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Yes, the sweetest sound to a retail store owner is ‘ka-ching!’ that their cash registers make. Indeed, most small businesses still accept cash. Even though several other advanced options are available these days, money is still the king. If you’re one of those small business owners who accept cash, then you’re going to need a good cash drawer for the POS system. Because having one means staying secure, productive and organised. But beware, not all cash drawers are equal. Some are much more advanced than others. This means you need to carefully assess your options before you buy them. Check this guide out. It’ll help you buy cash drawers online in UAE effortlessly.

First things first, let’s get you acquainted with what cash drawers are. Usually, POS systems come with cash registers. These registers have drawers underneath them, which are the cash drawers. Many often call them as till. Besides, you can only open the drawer if it has specific instructions from the cash register. Nevertheless, there are also models that allow you to open the drawers with a unique key or passcode. However, this depends on the systems and their working. Now that you’re familiar with what they’re let’s move ahead and see their varieties out there on the market.

The various types of cash register drawers to keep your money safe and secure

Indeed, you can find different kinds of cash drawers or safes . However, if there’s one component that has remained constant, it’s the metal box in the POS cash drawer that holds cash. Their design is universal, but the dimensions can change. Usually, a regular cash drawer comes with distinct compartments for storing bills and coins. These features make it easy for you to count. Besides, many of them also come with secret space underneath for things like cheques or larger bills. Similarly, different drawers have distinct features and advantages. Let’s have a look at the few famous types that you can consider investing in.

The compact and small cash drawer

Sturdy, lustrous and stylish, isn’t the kind of cash drawer every owner dreams of? Well, you can turn your dreams into reality with the MMF Industries Compact steel cash drawer in place. This model boasts a compact design. Their small size enables you to maximise counter space without reducing the basic features. Further, the product also comes with a front check slot that’s handy for storing cheques, large bills, and credit card receipts. And the best part, you do not even need to open the drawer to handle all this. Additionally, the unit also comes with four currency compartments equipped with spring-loaded bill weights. Plus, they have adjustable coin dividers too.

The best printer and POS cash drawer

If you’re looking out for a model that can save a lot on paper, then the Epsilont TSP143IIILAN 39464910 printer and cash drawer are your best bet. Their thermal printing technology eliminates the need for expensive toner and ink, thereby reducing the usage of paper. What’s more, this model comes with advanced power management circuitry. This feature lets you reduce your printer’s current consumption by up to 75 per cent when compared to other standard printers. You’ll definitely like the fact that this printer & cash drawer integrates effortlessly with square POS. In short, it’s a cost-effective choice that also makes sure that it doesn’t sacrifice quality and dependability.

The best industries cash tray with a keyed lock

Of course, you need a long-lasting model when it comes to storing your cash. If you’re on a hunt for such a model, then go ahead and invest in the STEELMASTER MMF Industries drawer with a keyed lock. Apart from being long-lasting and heavy-gauge constructed, the product also comes with a chip and scratch-resistant finish. All this gives you a reliable cash drawer that withstands the daily brunt. The manufacturer of the product has also included a key that, when you keep it in the unlocked position, enables you to spring open the product automatically. Apart from that, it also comes with an alarm bell that gives out a signal whenever someone opens the drawer.

The innovative alarm alert till drawer

If you’re planning to improve the safety in your commercial place, then consider investing in the Alarm Alert cash drawer. Their unique bell alert feature immediately rings a bell when someone opens the cash drawers. For this, the reason you’ll always be alerted every time someone opens the draw. But, of course, you do not want the alarm to keep going every now and then when you open the drawer. Well, fret not, as you also have the convenience of switching off the alarm when you do not need them. All you need to do is to deactivate the alarm alert option. Additionally, the model also comes with a high-impact plastic tray and a flat key locking cover. Interestingly, you can remove both of these.

Tips on how to buy Cash Drawers

Still, to many, a cash drawer is just a drawer that stores cash. But, when it comes to choosing the cash drawer as a business owner, they become a bit more complex. Will it fit your space? Is it big enough to accommodate the daily transactions? Which types should you choose? The list of considerations just doesn’t end. We’ve compiled here a few tips to consider that’ll make your selection process a bit smoother and transparent.

