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About Counterfeit Note Detector

Counterfeit or fake money is a common problem in today’s world. But there is a simple solution known as counterfeit detectors.

A counterfeit detector is a special machine that is designed to detect fake money. Modern counterfeit machines work with infrared technology in addition to other features like magnetic ink, ultraviolet, micro printing, watermark, and chemical pen detection. These technologies work by projecting images of a bill on-screen and revealing the hidden security marks that can only be printed by government mints. A bill having secrete mark means that it is genuine. These machines are of great help in reducing counterfeit losses, multi-currency bill detection, and verification of security features on the bills.

Different types of counterfeit detection

If you are dealing with a cash handling business, you will surely be interested in ways to protect your staff and self from counterfeit thieves. Luckily, there are several products available in the market that can help you verify banknotes more efficiently than most experienced cashiers. But before we share some tips on how to pick an ideal option, it is important to know that fakes notes surely are a real threat to any business. And the history of fake money is as old as the currency itself. So, no matter if you are dealing with United States Dollars or Great British Pounds, the below discussed types of counterfeit detection machines could be of great help in avoiding fake money.

UV light money checker

If you do not know, we are here to share the fact that banknotes incorporate invisible UV marks. These special marks are only visible when under special ultraviolet light. This feature of a banknote is for security and is a defining feature between fake and real currency notes. The UV light used on a currency note is not just any light; it needs to be at a wavelength of 365 nanometres for detection. Therefore, you need special machines to show these UV marks instantly and accurately so that you can visually verify these notes.

Magnetic & metal thread fake currency detector

The banknotes also have something we generally call ferromagnetic ink. It is printed on them in special magnetic patterns. This pattern is then layered with a magnetic thread waved into the notes with specific size and location. With this unique construction, they are much more complicated than one may think.  This is where the metal and magnetic detector helps to verify notes. Here you can find many manuals and automated options that can quickly check the note to see whether or not they include magnetic thread or ink.

Infrared money tester

It is another commonly used portable money detector that works by identifying a special type of ink on the notes. This ink is not visible with a naked eye and is used as a secret feature to differentiate between fake and real currency notes. In most cases, on top of having UV marking, there are special inks that are only visible under infrared light. To use this kind of detection, you will need machines with infrared sensors that will reflect and absorb light to approve notes using unique characteristics marked at the denominations.

Size detection devices – Serial number – CIS

A size detection device will detect by widths, thickness, 3D, or half note. Each denomination of a banknote has the same length, thickness, and width, and thus it can be used as a means to check fake notes. A counterfeit note detector can verify the dimensions down to the 10 th of a millimetre using a pulsing LED transceiver. At the same time, many other devices will use unique serial numbers of the note to scan and compare the number in records. At such times, a CIS machine is also helpful in checking the note by looking at the serial number.

Tips on how to buy Counterfeit Note Detector pen online in the UAE

Are you looking for the best yet cheap counterfeit detectors for business? If so, a product search engine can be the best place for you to find it online. Luckily, there are hundreds of brands offering a wide range of the best counterfeit money detectors for your commercial needs. With such a wide variety, choosing a reliable option can be a hectic task for many. Therefore, the buyers must be clear about the essential aspects they need to consider while dealing with a purchase. Here we will share some points that you surely need to consider while buying a fake money detector for sale online in the UAE.

  • The price – First of all you need to determine your budget for the bill detector. Typically, the higher price machine comes with better features. But if you have a limited budget, look for products in the sale or explore retail shops online to find the best price.
  • Manual or auto – You need to decide what will you prefer to use at your workplace. It is also a major price differentiator. Any automatic machine will tell you if the bill is suspicious or not, but for a manual machine, you will need to spot the difference on your own.
  • The ease of use – Consider the fact that your workplace can get rushed at times. At such times, an accurate, efficient, and easy to use machine can do the best job for you. So, find any automatic machine, with easy to navigate and higher speed to detect the bill.
  • Multiple currency detection – This feature is important if you are working on places where you deal with multiple currency notes. You can find many machines offering detections for all major global currencies, including GBP, UDS, CAD, MXN and more.
  • Portability – It can be a helping feature as you may need to move it from one place to another considering the needs. The portability becomes important if you need to check the notes on the go. However, look for the enchantable and extended battery before you pay for a portable detector.

In the end, we will suggest you look into the customer review section for the products you buy. This is where you can find real-time information about the performance of the products and their usage. Here customers also share reviews and problems they might have faced about the particular item that you are about to purchase. With the information, you can make a secure buying decision and be sure of investing in the right product.

Question & Answer

How do counterfeit detector pens work?

These pens are made of a simple to understand and use mechanism. These pens contain a special type of iodine solution that reacts with the starch in the wood-based paper and create a black stain. If the solution is applied to fibre-based paper that is used in the real bill, no discolouration occurs. These pens do nothing but detect the bills printed on normal photocopier paper of the fine papers used by the government treasury.

How to choose the best counterfeit detector machine?

There are different types of counterfeit detectors available in the market. So, the selection of products solely depends on the preferred usage and preferences of the users. You can start by deciding if you need a pocket-sized pen counterfeit detector or you would like to go with a UV based model that is generally bigger. Other elements that you may need to consider are the size, model, pricing, brand, and additional features the machine has to offer.

How much is a fake banknote detector pen?

Luckily, there are many high quality yet cheaper models available in the market. You can consider buying products from any retail search engine for better competitive prices. The price of these machines generally starts from AED 55 and goes up to AED 100 or more. Some of the best-selling cheap items you can find online include; Generic-Counterfeit Money Detector Pen, the Generic-2-in-1 Portable Mini Money Detector, and the Counterfeit Money Detector Cash Counter – AD-2138.

Where to buy counterfeit detector pens online in the UAE?

There are different brands like Cassida, Ribao, Desq, Safescan, Olympia, Hitachi, and Tay-Chian that offer their products online. To find all the products from such brands and more, explore any product search engine online. This is where you can find the entire range of old and latest safes and other security products from top trusted brands online. Additionally, with, you can use the price comparison tool to find reliable options in office supplies within your budget range.

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