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About Make-up Dolls

Dolls are the oldest toys that every one of us have played once in our toddler days. Undoubtedly, they are interactive in nature, which put a lot of impact on your child’s developing skills. Thus, playing with the dolls like dressing them up, putting on make-up, making food in the kitchen, and much more, open the level of their imagination. Girls’ usually fond of dolls as compare to boys. So, let’s explore more about the make-up dolls in the below section .

Kids are always keen on developing a miniature world of themselves. Thus, they replicate what they have observed around them during their playtime with dolls. And make-up dolls fascinate them with perfect body shape, makeup, dress, and much more. Some of these dolls come along with a makeup kit, dresses, shoes, and brush. Thus, these dolls give your child a sense of beauty and fashion, boost their confidence, and develops compassionate nature in them. Moreover, your kid learns about communication, problem-solving, and empathy, along with playing with the toys. So, are you looking for baby doll make-up toys online in the UAE? Well! Before that gather deep insight about the product to shop fruitfully.

Different types of make-up styling dolls to engage your child

Kids who love to experiment with hair styling will have a gala time with this make-up styling doll. This beautiful 9-inch doll head has long brunette hair with a side part and brown eyes. However, the best styling head dolls comes with hair clips, a brush, and a pretty headband. Moreover, glitter and gem stickers will add more sparkle to the collection. Therefore, your kid can practice styling, decorating, and creating new hairstyles for themselves as well as for their dolls. So, let’s explore the different kinds of styling dolls for your baby girl’s playtime.

Barbie Make-up Dolls

It is a popular name in the toys making industry, which doesn’t need any introduction. This barbie styling doll is full of fun, and your kid will love to play with it. It comes with thick flowing hair which makes it perfect for brushing, twisting, and pinning into trendy designs. So, buy washable makeup dolls to get a polishing Barbie’s hair back with the pink brush. Along with that use the hair twist to fashion her locks into a sleek top bun. However, you can customise the hair barrettes with a variety of pop-in gems. Thus, it will make barbie the stylish dive in town!

Make-up Dolls Head Toy

If you are wondering what birthday gift you should give your child, then you can choose a makeup doll head toy. It has almost 13 fun and wear accessories that lead your kid to style the doll’s glamorous hair. So, your kid can style the doll for a fairy tale day, enchanted evening look, or they can style their hair. Moreover, the model comes along with a perfect royal touch. So, are you planning to buy a Frozen Elsa makeup doll kit? Then you can check out the reputed brands’ product. And they are Barbie, Fisher-Price, L.O.L. Surprise, Alician, Lottie, Disney, Argos, and much more.

Make-up Dolls for Toddlers

It is one of the outstanding toys for toddlers. It is super cute and has funny features which encourage imaginative play. Moreover, the toy comes with a magnetic pacifier attaches to the mouth, removable outfit and diaper. However, this toy thoroughly entertaining, with a sweet sound version option. Thus, you hear a funny pacifier sucking noise as well as a giggling noise when the foot of the model get press. So, buy makeup dolls for toddlers which is available in small and light size. It’s perfect for 1-2 years old to play. And available in various skin tones and hairstyles.

Beauty Salon Make-up Dolls

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your creative daughter, then you can check out this beauty salon dolls set. It’s an amazing styling kit for your kid to practice endless curls on their puppet. Moreover, this set comes along with 18inch dolls, hair clips, curl rollers, hair dye strips, and other salon accessories. The hairstylist can wear the tool apron to keep supplies within easy reach. Is it an amazing collection? To buy washable make-up dolls, then you can choose the best retail search engine which allows you to explore the myriad collection of products.

Tips on how to buy Make-up Dolls online

The make-up dolls head are the perfect way to practice styling, decorating, and creating new hairstyles for your kid as well as for their dolls. Let your little one brings their creativity and imagination by styling their adorable Disney doll with the accessories. However, choosing the right product among the numerous option is tricky! And why not? There are so many things to consider while shopping for baby doll makeup toys online in the UAE. Thus, you need useful tips & tricks to shop the best for your children. However, this time we did the job on behalf of you, so you can concentrate more on shopping. Below, we have compiled a list of factors to consider while picking the best. Read on!

  • Age appropriateness- It is one of the crucial things to consider while shopping for dolls & puppets for your kids. If your child couldn’t be able to play with the makeup styling doll which you bought, then there is no use in buying it.
  • Height- The doll head height shouldn’t be too high that it’s beyond your child’s height. Thus, while shopping for makeup dolls for toddlers, make sure you check the height details mention in the product descriptions.
  • Theme- Make sure you pick your favourite kid’s Disney doll or superwoman. It will excite them to play with a makeup doll head toy and bring out the best creativity of them. Moreover, they can choose to make up their hairs or face like their favourite character.

We hope that the factors have able to cover all aspects of your shopping journey. And you pick the best out of the varied options available in the market. So, without hovering any longer, commence your shopping spree with Shops. ae. And explore the jaw-dropping collection of dolls’ product and accessories from reputed brands and shops. Plus, you get the best price tags on every product. Hurry!!

Question & Answer

How to style make-up dolls?

The best way to start the make-up is by starting with the instruction guidelines. And take out all the accessories from the packet and laid it down on the floor. Now, put the make-up dolls on a stand or table and start with combing the hair. Then, curl the hair with the hair curler. Now, put the additional beside your ear with a hair clip and curl it too. And put more hair grip on the back of the hair. It’s the time for the face now, start with the make-up kit. And you are done with styling your favourite kid’s doll.

What are the best make-up dolls for a little girl?

There are so many options available in the market which provide the best make-up dolls for your little girl. And the worst of all, every toy manufacturer claim to be the best. Thus, it becomes complicated to search for the best. But the best search engine in Dubai, everything is possible. You can choose to buy Fisher-Price’ s make-up dolls. It comes sunny styling head with rooted memory hairstreak that holds its shape for a long-lasting look. And includes 15 hair accessories, they are 5 Pop-Ins, three rubber band hair ties, two wear-and-share barrettes, three hair spirals, clip-in extension and a super cute headband. However, you can choose to buy from other popular brands. Among them are Barbie, L.O.L. Surprise, Alician, Lottie, TM Toys, JAKKS Pacific, Disney, Argos, and much more.

Are washable make-up dolls expensive?

No! Washable Make-up Dolls aren’t expensive. It costs around $15.87. Moreover, the kit is easy to use for all the kids. And for the borne stylish who don’t need any training or skill to style their dolls. And this kit includes, 7 Brushes, 6 Colors Blush, 4 Colors Eyeshadow, 5 Colors Lipstick, 3 Colors Lip Gloss, 3 Makeup Remover, 6 Colors Nail Polish and a Cape for the doll. However, the product comes along with the other accessory Kit. And it includes Dress Cape for 18 Inch Dolls. Moreover, it is made with BPA free and non-toxic material.

Where to buy make-up dolls online in the UAE?

With so many options available in the market, picking the perfect styling doll for your kid isn’t that easy. Besides, scrolling the toys collection, you almost get clueless which one to pick. Every option is so cute and adorable, that you almost feel to shop all for your little girl. So, choosing becomes tricky, with every toy claim to be the best addition to your kid’s room. But, shopping with wouldn’t let you down. It is the best online shops, which is allied with more than 500 topnotch brands & stores around the globe. Thus, you enjoy the brilliant deals & discounts which is best in the market.

So, don’t stop your oomph factor any longer and commence your shopping trove with us. And explore the massive collection of toys from the topnotch brands. Plus, get incredible price rates of your product, to add more joy to your bag. Happy shopping!

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