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Counting and sorting out money takes time. And we know time is money. Therefore, it only makes sense to simplify the cash counting process and make it as quick, painless, and accurate as possible. And how do you do that? Well, you have this money counting machine to do the job for you. But how do they work? How can you buy them? Are all counting machines the same? Well, you’ll find the answers to these questions in this buying guide. So keep scrolling!

Government agencies, banks, churches, as well as businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, and retail shops all rely on cash counting machines. Why? Simply because they save a lot of time and energy. Not just this, but they also provide you with a hundred per cent accuracy when it comes to counting coins and cash. These machines can easily count huge stacks of cash and coin more accurately than anyone. Besides, having them ensures that you no longer have to worry about counterfeit notes, as these machines quickly detect any false notes. You see, almost anyone who deals with counting, sorting and checking the authenticity of the currencies will accept the fact that these tasks are better left to the powers of technology. Next, let’s look at a few such powerful money counting machines that you can consider investing in.

The different types of cash counting machines to choose from

Fortunately, today you can find several models of money counting machines out there on the market. You do not need to stick to a single version. Besides, each of them comes with different features, characteristics, and designs. Indeed, this vast option is a boon to any buyer. However, somewhere down the line, it’s also a bane, as you’d fall into a dilemma when you have to choose the best among such wide options. Well, you can always turn around this situation if you have adequate knowledge about the product and its types. To help you with this, we’ve compiled below some of the best models of cash and coin counting machines that you can consider investing in.

The fast money counting machine with a fake note detector

Are you on the lookout for a cash counting machine that detects counterfeit notes and also counts your bills at a much faster rate? You can check out Teraputics Money Counter Elite with a fast counting feature. With the high-quality craftsmanship and magnetic, infrared and UV technologies, this is one of the best money counters with counterfeit detection. In addition to that, it operates at 60 decibels. This means it doesn’t make any unnecessary noises during its operation. Apart from that, it also comes with an energy-saving design. Above all, it has a user-friendly LED display for easy viewing.

The best money counter with the UV detection features

Next on the list is the money counter with UV detection from Kolibiri. This particular model can count up to 1000 bills per minute. All this attributes to its UV detection feature. Moreover, the product also comes with a very straight note path. This helps to eliminate any jams and saves time and effort. Also, it comes with an automatic start and stops feature, which makes it very convenient to use. Apart from that, the machine comes with a one year warranty. Additionally, this one here can detect counterfeit notes too.

The best budget portable cash counting machine

If you’re aiming to purchase an affordable and straightforward money counting machine, then consider investing in the Domens Portable Money Counter. The model does exactly what it promises, with no added flash. The machine can count up to 600 bills per minute, and the device is easy to use too. At 0.86 pounds, this version of the money counter is indeed the best compact and portable model of the machines. Their smart design makes them an ideal choice for small businesses. Even individuals who’re looking out for less time consuming and convenient options can opt for these models.

The perfect electronic money counters with variable speed

How about a machine that allows you to change the counting speed? Well, the Royal Sovereign money counting machine with variable speed gives you that and more. It comes with a unique feature that allows you to get the cumulative value for all the counted currencies. Besides, you can also rely on this product when you want to count the money quite fast. Apart from that, this machine also enables you to adjust the speed according to how you want it. Several reputable brands offer such machines. This indeed gives you the confidence to purchase them without a doubt.

The best coin counter machines

Indeed cash counting machines are beneficial. But did you know that there are separate machines for counting coins too? If you’re looking out for such machines, then you can never go wrong with the Cassida coin counter. With a user-friendly design and smart features, this product is one of the best money counting machines for coins. The machine comes with a counting speed of 300 coins in just one minute. Besides, you’ll love the fact that this product can recognise all coin denominations. Their user-friendly nature and smart interface are the main attributes that add credibility.

Tips on how to buy Money Counting Machines

Indeed you have several options to choose from. But, when it comes to buying the money counting machines, there are several factors you must keep in mind. These factors help you to assess your perfect model better. To make things much easier, we’ve listed down a few tips to help you buy money counting machines online in the UAE effortlessly.