  • Look out for connectivity – One of the most common types of connectivity for the drawers is the printer driven interface. This means you can control the drawers through the printer’s DK port. Another way to open the drawer is to open it using a lock and key manually. Most of the models come with both DK ports and lock & key. You can also find wireless options controlled by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Keep an eye on their size and style – How big a cash drawer do you need? This is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re buying cash drawers. On the market, you’ll find two different sizes of drawers a smaller (13” X13”) and a larger option (16” X16”). Make sure to choose a size that best fits your storage needs. You may also consider the style, colour and design of your drawer.
  • Consider your daily cash flow – You now know that the cash drawers come in different sizes. Some tills have room for US standard bills and coins, while others help you store multiple types of currencies. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what kind of cash you’ll be dealing with before you buy your drawer. Also, see if you accept coupons, cheques or any other forms of bills.
  • Assess their durability – What materials do the drawers use for construction. Is it made of steel or any other material? Understanding this will help you assess their durability. Drawers that use steel as their primary construction material are highly durable. Also, make sure to consider how many cash draw opens include in the warranty.
  • Check out the security features – There’s nothing as important as the security feature when it comes to handling and storing money. It’s always better to go for models that come with a few extra security features like a locking till cover, an additional lock, a universal key, and manual release options. Having all these ensures you have a sturdy and strong model to store your cash securely.
  • Pick an affordable option – You’ll find expensive options as well as cheap plastic cash drawers. But the one you choose depends on your needs. This is why it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. If you’re willing to shed a few extra pounds, you can always go for advanced versions. However, if you aren’t willing to do so, then go for a cheap cash drawer for sale online in the UAE. This way, you can secure a good product while spending half the original amount.

As you can see, the cash drawers can add a lot of value to your stores and definitely simply your business; you also have a lot to think about before you pick one. That said, you should still be excited about the promise of the drawers. Because once you set up your model, you can expect great convenience, capabilities, and profit. But, make sure to pick the right model. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction.

Question & Answer

How do cash drawers work?

A POS cash drawer comes with a spring-loaded catch that secures it. When someone makes a transaction, the register sends an electrical signal to a solenoid to release the catch. This opens the drawer. There are also some models that require you to utilise the ‘NS’ button on the register to open the drawer. NS usually stands for ‘no sale’. You can use them to print a receipt when there has been no transaction. Several other advanced models have cylindrical locks over a manual release. You require a key to open this.

How many types of cash drawers are there?

The drawers come in three main types and can function in several different interfaces. This includes medium-duty, heavy-duty, and manual drawers. All of them come with various features and functions. For instance, medium-duty drawers are ideal for small businesses looking out for an affordable option. Alternatively, you can utilise the heavy-duty models if you have high-volume businesses with heavy foot traffic. Also, if you do not have a receipt printer or computer to open the drawer, then go for the manual models.

How to open cash drawer with receipt printer?

Interestingly, you can configure your cash drawer to open when you print a receipt for each transaction automatically. Doing this is pretty simple. First, connect the RJ12 connector cable from the cash drawer to the receipt printer. Next, go to the settings menu in your Windows 10 and select devices. Next select Printers & Scanners on the left-hand menu. Then choose the printer you’d like to configure and click on the manage button. Further, click on the Printer Properties. Once you do that, a window will open where you can select the device settings tab. Under the installable options, find the peripheral unit type and change it to ‘cash drawer’. Finally, change the ‘peripheral unit 1 and 2’ to ‘document bottom’. This enables you to keep the draw open after your receipt starts printing.

How to balance a cash drawer?

Balancing your cash drawers is a significant part of your business’s daily routine. However, remember your steps of balancing the drawer might differ from other businesses. For instance, bigger firms may have multiple drawers to count, unlike smaller ones. Regardless of how small or large your business is, here are a few steps to get you on the right foot when it comes to balancing your cash drawers. Firstly get the POS report ready. Secondly, count the cash. Next, iron out the discrepancies. Finally, record the cash drawer transactions.

Which is the best cash drawer?

Best cash drawers are those that keep your cash safe and increase your productivity and efficiency. Besides, they’re also devices that give you the best performance when it comes to storing your bills and cheques. If you wish to buy the best cash drawers out there, then go for the branded products. A few names that you can consider buying from include EasyPOS, POSTECH, Epos, Premax, and Anker. All these brands bring you an extensive collection of high-quality drawers.

Where to buy cash drawer online in the UAE?

Several online platforms offer you different kinds of cash drawers. However, if you wish to explore and shop for the best models at affordable rates, then look no further than This product search engine brings you a range of different hand-picked cash drawers from the best brands. You’ll find here drawers like the USB cash drawers, Bluetooth cash drawers, and many more. What’s more, you can purchase most of them from your favourite online stores too. Above all, you get to compare the prices and features of various models and then make your final choice. And yes, do check out the other safe options and office supplies from over 500 brands and online stores right here on

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