to your little ones. But, remember, these puppets are ideal for toddlers above 12 months old. But, there are several other options that you can buy for older kids too. Either way, most of the products come in kid-friendly designs and materials. Apart from that, they're eco-friendly too. Last but not least, you'll also find a few sets that are interactive too. This makes sure that your kids develop their motor skills.

Tips on how to buy Finger Puppets online

While it may seem like choosing the finger puppets for toddlers should be easy, as you browse through their indefinite options, you'll know that the only easy thing is to feel overwhelmed. But you can change that. How? Get to know a few factors to quickly assess your product. To makes things easier for you, we've compiled a few essential elements to consider when you set out to buy finger puppet sets online.

  • Consider age – The physical and mental strength of your children increases as and when they grow up. While it's easier to explain stories when they've grown up. However, many times you just need something to depict the stories to make them understand the stories easily when they're young. Besides, this helps children to enhance their cognitive abilities. Therefore, make sure you consider the age before you buy a monkey interactive finger puppet or any other puppets online.
  • Consider your child's interest – This is one of the most critical factors that you need to consider when buying the finger puppets. Your child must at least be remotely interested in the character. Indeed it's normal for toddlers to lose interest in things quickly. However, your toddler must be curious and responsive enough to listen to the story that you're reciting to them. Therefore, make sure to pick a model that piques your kid's interest.
  • Look out for the benefits – Indeed, all the toys are to have fun with. However, many often enhance the development of your kids. Therefore, check out if the model you pick helps with sensory, motor, imaginative, and problem-solving skills. Look if they're for pretend play. What about simulation? Simulation toys are exciting for your little ones and keep them engaged for a very long time. In short, any kind of puppet you choose must be beneficial for your kid's development.
  • Look out for durability – A baby is bound to drool all over their toy. Besides, he might also bang or drop it occasionally. That's why the finger puppet you pick must have a durable construction. Ensure that you go for models and products that come in high-quality materials. Look for items that have minimal components that could break. Durability is a highly critical factor to consider to make sure that you have a long-lasting product.
  • Check out the design – Most puppets come in vibrant colours, shapes, and themes. Besides, they also come in kid-friendly built. You could find them in animal shapes, family sets, and many other characters and shapes. But then, you need to make sure that you have a product that comes in the best design finishes. Make sure that the product you purchase doesn't have any element that might harm your offspring.

There you have it – all the essentials to pick a perfect finger puppet for your kid. In addition to purchasing an ideal puppet that meets the needs of your baby, ensure that you keep all of the components safe and clean. Do not ever leave your kids without adult supervision when playing with any toy. Therefore, confirm your pick comes with no removable parts.

Question & Answer

How to use finger puppets?

There are several ways to use finger puppets. Ideally, it depends on the age of the kids that you're playing with. For instance, you can use these puppets for storytelling when it comes to small toddlers. Further, you could use them to give your child some encouragement. Besides, your child can use them to express what they want or redo any scenario.

What age are finger puppets for?

Nearly all of us love puppetry shows. However, there's a difference in what you like, and your kids do. For instance, small babies of 12 months old love watching you recite a rhyme with the set of family finger puppets on. But this might not be the case for your 12 year old. He might want to hear a more intriguing story rather than just a rhyme. In that case, you might want to consider single puppets. Either way, puppets are for all ages, but they're ideally better for ages from 2 – 12 years old.

What are the benefits of finger puppets for toddlers?

Finger puppets play a crucial role in enhancing your child's imagination. With puppets the story or the play becomes more personalised and fun. Similarly, the toy helps in emotional development too. Many a time kids are shy. In such cases, parents have a hard time coaxing them to share their feelings. This is when the puppets become handy, as it becomes a "friend" that kids can express their feelings too. Apart from that, they improve motor skills, ensure your kids learn etiquette, and boost confidence in speaking and reading.

What are the popular finger puppets?

Everyone loves the little finger puppets, especially kids who do not love being 24x7 on smartphones. As mentioned earlier in the article, you can find several kinds of finger puppets out there in the market. However, a bunch of them always stand out for their exceptional features and functionalities. Brands like BetterLine, WINOMO, Nakimo, LEORX, Manhattan Toy, Fun Express, and Oiuros offer you some of the best collection of finger puppets.

Where to buy finger puppets online?

The world of puppets is a comprehensive option, and getting the perfect one among the lot isn't that simple. However, anything is possible if you have as your shopping companion. From dinosaur finger puppets to family and other characters, you could buy rubber finger puppets bulk on our product search engine . What's more, you get to purchase many other dolls & puppets from over 500 online stores like Menakart .

With so many puppets to choose from, we hope you'd find something of your kids liking with the ideal qualities you're after. Consider your child's preference, their age, and you should be good to go. Start your journey here and explore numerous toys and accessories at incredible rates from popular online stores.

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