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Children love to play with dolls. They pretend like these dolls are animate beings and find it amusing to make them do things people do in real lives. One element that is necessary for this is a dollhouse and dollhouse furniture.

A house is an essential part of a person’s life. And when kids imagine their dolls to be real humans, it becomes essential for those dolls to have a dollhouse as well. But a house is not yet a house unless it has at least the basic furniture. This is true for dollhouses too. There are limits to how creative your kids can be if there is no furniture in the dollhouse. So, get all kinds of dollhouse furniture for your kids and help them expand their creative realms. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of these products will help you choose the right one while shopping for them.

Common materials for dollhouse furniture

Not all miniature dollhouse accessories are made equal. Although many people think of balsa wood as the default material for dollhouse accessories, it is only used for lightweight toys or other things that do not require much strength. Your choice of material can determine the design and overall aesthetics of the dollhouse accessories, such as windows, tables, and doors. Not surprisingly, there are pros and cons to each type of material. Learn about these materials before you buy dollhouse accessories. Here is a list of the four most common types of miniature model building materials.


Although Gatorfoam is popular among photographers and videographers, it’s also a great miniature building material. This is not the same as the widely available foam core board. Relatively, Gatorfoam is a bit sturdier and easier to work with. Because of its strength, however, one would require fine-tooth power tools to cut it. The advantage is that it is suitable for a wide range of applications because of its lightweight, smooth, and water-resistant surface. Many people use it as a substrate for display panels and photographs as well.

Philippine plywood

One of the main advantages of Philippine plywood is that it is a low-cost miniature building material. Less-expensive dollhouse kits often use this material, often referred to as Lauan. Although it is easy to work with this material, it requires more work to achieve a decent finish. This plywood is mostly die-cut and assembled instead of using nails or screws. Apart from dollhouse furniture, Philippine plywood is also a common material for household construction. You can use it for refacing interior doors and even as a flooring material for warehouses.

Craft Stripwood

Craft stripwood is a widely available and affordable material making dollhouse furniture. Not all stripwood is of the same type though. Within stripwood, there are Basswood, Tilia, and lime wood. Each one of these differs in the matter of strength and grain size. The primary use of strip wood is for constructing miniatures. You might also find people using it for small construction projects. There is yet another category called hardwood strip wood. It is useful if the scale of the dollhouse accessory is larger.


As you can easily understand from the name, paperboard is a just thick paper. Oftentimes, it is made by glueing several layers of paper together. It is cheap, acid-neutral, soft and flexible. Paperboard dollhouse accessories are not durable. They can get out of shape even under normal use. Moreover, they do not hold up against the water. A lot of people use paperboards to make temporary models for reference, especially in the field of architecture. This technique of making reference models is called wireframing. However, if you are on a tight budget and are not much bothered about the durability of the furniture, then paperboard is not a terrible option.

Tips on how to buy Dollhouse Furniture Online

At first, buying dollhouse furniture for your kids’ dollhouse might seem like a really simple task. After all, it is just miniature furniture, right? Well, in reality, it can be a bit more complicated than that. Furthermore, being something that you buy for your kids, you have to make sure that they will love playing with them. That being said, it is going to be easier if you know what factors in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for dollhouse furniture online.

  • Type of material – This is probably the first thing you should decide before you start shopping for any dollhouse furniture. This is because the price of these accessories depends to a great extent on the material. So, do durability and strength. Therefore, think about how much money you have to spend for these accessories and how well-built you want them to be.
  • Scale – Basically, scale refers to how the size of the dollhouse, furniture, and accessories compare to that of the real ones. However, there is a catch. Unlike the scale of other miniature models like vehicles, people, animals, and trains, the scale of dollhouse miniatures is arbitrary. The scale, in this case, will not tell you the exact dimensions of the accessories. It is more of a reference point.
  • Colour – We all know that the colour and design is important while buying household furniture. But in the case of dollhouse furniture, it is even more important. Being a toy, or part of the toy, these accessories come in numerous different colour shades and combinations. So, choose a colour scheme that your kid will fall in love with.
  • Price and durability – You will come across thousands of different accessories made for dollhouses. But keep in mind that not all of them have the same built quality. Almost always, it is the type of material that determines the quality of the furniture. This, however, makes it easy to figure out whether or not a model is good or not.

If you are a parent of toddlers, then you know how much they love to play with dolls and puppets. Therefore, it is a good thing that you have so many options to give them. These include dollhouses, dollhouse dolls, miniature dollhouse furniture, hape dollhouse furniture, clothes and whatnot. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will also let you find out the best ones by comparing the prices and features of different products. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Toys category.

Question & Answer

What size dollhouse furniture should you buy?

There are a couple of things to consider here. Firstly, think about how much space you have in the house. Dollhouses come in a variety of sizes. The largest ones can take up a significant amount of floor space. So, if you cannot afford to lose that much space for a dollhouse look for smaller ones. In the smallest dollhouse, two toddlers will be able to fit in barely. The furniture that you place inside the dollhouse has to follow the same scale as that of the dollhouse. Small differences in size are not going to be a problem in this case.

What is the best dollhouse furniture?

It is hard to point out a certain type of dollhouse as the best one among all. Rather, there are a variety of dollhouses and accessories that fits all budgets. But some furniture is always more important than the others. Basic things that we would have in any house like tables and chairs are what make a place look like a home. Besides that, there are dollhouse kitchen furniture, bedroom sets, and so on. First, think about how extensive you want to make it. Apart from that, consider the design, material, and scale of the furniture.

Where to buy miniature dollhouse furniture in the UAE?

For children, games and toys are both entertainment and also means to get to know about the world. Therefore, parents have to be thoughtful about the toys that they give their children. Fortunately, there are plenty of places that offer miniature dollhouse furniture in the UAE. But one of the best places to shop for them is, of course, It is incredibly easy to search and find the right type of miniature furniture using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will find some really affordable models here from brands like Kidkraft, Melissa & Doug, Plan Toys, Hape, Le Toy Van, and Playmobil.

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