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About Safes

Fire, floods, and burglary are not unusual events these days! So, are you worried about the safety of your valuable things at work or business like money, documents, and other credentials? Well, installing a safe will help ease all your worries. Let us explore the incredibly useful varieties it comes in. 

 Safes in office hold the highest responsibility, hence it is vital to choose them carefully. A sturdy system will not only protect your things from unforeseen events but also save you from replacement cost and make you free of all the worries. Safes come in a wide assortment based on the degree and type of protection they provide. Some lockers come with sophisticated locking mechanism whereas others might have an added feature for protection against fire and water. If you are planning to buy safe online in Dubai, then you must be aware of certain factors. So, on this page, we will explore things you need to know about them.

Popular types of safe lockers to choose from

The lockers come in a wide array of options based on whether you want to protect your documents, cash notes, property titles, legal documents, or storage devices. Then, there is a classification based on the locking mechanism, size, degree of protection, and more factors. For example, office lockers are mostly fireproof and drop tested whereas hotel lockers would be usually wall-mounted electronic lockers. Speaking of business, post office, banks, and such places, drop safes are common. It can receive the deposits without having to open the door again and again. Read on to know more popular safes and their properties. Towards the end, you will find tips to buy safe online in the UAE.

Fireproof boxes and locks

Fire is a high-risk disaster that can put your property and valuable things at stake. However, having fireproof boxes at your office can protect your business documents, property titles, tax documents, legal papers, and other credentials. A secure safe will come with a sturdy lock and effective protection against fire and water. It comes in a variety of sizes depending upon the number of things you would like to store. Investing in the best fireproof safe box will not only protect your things but also give you peace of mind at work. However, you should choose a model that can withstand high temperatures for at least 30 minutes. Because that is the duration the emergency services might take to reach you.

Wall Safes

Wall safes are hidden safes that can be hidden behind a painting, large mirror or even wall. It can be installed by a builder or even a DIY enthusiast. One needs to just replace some bricks with a safe and re-plaster it. They are generally small in size so you can conceal them with a photo, painting or even easy to move furniture. You can use wall safes to keep documents, cash, and other valuable things. They may come with a key lock, dial pad or electronic system. However, while considering a wall safe, you must keep certain factors in mind. Like, finding an easy to access place to install it, choosing a solid steel door, study lock etc.  

Electronic Safes

A safe is an excellent pick to protect the valuable things of an office and its employees. However, it comes with additional responsibility for safely keeping the key. You or the employees might forget the keys at home, as a result, the work gets delayed or in the case, one loses the key, the protection of important documents and things become another point of worry. So, here emerges the importance of having electronic safes that require no key to open. You can program the electronic keypad with personal passcodes and enter the same whenever you want to open it.

Biometric Safes

A biometric locker comes with yet another advanced technology that does not require a key or code to open but just your fingerprint. The biometric technology recognized your unique fingerprint and allow you to access the inner content. Apart from convenience, these lockers also give you the fastest access which is important in the case of emergency. Some biometric safes even come with key or combination locks. Your choice depends upon personal preferences and the level of security required. Apart from the locking mechanism, you should also pay attention to the construction and sturdiness of the safe.  

Tips for purchasing Safes in Dubai

You might be considering lockers due to a variety of reasons like keeping the valuable things and documents of your office and employees safe. Are you looking for safes for sale online in the UAE?  Then, you might feel a bit overwhelmed looking at so many options in the market. The locks may differ based on their size, locking mechanism, things you want to store in it and more factors. So, if it is difficult for you to narrow down the choice, go through the below tips.

  • Consider the type of business– There are businesses that involve a large number of money transactions on a daily basis like jewellery stores, restaurants, wine shops etc. So, they would require an anti-burglary locker for money or cash boxes. On the other hand, if you have an IT office where a large number of people work, protecting documents against theft, misplacement, fires, and water becomes necessary. So, you can opt for some electronic locks or biometric ones with fireproof and waterproof features.
  • Consider the locking mechanism– When it comes to locking mechanisms, there are three main choices you have- key-based locks, electronic systems with keypad, and biometric lockers. Your choice depends upon personal preferences but electronic and biometric are popular for their safer, convenient, and fast operation.
  • Look for important features– Apart from a sturdy locker, a safe should also have features of being fireproof and waterproof so that in the case of unforeseen events or disaster, your valuable things remain secured.
  • Take a pick from good brands– When it comes to something like locker, you have to be double sure of its quality as it would store your valuable things or hard-earned money. So, it is good to rely on popular brands like SentrySafe, Yale, and more.

Now that you have explored the important details, are you ready to explore the best options? Well, you can start your browsing journey from here itself. At, we have brought together more than 500 online stores that sell sturdy and high-quality lockers for offices. If you think it can be an expensive affair, then you can easily compare prices to find product falling in your budget. So, do not make further delay and grab the best ones.

Question & Answer

Are safe deposit boxes fireproof?

Most of the safety boxes come with this feature of being fireproof but you have to check it on the label, specification, or product description to be sure about it. As there is a huge list of manufacturers working on this product nowadays, safes may vary in features. The best fireproof safes will be able to withstand fire for a long period of time till the emergency service reaches.

 Where to buy safe vault online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best safe vaults online in the UAE, then look no further as you are already in the correct place. On our product search engine, you can find hundreds of trusted sellers that offer safes at affordable prices. You can go through their collection, compare features and prices of the products to find the best one that suits your budget also. Also, find deposit safes, burglar-resistant safe, fireproof safes, data safes, document safes, cash boxes, money counting machines, cash registers, cash drawers, furniture safes, wall safes, key safes, counterfeit detectors, floor safes, and weapon safes here.

Is password vault safe?

If you have chosen a high quality and tested safe, then it would be safe to use it. To enhance the safety, you can look for the features like dual control that will require both key and the passcode to open, time delay option that will make the locker take time to open, time period window setting that will open vault only during certain hours.

What is the best safe box?

If you are in search of the best lockers then you can rely on brands like First Alert, Pacsafe, Master Lock, Fireking, and Gunvault. These are the best safe brands. They are well known for their sturdy safes and moreover, you will find a variety in their collection. There is a type of product dedicated to almost all sorts of locker requirements. If you want to explore all of them in one place, then is that place!

So, are you ready to browse for the best lockers for your office, business, or home? Well, embark on your journey right now as you are in the correct place. At, we have got a huge collection of safes offered by various sellers. You can compare the features and prices of the products to the best options quickly. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed with the choices, you can narrow them down with the help of filters. So, go ahead and get the best safes and other office supplies at reasonable prices now.