  • Keep an eye on the size & weight – Depending on where you plan to place your cash counting machines, you’ve got to take into account the weight and size of the model. For example, if you’re in a cramped office, then it’s better to get a compact money counting machine. Similarly, if you’re going to be moving the product a lot, then go for a lightweight, portable model.
  • Check out the counting speed – More speed, efficient counting. Many a time, your business requires you to count a massive amount of money that too in a small amount of time. In such cases, it’s best to go for a version that has a higher counting speed. Mostly, the cash counting machines come with variable speeds. But make sure to keep an eye out for the max speed.
  • Look out for the hopper capacity – Just like the counting speed is good for calculating rates, the hopper capacity is good for gauging volume. The average bill counter can hold up to 300 bills in its hopper. However, some of the heavy-duty counters can hold up to 500. Also, keep in mind whether they’re front load or backload. Front-load models usually have a higher capacity.
  • Choose a version that has the multi-currency option – If you run a business that deals with a lot of international clients, then go for a model that counts different types of currencies. Some mixed denomination value counters automatically detect certain types of currencies. So machines also allow you to pre-set the values so that you can easily classify the varying forms of currencies.
  • Go for a model that has mixed bill value detection – Mixed value detection is one of the essential aspects you need to consider when you’re buying the best money counting machines. Mostly, standard counters require you to pre-sort the bills and classify them by various denominations. However, the mixed bill detection feature automatically distinguishes the bills.
  • Select the one with counterfeit detection – Just like the mixed bill detection, this counterfeit detection is also a crucial add-on. You should carefully consider them while purchasing cash counters. Let’s say, for example, you work in a bar that handles notoriously fake bills. In such cases, you’d want to look for a bill counter that can detect all fake notes and alert you when there’s a suspicious note. This way, your workflow will become much more efficient.

The present generation of money counting machines is not just intelligent but stylish too. You’ll find them in different sizes, designs and shapes. The vast choice will surely amaze you when you’re out on a hunt for the best money counting machines. However, remember not to jump and buy anything that pleases your eyes. Make sure to carefully analyse the various features. Weigh their pros and cons and then make the final decisions. We hope the tips will largely help you in doing so.

Question & Answer

Are money counting machines accurate?

Yes, money counting machines are a hundred per cent accurate. But what qualities make them so useful? Well, one such characteristic is the double note detection embedded into most cash counting machines. This feature lets you detect two banknotes that you feed in without realising. In such a case, the machine stops and alerts you. Apart from that, they also have a money counterfeit detector that helps you detect fake notes. Another technology that helps you count the cash accurately includes the ability to count and detect the weight of notes. All of these features together make them an accurate money counter.

How does a money counting machine work?

Currency counter machines start to operate when you place a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each note individually. It instantly recognises the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted to determine the denomination. Then they provide a total. Many smart models of cash counters also come with counterfeit bill detection features. This feature incorporates a black light to segregate the fake notes. The ultimate result? The machines count and check the notes at lightning speed without the concern of any miscounts or having bills rejected by the bank.

How much do the money counting machines cost?

You can easily find cheap money counting machines that are affordable and cost yours around AED 200-500. However, you’ll also find their expensive versions that come at a price range of AED 2000-5000 and more. That’s why it’s better to go with a budget before you start shopping online. You’ll want to purchase a money counting machine that’s comfortable and stays within your price range. If you’re a penny-pincher or have a meagre budget, then go for a money counting machine for sale online in UAE. The sales, offers and discounts help you get what you want while spending less.

What money counting machines do banks use?

Banks, government agencies, convenience stores, and other firms use the best cash counting machines out there. They prefer to choose models that include all features like counterfeit note detection, counting, sorting, coin counters, and much more. If you too wish to purchase money counting machines for banks, then go ahead and pick counting machines from brands like Glory, Cassida, Magner, Baijia, De la Rue, G&D, Hitachi, Lidix, Arduino, Safescan, InnovaGoods, and Nigachi.

Where can I buy money counting machines online in UAE?

Several online stores offer you an extensive collection of cash counting machines online. But, if you want to browse and shop for the perfect one in a hassle-free manner, then go ahead and explore the extensive collection on Our product search engine brings to you some of the most stunning, stylish, and functional cash counting machines out there. What’s more, you get to shop them from your favourite online stores. Check out now and see interesting products worthy of your shopping cart! And yes, do not miss to check out various other safes, office supplies and several other products from over 500+ brands and online stores right here!

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