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About Fireproof Safe

No one can guarantee your safety, or a sudden fire broke out. Besides, in the office, you deal with many prestigious projects, confidential data or papers which are precious to keep safe. Thus, a fireproof safe not only saves your documents or files from sudden fire outbreaks but also from thieves. And it’s either fits on the wall or placed separately in a different room. 

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the sound of the safe door closing tightly. However, it makes you feel secure and protected. Fireproof safe or a fire safe is a tool that saves documents or paper when a fire breaks at the office. When you might be on vacation or away from the station for some reason, this fire safe is made at a high temperature of 1400-1700 degrees. Besides, it’s comparatively hotter than the temperature requires to melt tin and aluminium. However, Perlite and vermiculite are the two materials that keep your important materials cool inside this fireproof box. So, are you hovering for the best fireproof safe? Luckily, in the next section, we are discussing the same. Have a glance!  

A beginner’s guide fireproof and waterproof safe for office or home purposes

Security is the prime aim of placing a fire safe in your home or office. Thus, these safes come with unique features to protect your essential papers, files and valuables for almost 1 hour from fire. Besides, it protects digital media such as flash drives, pen drives, USB drives, and CDs. However, in a fire outbreak, the water spray is used to blow off the fire that might destroy your documents. Thus, these cheap digital fireproof safes protect your items from flooding in 8inches of water for 24 hours. So, there is more for you to learn about the varied kinds of these safes and their purposes.

Modern dial combination of the fireproof lockbox

Apart from fire and water, you might have danger from theft to steal your valuable items or files. Thus, lock your safe with the digital locking system. However, it has many rooms for you to keep items from documents, CDs, pen-drive, cash, jewellery, and much more. Besides, it has a combination lock, so there are no electronic components to malfunction. Moreover, there are no batteries to replace nor wires to break. Thus, a fireproof safe for documents saves you from the nightmare while vacationing outside. However, the combination lock is intact with the live locking bars. 

Modern and small fireproof safe for valuable items

There are many valuable items like passports, birth certificates, degree certificates, USBs, or a pen drives, which can quickly be misplaced or lost. And later you might have to face huge consequences. So, a small safe is best for such purposes. However, it won’t take much of your space, and you can easily move around. There are many models which come with the outstanding feature of digital locking, simple lock and key, or both. And the safe is waterproof and fire-resistant and comes with two emergency keys. So, buy a small fireproof safe for its unique features of floating so, that it can be easily identified even in floods.

Portable fireproof wall safe to stay away from theft

A good safe is one that secures your items, and it’s unbreakable. But this safe is a little different! You can easily mount this safe on the wall, and even you can hide it with paintings or a wardrobe. However, there are many safes available in the market. Some of the models come with excellent features like a keypad, and it lightens up in the dark or low light. Besides, it runs on 4AAA batteries, and you can open it with keys. However, there are other models which come with a biometric or finger scan. Thus, the cheap fireproof safety boxes are made with steel and a motorised dual deadbolt lock system.

Tips on how to buy Fireproof Safe online

By now, you must have got an insight into why a fireproof safe is important and why should you buy it. Besides, there are many options available in the market on design, features, size, locking system, and much more. So, it becomes quite tricky for you to choose the best of all. But, proper guidelines in which the factors are mentioned to scale your products based on it. It can be useful! Therefore, below we have listed some of these factors to help you out. Have a look to check the best place to buy fireproof safes.

  • Look for the price – This is the factor which all the time matter. Besides, there are many ranges of price tags available when it comes to fire-resistant safes. However, safe prices start from $100 to $1000 and are available in the market. But keep in mind that there is nothing like expensive will provide more protection or safety, etc. Besides, price shouldn’t be your priority but the features.
  • Check for space and weight – Before you move to shop online, make sure you choose the space where you wish to place it. So, whether you want to wall-mounted, keep it in a corner or above/inside a cabinet. Thus, you need to check on the design and weight of the fireproof lockbox. Usually, small fireproof safe fits inside your cabinet, or you can carry it with you.
  • Choose a locking system – It is essential to consider while looking for a fireproof box. Besides, there are many locking systems, from biometrics to touch keypads, dual locks, and so on. You can choose any of these lockings but make sure you have backup unlocking options. Thus, choose those products which provide you with the backup unlocking option.

However, while shopping online, don’t forget to check on the fire safe’s design or size. If you don’t need a big safe for your office, don’t choose a bigger one and occupy a lot of space. Therefore, we hope you are all set to explore the massive collection of office supplies from prominent brands and stores. And enjoy the exciting offers and deals exclusively for you.

Question & Answer

Is sentry safe fireproof?

Yes! Sentry Safe is fireproof as well as waterproof. Moreover, this company has been in this field for the last 80 years. And, it’s still protecting your documents or valuables items with its brilliant products. However, all of its products go through rigorous standards of testing before launching in the market. There are some models which come in varied shapes to accommodate the hanging files. Besides, it comes with a privacy key lock or digital media protection. However, some of the models come with a carrying handle to move you safe easily and conveniently.

Where can I buy fireproof safes online in UAE?

Fire-safe keeps your valuable or precious things items safely whether you use them for office or home purposes. However, you can choose to keep your hanging files, pen drives, documents, cash, and much more. Besides, there are digital keypads, a simple lock and key, or both for your convenience. So, look for a shopping platform that will allow scrolling through the myriad collection of products. Thus, choose as your shopping browser. It is the best shopping search engine which has 500+ topnotch stores allied with it. And you experience the mind-blowing collection of these safes with an incredible price tag.

How to open a fireproof safe without a key?

It’s difficult to open the fire safe without the keys. However, you can try to open it with a paper clip. You can take the paper clip and bend it under a 90-degree angle with your finger. Next, try to turn the lengthy leg tip of the paper clip with the plier and bend the other part in the same manner. Thus, it will look like a wrench. Now, turn the second paper clip outer leg at 180 degrees with fingers. And the tip with 45 degrees near the tip with pliers. Thus, it will look like a feeler. Now, take the wrench and insert it in the bottom of the lock. And feeler on the top of the lock. Now, start pressing the pins in the lock. And keep pushing until you hear lock makes a sound like ‘click’.

Which fireproof safe is best?

Godrej Safe is the best fireproof safe. However, it is known for its security features and durable materials. Besides, the safe design is made keeping in mind the damages it might cause due to fire. Moreover, it can resist fire for almost 90 minutes. And the tough construction of the materials can prevent the hot gases or smoke from seeping in. Besides, this safe comes with one lockable drawer to keep your essential documents and valuable items in it. However, you can also choose other popular brands. And they are Sentry, Eagle, Rubik, Hartmann Tresore, Costco, and much more.