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About Rag dolls

Rag dolls are one of the oldest kid’s toys ever to exist. These dolls are made from old clothes and other scrap materials at home. They make an excellent toy for little girls. Due to their immense popularity for ages, many brands have started producing them commercially. Let us explore some interesting details about them.

Rag dolls are large-headed dolls with facial features imprinted or stitched on them. Traditionally, people would make them with old clothes and other scrap materials at home like buttons, ribbons, beads and more. They are super easy to create from little pieces of fabric that would otherwise be tossed away in waste. These dolls are the best old-time favourites of kids, especially girls. However, today due to our busy lives, we do not bother to collect materials and stitch them into dolls. But, the good news is that you do not have to keep your little child deprived of such a fun toy as many dolls are commercially produced now. You can find a wide range in the market, from cheap rag dolls for toddlers to expensive ones. Please continue reading to know what they were and what they are now.

Popular types of soft rag dolls for kids

These dolls have come a long way from bearing a multi-coloured, raw and patched structure to having a soft chubby structure wearing beautiful cotton or velvet dresses. In past times, people would use them as comfort objects or teach nurturing skills to young girls, like teaching them how to sew. Their natural look and beauty are undeniable, for which famous toy makers like Disney, Simba Toys and Mamas & Papas have taken the command. We can now see the popular toy stores crammed with polishing versions of rag dolls. Whether you want to buy a scary rag doll online for your play or events or get a playful model for your kid, you can find many varieties in the market. Let us know about the popular types before you consider one for your little girl.

Traditional rag dolls

In earlier times, these dolls were of corn husks or old clothes. As time flew to the 19th and 20th centuries, stockinette, felt, and velvet became the popular materials to create dolls. These dolls used to be very simplistic in their looks with minimal features like soft cloth body, print features, button eyes and patched clothing. In this raw manufacturing, people would not consider choosing colours, so if you spot old rag dolls or pictures of them, you will find them with many multi-coloured patchworks. It is easy to make such dolls at home or give orders to other home-grown artists. Moreover, due to commercial manufacturing, you can find their polished and child-safe versions at toy stores. Now, you can also buy a personalized rag doll for one 1-year-old.

Raggedy ann dolls

An American writer Johnny Gruelle created a character named “Rageddy Ann” in a series of books. It was a rag doll with a triangular nose and red yarn for hair. Both the character and the tangible version of the doll became popular among the masses over time. Initially, the Gruelle family may have handmade a few Raggedy Ann dolls in Norwalk, Connecticut, to help market the book. Then, the writer, along with P. F. Volland Company, planned to manufacture and sell commercial versions of the Raggedy Ann doll on a larger scale. Different toy companies have worked on them from that time, resulting in immense sales of books and even toys themselves.

Large rag dolls

Large dolls are the larger versions than the ones traditionally made. They come in sizes almost equal to a 2-3 years old kid or even larger than that. These dolls are commercially made by popular brands and are known for their baby-like looks due to their large body parts. Manufacturers feature them with beautiful dresses, hair bands, shoes, and many more accessories that your little girl might love. Large rag dolls are suitable for kids aged between 3 to 4 years. Since it is larger in size, the younger kids might not find them easy to play with. These are offered by a wide range of brands present here on

Tips on how to buy Rag Dolls in Dubai

A rag doll can be a source of comfort and companion for your little girl. The best part is that you can find them in a wide assortment of options based on manufacturing materials, colours, sizes and features. It can be the one with simple facial features, a stuffed body or a red glittery Christmas themed doll. Since dolls are significantly more than a toy for your little kid, you have to choose them with all the care and diligence. So, we have created a few guiding tips for occasional buyers that would help you select an appropriate one for your child.

  • Age of the child – Every age group uses dolls in different ways. Your baby might not understand what’s a doll at a newborn stage and just lick it or bite it. On the other hand, toddlers might need a good cuddle time with their dolls. So, make sure the doll is soft enough to comfort your little child. By age or three or four, kids start going out more and more. The dolls might collect a lot of dirt. So, choose the material that can easily be hand or machine washed for a safe play later.
  • Construction of doll – Dolls come in a wide array of materials like cotton, silk and velvet. Different items have different properties to offer for easy playing or handling. Like, velvet is a soft material but can catch dirt faster than cotton and can be hard to wash. So, making a choice hugely depends upon personal preference and the way you handle the doll.
  • Size of the doll – A rag doll can come in various sizes equal to your palm or whole arm. A 2 years old child might be comfortable with a small one as she can comfortably handle the doll and take her anywhere. On the other hand, a child above three might long for a more realistic version that can be their companions.
  • Brand – Brands play a huge role when it comes to toys . The toys produced by the good brand are checked for quality and safety diligently. Their material and structure are properly planned not to harm or scare kids. Some of the well-known toy brands selling the best dolls across the globe include Playtime by Eimmie, Linzy Plush, Aurora World, Disney, Simba Toys, Mamas & Papas, Mattel, and Mezco.

Now that you know a lot about dolls, you must be eager to get one for your little girl. The good news is that you are in very close reach of some of the best stores. Right here on, you can find a huge collection offered by over 500 trusted online toy stores. You can browse the extensive range of products and narrow down the best options through filters and price comparison features. Find a wide range of dolls, including raggedy ann dolls, large dolls and Mexican rag dolls for sale. So, go ahead and find amazing dolls & puppets here.

Question & Answer

Are rag dolls playable to kids?

Rag dolls are one of the oldest dolls ever to exist. They are for sure playable to kids of different ages. At the age of 2, your kid can be fascinated by the beautiful looks of a rag doll, whereas between 2 to 3, kids need something with whom they can have a good cuddle time for which rag dolls are the best. 4 to 5 years old kids find big dolls fascinating due to their babies like the look and large size. They find a companion inside them. So, yes, these are for sure playable to kids.

What are old fashioned rag dolls?

Old fashioned dolls are traditionally made dolls manufactured at home using old clothes and other scrap materials like buttons, beads, ribbons and stuff like that. These used to be common in bygone times when makers did not have access to machines and new stuff. These dolls used to be very simplistic in their looks with minimal features like soft cloth body, print features, button eyes and patched clothing. Moreover, due to commercial manufacturing, you can find their polished and child-safe versions at toy stores.

Are handmade rag dolls expensive?

The price of handmade dolls can vary as per artists, their expertise, and the quality of construction. It might start from around $30 and can go up to several thousand dollars. However, a handmade doll can be pricier than a factory product as you will get a unique item in your hands made by experts who dedicate hours and a lot of effort to the construction. You can find a wide range in the market, from cheap rag dolls for toddlers to expensive ones.

What is the best rag doll for the little girl?

The choice of a rag doll depends hugely upon the age of the child. For a 1 to 2 years old child, you can consider rag dolls that come with different textures in a soft and cuddly material. Also, babies habit putting everything in the mouth, so choose a construction that does not harm your little child on minor licking or biting. If you have been in search of the best options, then you have landed in the right place. Here on our product search engine , you can find the best brands, so there is quality assurance.

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