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None of us wants to think about the possibility of a potential break-in or dangers that your valuable items and property entail. Unfortunately, burglaries aren’t the only culprit that can put your valuable possessions at risk. Floods, fires, theft, and other unforeseen disasters can also come into play. Investing in furniture safely is one of the most rewarding things you could ever make.

 A high-quality, durable furniture safe is one of the best ways to protect your valuables from unexpected events such as theft, natural calamity, and fires. By the way, these cabinet safes aren’t something new. Their history dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty. Some models are around 1200 years old. Besides, many archaeologists have discovered safes in ruins all around the world.  Considering the history, furniture safes today have come a long way. The contemporary models offer you many new features and benefits when compared to the traditional ones. However, not all of them offer you the same degree of protection. Some are better than others. In this article, we give you some of the best cabinet safe options to invest in, plus a few useful tips on how to buy these furniture safes online. So read on! 

The top-trending furniture safes to invest in 

Security extends far beyond the common anti-theft measure like door locks and intruder alarms. The cabinet safes are a classic example of this. And as the security needs vary greatly, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. Instead, you’ll find a plethora of furniture safes out there on the market. But, to an average customer, like most of us, the sheer options may seem a bit overwhelming. And, we all know that selecting the right safe is imperative to achieve the desired degree of protection from various external elements. Keeping this in mind, we’ve laid out some finest models of furniture safes that you can consider buying while shopping for them online. 

The best overall cupboard safe

Get yourself the 0.5 cubic foot security safe, if you’re planning to buy a safe that costs significantly less than the other models without compromising on quality. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel with a closet that has a small compact safe, then you’ve certainly seen this model. Thanks to the low-cost nature of the cabinet safe, you can enjoy the same degree of safety in your home, office, or anywhere else. This safe comes with a programmed numeric touchpad along with a backup key. This makes it easy for you to operate them. Inside the storage, you’ll find a shelf that splits the storage space in half. The design makes it ideal for couples who wish to share the safe. 

The top-selling gun-proof, fireproof file cabinet

A bit on the expensive side, the SteelWater gun safes can withstand temperatures over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 2 hours. This helps to keep your valuables safe during a fire that rages on for more than two hours. It’s the same story when a burglar tries to break into the solid steel safe door. Opening the furniture safe requires coordinated use of combination lock and key. Therefore, it isn’t an ideal choice if you’re looking for something that has superfast access. But, such locking systems add more security against burglaries. With all these features in place, this model is a great example of value for money. 

The best lockbox style fire resistant cabinet safe

Affordable, compact, high-degree fire protection and durable Sentry Safe brings you much-needed peace of mind during unforeseen situations. The product is small enough to tuck out of sight or even carry along during your travels. It’s a great option if you want to keep your cash, passports, a few pieces of jewellery and some irreplaceable mementoes safe. The lockbox furniture safe can protect the contents from blazes that reach temperatures as high as 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for more than half an hour. Although not amazingly strong, this key-operated model is tough enough to deter quick theft attempts. Besides, their small compact structure makes them the best portable safes. 

The finest digital security home cabinet safe

If you’re someone who prefers digital over the traditional models of cabinet safes, then this model from TigerKing has to be your ultimate choice. The product features an LED screen that enables you to program master and user code. This key code setting gives a dual layer of protection to your valuable items. Furthermore, the safe includes a dual warning system that activates an alarm if the safe senses vibrations due to a potential break-in attempt. Along with this, the product also comes with an interior lockbox that offers you additional security if there are more than one person using it. In short, by buying this model you’re getting the best place to store your valuables.

Tips on how to buy Furniture Safes online

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for furniture safe for your home or office, we all want an ideal safe that suits our needs and expectations. However, getting the best ones isn’t that simple. You must’ve figured that out by now, considering the several options available today. However, we’re about to make things simpler for you. Below we’ve compiled a few tips for buying a cabinet safe that’ll help you make your decisions with ease.

