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About Miniature Animals

When you live in a city or suburbs, you look for ways to introduce your little child to nature and our life forms. Well, consider that your wish has come true with the invention of amazing toys called miniature animals. So, would you like to take your kids on a virtual tour of a big jungle? Let us explore a bit more first. 

Many of us have lovely memories of growing up with a family dog, cat or parrots. However, the animal kingdom is not so tiny! Some animals do not make popular pets, such as deer, camels, elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers etc. Your toddler can hardly spot them anywhere. But, knowing them is extremely important. It is essential to understand nature, various life forms and concepts like ecology and food chain. Therefore, miniature toys make an excellent toy set for kids. They come with different mini sized animals, usually made up of plastic, wood or rubber. You can find them in many forms, so let us explore in detail to find the best miniature animal toys. 

Exploring popular miniature farm animal toys 

Miniature animal toy sets come with different sets of animals. Like, lion, tiger, cat, dog, rabbit, elephant and so on. It is essential to introduce your little child to each, but little minds cannot accommodate much in a day. So, keep the game going at a slow pace. Start it with a cat, dog and cow-like animals that they can spot in real. Then, move towards the jungle animals like lions, tigers, elephants, snakes and more. The best is that you can find them in a wide variety. You can even buy miniature animal toys wholesale. Let us first explore the miniature animals that are prominent choices of parents and kids. 

Miniature cats

A miniature cat in a toy set is a cute little figurine of a cat. Your child can find it very attractive to play with. They come in different shades like brown, grey and black. Miniature cats make an excellent toy for your little child. They have an excellent visual design through which your kid can improve visual recognition abilities. They promote imaginative play. Evidence of this can also be found in real in the form of your pet or stray cats. 

Miniature elephants

An elephant is a massive animal on land that your kid should be aware of. Elephant miniatures are little figurines of giant elephants in shades like black, grey, brown, and even white. They come individually as well as in a family of four or five with a mother elephant and babies. Moreover, they can be a great addition to a child’s little zoo. Children can swish them around, make them jump, and run them through water, depending upon the material. 

Miniature deer

Miniature deer are little figurines of deer that come in a set of 4 or more generally. The set can have different breeds or different aged deer-like some bucks, some doe and some fawn. They come in a natural reddish-brown appearance with a white underbelly & tail. If you go for good brands, you will find deer sets of high quality. Each figure is painted to give as much realism as possible. 

Tips on how to buy Miniature Animals in Dubai

Miniature animal sets come in a wide assortment based on animal types, construction material, size, brands, durability, and more. However, choosing one with the right components is extremely important and, unfortunately, daunting. So, here on, we have worked on some guiding tips. The same would help you select an appropriate setting for your kid.

  • The age group of your child The first thing to be considered is your child’s age group- infant, toddler, pre-schooler or school-going. It will help you understand your child’s interest level and select the toy based on its educational value. It is always suggested to purchase the miniatures of animals, which your child is familiar with. In fact, these miniatures can help to make the children identify new animals as well.
  • Safety aspect  You cannot supervise your child all the time. So, it’s always good to look for the safety aspects. It should not have sharp corners or small detachable parts that your child can swallow or can hurt him. Always check for the material used to create the miniatures as it should not contain any toxic, unsafe or inflammable material.
  • Brands  If you are concerned about all the aspects mentioned in the tips but don’t have enough knowledge or time, then you can leave it on the experts that work day and night with the brands like Playtime by Eimmie, Linzy Plush, Aurora World, Disney, Simba Toys, Mamas & Papas, Mattel, and Mezco to make such toys more and more safe and specific as per the need of your child.
  • Source of purchase  You can either opt for a local toys retailer or an online platform to purchase miniature animals, depending on your comfort. But if you are looking for a wide range of products to select from then, an online platform is recommended, as you can find a range, competitive pricing and comfort of getting the product at your home. Don’t worry if you don’t like the product; you can always return the product in a single click.

Now that you understand the aspects to look for, you must be eager to get the best set for your kid right away. The good news is that you are at the right place. On, we boast a massive collection of miniature toys offered by popular toy brands operating in the industry. Whether you are looking for cheap miniature dogs for sale or cats, elephants and lions, you can find everything here. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by several options, you can narrow them down. Use features like advanced filters, direct searching and price comparison to filter searches. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Grab the best ones for your little kid while stock lasts. If you are searching for dolls & puppets, you can also find them here.

Question & Answer

What miniature animals are there?

Miniature animal sets consist of a huge range of animals, including dogs, cats, elephants, deer, lions, tigers, rabbits, camels, giraffes and more. Moreover, you can find a pack full of ocean animals such as jellyfish, tortoise, crab, octopus, starfish, crocodiles, and so on. You can even buy dinosaur tabletop miniatures and other extinct animals. They come with different mini sized animals, usually made up of plastic, wood or rubber.

 How much does a miniature monkey cost?

The cost of a miniature monkey can start from around $10 and might go up to several hundred dollars depending upon the brand, construction material, quality, durability and many more factors. Going for an expensive option is not always worth it, but you should look for toys that meet necessary safety standards. Go for the brands whose products are tested for the quality and safety of kids. A miniature monkey can have a sharp tail that may harm little eyes or hands if not constructed properly.

 Are miniature clay animals expensive?

Toys made up of natural materials like clay are comparatively expensive than their plastic counterparts. Expert artists uniquely manufacture them. They have to spend more time and give more effort in the manufacturing of clay toys in comparison to machine-made toys. Hence, they can be a bit expensive. However, the cost also depends on where you buy them from. The cost varies depending on their size, manufacturing, place you get them from and more factors.

Where to buy miniature plastic animals toys?

You can buy miniature animal toys in any local toy shop or online store. However, you might not find as many varieties in a brick and mortar store as you can find over an online store. If you do not find a particular collection exciting and worth it, you can move to another store with few clicks. Moreover, it is easy to find a particular brand by typing its name on the search engine. An easy way is to log on to Shops. We have brought together over 500 online stores that sell the best plastic miniature toys.

By now, you must have understood how amazing miniature toys could be for your little kid. The good thing is that you do not have to move anywhere else if you want to buy them right away. Right here, you can find a wide assortment of miniature toys in different colours, features and price slabs. Our product search engine features many toy sets offered by popular brands operating in the industry like Boley, Terra by BattatCollect, Schleich, Learning Resources, Amscan, Mattel, and Melissa & Doug. Moreover, if you are overwhelmed with the options, you can easily narrow down your choices with the help of features like price comparison, filters and sorting. Direct searching on the website enables users to search for a particular product or brand directly and not waste time browsing through a big list. So, hurry and go ahead to find amazing products at an affordable price. Have a happy shopping!