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A lockbox, also known as key safes , is a great solution on several occasions. These are ideal for when your guest arrives, and you can be there to help them enter your property. The same can go with different members of the family.

A key safe is a small device that can be attached to the wall or door handle. You can lock a key in the container and open it with a unique code. Just like bike locks, the key lockboxes also vary in dial format, size, and strength. Among many types, the wall-mounted key safe is the most preferred option. These small safes are meant to securely keep the keys inside with a locking security code or number. Any user or family member can access the keys using the unique code. Besides the convenience of use, these small safes offer a wide range of benefits to the users. here are some of the reasons why you should have a key safe in your home or office now.

Benefits of the key lockbox

The outdoor key boxes are generally made from a robust metallic construction. All the advanced models come with weatherproof make and keypad cover specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions. Moreover, the price of these products also vary with design and how many keys they can hold. Another important defining feature is the complexity of the locking mechanism. One major benefit of this locking system is changing the lock as many times as you want. To use these boxes, you can attach them with the brick wall using lock screws that can be accessed only from within the safe. Such installation makes it impossible to detach these safes from the wall. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with these lockers

Personal use of a digital key lockbox

Perhaps the most practical use of a key lock box is to store all the spare entrance keys at the front door. This is a far better, excellent, and secure way of leaving an extra key than placing one under the plant pot or a doormat. These key lock boxes ensure that the keys are accessible to authorized personnel only, and no intruder can get access by guessing where you hide the key before leaving. Instead, the lock safe will give access to people who know the unique code. So when you are away from home or out of town, let your guests and visitors enter quickly and easily without any hassle.

Use in real estate

This invention has also revolutionized the way real estate works. The property owners or dealers can easily access visitors by leaving a lockbox where the home is listed. Hence a relator can enter and show the property just by asking permission for the code. However, some safes come with issues where the lockbox will automatically walk off, and no one will have access to the home at all. At such times, the key safe with the two-code system can come to help. Here one code is for the key door, and the other one works for the shackle. So, the key door code is the only one given for showing while the chain stays locked.

In medical emergencies

Life has become more and more unpredictable and is thus facilitated with technological aids from the medical industry. When a medical alarm triggers, the emergency professional and first responders reach out to the home immediately. At times they find it difficult and waste time struggling to get into the home. With no keys, they end up breaking the door. But a key safe can help you avoid any such event. The first respondents can access the door key with the help of a lock code saved in their database. Hence, when they access a medical emergency site, they get instant access to open the door and get them in time.

Helping the elderly

The baby boomers are ageing and prefer staying at home rather than moving to a residential setting with nursing care. In such cases, many benefits livings at home while enjoying the benefits of visiting nurses and caretakers. These professionals monitor the elderly by visiting them daily and helping them with everyday tasks, including personal care. At times elderly are especially vulnerable and frail, making it difficult for them to answer the door themselves. While many are concerned about their security and allowing anyone to get inside. A locked safe can help the dedicated individual get into a home and interact without harming elders peace.

Tips on how to buy Key Safe online in the UAE

The best wall mounted key safe can be a reliable option when it comes to offering ease of access to your home. However, hundreds of brands offer a wide range of the best outdoor key safes for your home, office, or car use. With such a wide variety, choosing a reliable option can be a hectic task for many. Therefore, the buyers must be clear about the essentials they need to consider while purchasing. Here we will share some points you need to consider while buying a new cheapest key safe online.

  • Locking system – The locking mechanism can either find a combination code system or look for a fingerprint operating mechanism for a key safe. Other options may include a number combination lock and double-bit security lock. Study the different types and pick what is convenient.
  • The correct size – Thinks about how many keys you would need to keep in the safe. Also, you will inevitably end up with more keys for the best portable key safe over time. Therefore, it is always a better idea to keep some extra space for future needs.
  • Resistance grades – When it comes to safe, resistance grade means how resistant a strongbox is against burglaries. You can read the product description to know what security certification the safe box comes with.
  • The safe location – For a key safe, you can opt for a portable option or look for a safe that you can install on the wall. A portable option should be lightweight yet durable. Whereas for a mounted option, you need to focus on constructing your wall and picking a safe with easy installation.
  • The colour of safe – Note that you will be hanging these safes at the entrance of your beloved home. Hence it will be playing a role in the outlook of your home entrance. Luckily, you can find many colour and shape options in a key safe. Pick one that matches your home.

In the end, we will suggest you look into the customer review section for the products you buy. This is where you can find real-time information about the performance of the products and their usage. Here customers also share reviews and problems they might have faced about the particular item you are about to purchase. With the information, you can make a secure buying decision and invest in the right product.

Question & Answer

Are key safe boxes secure?

Yes, key safe boxes are a secure option for keeping important keys protected. Constructively these key safes have a sturdy mechanical metal box that you can use to secure keys in your door. You can install these safes into the wall outside your home and access your keys with a combination code. However, a key safe is 100% secure only if it is installed properly. Also, make sure that the combination code is accessible to homeowners or the people you trust.

How to open the key safe without a code?

A key safe is made of highly durable and unbreakable material and complicated mechanisms. There are times when you forget the code or come up with reasons you can not open the safe. In such a case, it is always recommended to take the safe to a professional technician. They will diagnose your safe condition and suggest and help you open up the safe without causing any damage.

Where to buy key safes online in the UAE?

Different brands like Namson, Robustline, Hartmann, Yale, Joma, and Rubik offer their products online. To find all the products from such brands and more, explore any product search engine online. This is where you can find the entire range of old and latest products from top trusted brands online. Besides, you can use the price comparison tool to find reliable options within your budget range.

Which key safe is the best to buy?

Supra C500, Masterlock Bluetooth Lock Box, Burton Police Preferred Specification Keyguard XL Outdoor Key Safe and Sentinel Push Button Key Safe Twin Pack are some of the top picks of customers around the globe. At the same time, others prefer products like Rhino Lock Secure Key Combination Safe, Masterlock Wall Mount Combination Key Lock Box, and Masterlock 5415EURD Key lockbox for all of their important key protection needs.

Besides, Sentry, Master Lock, Barska, Ilco, and Steelmaster also offer quality products for all your personal and commercial needs. You can also explore to buy a wide range of office supplies from top shops online.

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