  • Know the purpose – It’s best not to use a fireproof safe for protection against burglary. Why? Because each has a different feature. This is why it’s important to know your needs before you start your search online. Do you want to protect your valuables from a potential fire or theft? Or do you wish to get a model that offers protection from both? Understanding this will help you buy your model easily.
  • Consider the location – Where do you intend to place your safe? Typically, you place the furniture safes in the cabinets or cupboards. However, there are a few options that you can carry with you and even install on a wall. Each location requires a specific type of safe. Thus, make sure you consider the place where you want to install your furniture safe.
  • Research a bit – Understanding your product always makes your buying process breeze. Knowing the history, features, characteristics, available options, and top manufacturers of the product greatly helps you. Adequate and vast knowledge about the product is the key to a successful purchase. And this is particularly important when you’re buying them online.
  • Explore your options – Cabinet safes today come in a variety of models, shapes, sizes, and styles. Each one has a specific feature and characteristic. Therefore, it’s imperative to check out the various available options online for an easy purchase. Besides, exploring the options and listing out the ones that suit your needs narrows down your choices, thereby making the buying process a breeze.
  • Pick the right size – Think about what you’d like to keep in the safe. This determines the size of the model you buy. Fortunately, you’ll find different sizes of cabinet safes However, it’s best to stick to the ones that aren’t too small. That’s because, you’ll most likely end up adding more valuables to your safe, overtime.
  • Keep an eye on the locking system – This is one of the most important things to consider when looking out for various features in a safe. Only the best lock system can offer you a greater degree of protection from unforeseen situations. Some of the common locking systems include double-digit security code, number combination lock, electronic number combo lock, and biometric lock.
  • Check out the resistance grades – The resistance grade of the furniture safe determine how sturdy the safe is against burglaries, fire, and other natural disasters. Generally speaking, the higher the resistance grade of the cabinet safe, the more protection they can offer to your valuable items. Just as the size, you should keep in mind that you’d be adding more valuables to your safe over time.
  • Look at the colour – Not something that’s very important, but still, it plays a vital role. It’s best to purchase a colour that matches your safe environment. A matching colour helps them mask themselves during burglaries. Fortunately, you’ll find an array of colour options that suits most of your cabinet colours or walls.
  • Evaluate the quality – Like every other office supply, the quality of the item plays a crucial role in the selection process. You certainly do not want to spend on something that isn’t durable. Therefore, always look at the quality of the furniture safe before you buy them. Only purchase the premium-quality models if want a higher degree of protection, reliability, and durability.
  • Go for branded models – One of the best ways to ensure that you can the finest quality of furniture safe is to pick them from well-known brands. Some world-renowned brands like Sentry Safe, Fireking, and Samson offer you a range of high-quality cabinet safe The various models from these brands offer different features and characteristics for enhanced safety.
  • Set aside a budget – Regardless of which model you choose you must pick a model that’s within your budget. Luckily, you’ll find expensive as well as cheap cabinet safe options out there in the market. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start your search online. You could also get a security safe cabinet for sale online in Dubai during seasonal offers.

Remember, the furniture safes aren’t of one-size-fits-all nature. Thus, you must take your time to carefully observe each model before you make the final call. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons and you need before you buy them. If there’s anything that you’re not aware of or are unsure about, then do not hesitate to take the help of an expert who can guide you. We hope the tips above will be of help to you when you have to make the final decision on the product.

Question & Answer

How to open a cabinet safe?

Opening a safe primarily depends on the kind of locking system the safe comes with. You’ll see furniture safes with different locking systems. One of the most common is the one with the standard lock and key. You can easily open and close the cabinets with a lock and key system. However, the ones with digital numeric locks a biometric system require a different approach to open. Digital numeric models require you to put a numeric combination to access the safe. Whereas, the biometric model requires your finger impression to open.

Are cabinet files safe?

The primary purpose of furniture safe is to protect your valuables from theft, fire, and other unexpected disasters. Therefore, your valuables including office files, important documents, jewellery, and other valuables are safe when placed in the cabinet safe. However, the degree of protection depends on the quality and features of the model you buy. Therefore, if you want a higher degree of protection then choose a model that offers such features.

What is a pie safe cabinet?

A pie chest of pie safe cabinets is a piece of furniture that allows you to store pies and other food items. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for your kitchen. This safe was a common household item before iceboxes came in. Besides, it was a prevalent piece of furniture in American households during the 1700s. A typical pie safe has a size equivalent to a large bureau that has shelves within, with large perforations. Although an ancient piece, you could purchase a pie safe cabinet for sale online in UAE at many online stores.

Where to buy cabinet safes online in UAE?

You can get your furniture safes from several online stores across UAE. While doing so, try and check out the options on too. Our product search engine brings you a wide selection of furniture safes in all possible shapes, sizes, and models from well-known brands. Better yet, you can compare the prices of each model and purchase them from your favourite online stores.

If you take a look around the industry, you’ll find furniture safes that are nothing more than a thin metal box. Upon further research, you’ll see that there’s more to this item than you originally thought. We hope with this article, we’ve given you adequate information on the cabinet safes for you to purchase the best model from the sheer number of other office supply options out there.