About Dollhouses

A dollhouse is a miniature home toy. Today they are on the top of the demand list of growing girls. Luckily, several toy companies and doll manufacturers are offering miniature houses for different types of dolls.

Historically speaking, since the early 20th century, these houses have been the domain of children. But the collection and assembly of tiny parts of a dollhouse is a beloved hobby of many adults as well. Today we can also find many crafty people making their dollhouses with cardboard and other daily life recycling products. The dollhouses trace back their history to about four hundred years old “the baby house” display cases of Europe. It showed the idealized interior. Just like modern-day dollhouses, these older versions had realistic interiors and exteriors. However, today they are mass-produced and readily available at cheaper rates.

Benefits of playing with miniature houses

Just like any other type of toy for kids, playing with baby dollhouses also brings several health, mental and development perks for kids. It is an understood reality that kids learn about the world around them every moment they are awake. They do so by imitating what they see in the real-time examples given by their parents, teachers, and other elements in the surrounding. A miniature horse is a collection of toys that fosters imagination and imitation in a growing child. The imaginative play helps in polishing motor and social skills along with other developments, some of which are discussed below.

Social skill development

Kids are born with the curiosity and desire to learn and grow up.  They also love to do whatever they watch the adult doing around them. A big dollhouse allows the kids to put themselves in an imaginary position where they will imitate the elders using toy tools and accessories.  While playing with the dollhouse, the kid will communicate with the tiny puppet family members. They are seen in practising situations like parents telling the kids to do daily. While doing that the child tries to adjust furniture, invite neighbours for tea or park the car in the garage. All such activities allow them to become part of their social setting far before they become one.

Fine motor skill development

A small dollhouse is something that precisely involves fine motor skills. Placing and small furniture items offer practice in grasping and in perceiving spatial relations like shape and size. Therefore, it is important to choose a dollhouse size appropriate to the agility and age of the child. Large wooden dollhouses with a simple house can work well for a young preschooler. At the same time, an older kid can handle a house with several rooms and fragile furniture or dolls. You can also buy options where kids will need to build the house from scratch by connecting different parts of the walls, roof and floor etc.

Acquiring vocabulary

A dollhouse promotes conversation about all kinds of topics. Kids can learn about home decoration terms like dresser, sofa, powder room or guest room etc. They can also practice words like downstairs, upstairs, indoor, or outdoor. Additionally, they will learn about sizes, shapes, colours, and more. The parents can play with the kids to expand the topics and thus introducing new words to kids. Studies also show that kids don’t talk much in classroom settings as they speak and learn to speak while playing with dollhouses and other such toys. This is also because of the private setting and the comfort that they don’t get in the classroom gatherings.

Tips on how to buy Dollhouses online in the UAE

When it comes to buying barbie dollhouses for sale online in the UAE, you can enjoy endless options to explore and choose from. Barbie is just one brand that offers dolls and accessories online. On a retail search engine, you can find hundreds of brands offering such products. Therefore, it is essential not to settle for the first product or brand that you can see online. Always do some market search when you need the best dollhouse accessories to buy as per your needs. But for the main dollhouse here are some pointers you need to consider while making a purchase.

  • The age of kids – When it comes to toys, the age of the child is of core importance. The same rule applied to the dollhouse. Generally, brands share age-related details on each item they manufacture. So, you can consult the production description section to know what age group it is made for.
  • The size of the dollhouse – The size of a dollhouse also define the price and many other factors. You will also need to consider the space in your home while buying the dollhouse. It will also affect which dolls the kid will play with. So, find answers to all these questions and then pick a comfortable size.
  • The durability of the house – For a young toddler, opt for rough on toys and choose a dollhouse that can take the beating. Also, watch for removable parts that can cause choking. For a grown-up kid, you can opt for fine finished delicate plastic made dollhouses.
  • Budget – Online stores offer you everything from luxurious dollhouses to cheap, branded items. The decision depends on the amount of money you have in your pocket. If you are tight on budget, use the price comparison tool at to find cheap items in a few clicks.
  • The furniture and accessories – Most of the dollhouses come with furniture and accessories, and you can also buy them separately. But most of the time you will need to purchase dolls separately as they don’t come in the dollhouse. So, while buying, have a look at the product description section to know what is included in the package you are paying for.

Here you may also need to consider if the selected dollhouse is suitable for solitary play or is designed for a group of kids. We know that with bewildering choices of dollhouses, it can be challenging to choose the right one. So, to ease the stress, you can also consult the customer review section to know what other mothers have to say about the dollhouse you just shortlisted for adding in the cart. It will be better to buy a toy house that has at least three out of five-star reviews.

Question & Answer

What are the best dollhouses for baby girls?

Some of the best toy houses that you can buy online include KidKraft Mansion Dollhouse; PLAYMOBIL Deluxe Dollhouse; Mattel ​Barbie Glam Getaway Dollhouse; Barbie Dreamhouse; and the LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle. While searching online, you can also check for products like Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home and the Calico Critter Luxury Townhome. Luckily all these products are readily available online with convenient buying policies.

When should I buy a dollhouse?

You can buy a dollhouse for your child as soon as they can walk around and start independent body movements. However, it is important to buy age-appropriate items online. For instance, if the kid is under three years of age, buy a dollhouse that does not contain any small removable item as they have the potential to present a choking hazard. Also, you need to consider the material of the dollhouse while purchasing a dollhouse.

Is LOL dollhouse worth buying?

Yes, LOL dollhouses are among the bestselling options online. Many buyers shared their reviews showing satisfaction with the quality of the product. They also refer to the variety of options and the realistic look for the items that come with the dollhouse. Many models of LOL dollhouses contain practical automobiles. Additionally, it is durable, lightweight, and best if you want to give it as a present to someone.

Where can I buy dollhouses online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying toys like dolls and puppets with accessories for kids, go online. You can explore any retails search engine online to find the latest variety of any types of toys, including dollhouses for kids of all ages. Besides variety here you can also find the best price for the items you are looking for. So, if you are willing to buy any toy or accessories from brands like Kid Kraft, Melissa & Doug, Hape, Plan Toys, Bigjigs, Djeco, Le Toy Van, or Haba, explore Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find cheaper items online easily.

In the meantime, you can also explore the best shops to find everything that you need for kid’s growing years.

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