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You’ve created a small business of your own and want to process a transaction. Now what? Well, it’s time to implement the right devices that drive sales and stimulate growth. Most companies cannot complete – let alone operate without the cash registers. In this guide, we’ll highlight all that you need to know about cash registers for a convenient shopping experience. So read on!

Prior to the 20 th century, people used to carry out retail transactions using their hands. This was both cumbersome and time-consuming. But, right when things got worse, someone was kind enough to bring in the modern cash registers. These greatly improved retail cash handling procedures. Indeed, they’ve now become a must-have for those who run a small business. But, know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option out there. You’ll find yourself amidst several options with different features and characteristics when you head out to buy them online. This is why understanding a few popular models is essential.

The different cash register machines for various establishments

Indeed, you’ll find a wide range of cash registers on the market designed to meet the needs of several small businesses. Many are even designed to cater to certain industries like catering and for the businesses selling barcoded items. However, the best one depends on the nature of your particular business and your budget. Besides, it’s important to know and understand the various models that you can put to use. Here we’ve compiled a list of perfect register systems that you can consider investing in when in search of them online.

The best cash registers for small business

If you’re on a hunt for the most efficient and cheap small cash register then go ahead and spend your money on Casio TE-4500 cash register. If you’re on a hunt for the most efficient and cheap small cash register then go ahead and spend your money on Casio TE-4500 cash register. It has a standard memory capacity of up to 25,000 PLU’s. To put it in simple words, it’s perfect for any company carrying several stock lines. Apart from that, the model comes with keyboard controls that allow you to easily look up prices in seconds. Additionally, the product includes features like a 16 character LCD display, a tilt operator display for easy viewing and a thermal printer. Above all, it also features a large ten compartment cash drawer, three ports for other gadgets like PCs.

The cashier machine for restaurants

There are specific cash registers for restaurants. If you’re looking out for one then you can never go wrong with Sam4s ER 940. There is a specific cash register for restaurants. If you’re looking out for one then you can never go wrong with Sam4s ER 940. With fast and accurate transactions this model is one of the best when it comes to cash registers. Furthermore, the product also features a large, spill-proof keyboard. It comes with 150 keys that allow you to deal with any menu combination you can imagine. Additionally, there’s even support for up to 20,000 PLUs. Moreover, it comes with an added SD card. Also, you can export sales and product reports to your PC. With all these features in place, you can fit the top unit snuggly on your computer.

The best POS cash register for food chains

Fast-food chains are very different from restaurants. They require a much more efficient system. If you’re on a hunt for a cash register for your fast-food chains, then go for Casio SE- C3500 model. This product excels at quick service in fast food, take-out operations and concessions. Besides, you’ll surely love their compact 2×2 rear-facing LCD. It lets your customers know when their order is up. Apart from that, it also features a 10-line LCD screen display that allows you to handle up to five items at a time. This, in turn, makes it easy to track the customer’s orders. Additionally, the spill-resistant keys have a soft drink-proof structure. Moreover, you’ll also find two RS232 connection ports that let you hook up a receipt printer and credit card reader scanner.

The best electronic cash register for bars and cafes

If you’re on the lookout for a stylish yet cheap electronic cash register, then consider buying the Sharp XE- A207 model. The Sharp XE-A207 features all useful components that you rarely find in other similarly-priced models. If you’re on the lookout for a stylish yet cheap electronic cash register, then consider buying the Sharp XE- A207 model. With the capacity of storing identification details for up to 25 clerks and 2500 PLU storage, this model gives you the best when it comes to cash registers. Their unique structure and features seem to be more than enough to cover all of your barcoded goods. Considered as the best-in-field for bars, this Sharp model also features excellent card-reader support. Apart from that, you’ll also find a nifty Quick books Pro link. This feature allows you to make easy accounting.

Tips on how to buy Cash Registers online

By now, you must’ve figured out that a cash register is a necessity for any sort of small business that performs numerous transactions. Depending on your business needs, you can pick a basic one, the one with limited features or an advanced model. However, this is easier said than done. This is why we’ve outlined a few tips that you can ponder while buying your models online.

  • Figure out your business size – First things first. You should consider how large your business currently is and your projected growth for the next few years. If your business is relatively large, then consider investing in a register that has a barcode scanner and product codes to streamline transactions. GO for the basic if you have fewer transactions.
  • Keep an eye on the security features – There’s always a need to keep the cash, cheques, and electronic payment information safe. That’s why it’s essential to look for some basic security features while purchasing the cash registers. See if you can get the locking drawer. This prevents unauthorised individuals from accessing cash and cheques.
  • Explore the benefits of inventory tracking – Checking out the inventory tracking capacity is essential. If your business has only a limited inventory, then you can go for a basic cash register. However, you might need a more comprehensive POS system with inventory tracking systems if you’re dealing with large inventory quantities.
  • Consider receipt printing options – You must always consider whether you want to use a thermal or print ribbon cash register. For instance, the initial expense of a thermal printer is more expensive. But, you can save in a long run. That’s because they use heat to print receipts. Besides, you do not need to buy new ink cartridges. However, in the case of printer ribbon registers, you have the expense of ink cartridges.
  • Decide between a vendor and a retailer – When looking for a basic cash register with standard features, it’s best to shop at a retailer. Besides, you’ll be able to find a quality model locally. But if that’s not possible, then looking online should yield plenty of options. Some business owners even shop second hand and buy used models for even lower prices.

Implementing the cash registers guarantees increased efficiency in daily operations and speedier checkouts. This, in turn, means more productivity and happier customers. That’s because they can now complete the transaction without any issue. In short, paying attention to these guidelines will help you buy a cash register online in UAE that fits both budget and business needs.

Question & Answer

How much cash does a register cost?

The price of the register can greatly vary. It starts from the cheaper, most affordable rates around AED 200-500. However, they can become quite expensive that cost you around AED 2000-5000 and more. That’s why it’s better to set aside a budget before you start shopping online. You’ll want to purchase a model that’s comfortable stays within your price range. If you’re a penny-pincher or have a meagre budget, then go for the cheapest cash register for sale online in UAE. The sales, offers and discounts help you get what you want while spending less.

How do cash registers work?

Cash registers in general are a traditional, electronic payment processing system. The register usually includes a drawer for storing cash and hardware that allows you to process the card payments. This also comprises software one that enables you to record and manage information regarding the transactions. You’ll also find other parts like the barcode scanner, banknote verifier, and receipt printer and so on. All these ensure a positive customer experience.

Which cash register is the best?

The best registers are those that fulfil your needs and stay within your budget. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find one that suits your business. If you’re browsing online for the perfect model then consider purchasing them from popular brands. Some of the big names include Casio, PICO, Olympia, Ikea, Panasonic, and Sharp. You can find a wide assortment of options here based on your preferences like budget, brands preferences etc.

Where to buy cash register online in UAE?

Finding the right cash register can be a time consuming process. But, not when you shop at This superfast product search engine brings to you some of the most reliable cash registers that too from famous brands. Besides, you can shop them from your favourite online stores too. All this ensures a hassle-free and quick shopping experience. Here, you can find over 500 online stores offering the best quality. Not just cash register, you can also find other office supplies here.

So are you ready to make your cash handling process smooth, efficient and hassle-free? If yes, then start exploring the options on and pick your perfect model right here. And yes, do consider checking out other office supplies and safes right here on our platform.

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