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About Floor Safes

Burglars and thieves are adept at finding hidden places, and while you may think your valuables are hidden safely in the drawer of your closet, they are anything but safe. But finding a floor safe is a difficult task.

The best way to secure your precious belonging is to install floor safes at your home and workplace. It is also known as a floor vault and is embedded into the ground. It usually fits into the concrete foundation of any building. These safes are ideal for concealing valuables and offer good protection against burglary, fires, tornados and more. Over the years, these products have proved their importance. They have been really helpful because of their flawless disguise. Therefore if you are using a floor safe you should remain 100 per cent stress-free from the security of your precious material.

Benefits of floor-mounted safe

Besides securing your previous, these hidden floor safes offer a wide range of benefits. And this range of benefits is the reason why they are widely appreciated and used across the globe. In theory, a floor safe is much similar to a wall safe. But this type comes with some additional perks, and that can make them even more lucrative. Here, the core idea is to install a safe inside the floor where it remains hidden from the view but is also easily accessible. Unlike a wall safe, there are a lot of options for a floor safe with perks that you may have no idea about. Well, here is how it is a worthy investment for any household and an important item in the list of office supplies.

Ease of concealing

For all safes, the floor safes are easy to conceal. As a ground fact, the less conspicuous a safe is, the less like any bugler will find it. Floor safes are built to sit inside the floor. So when they set on the floor, they flush or almost flush with the ground. Once you have installed the safe, look for the help of interior decorators as they will create a fabric decoration to conceal the floor safely. You can install the safe on the closet floor or in your basement based on the ease and style of the home you are living in. At times an attached garage can also be a great place for such safe installation.

Security with ease of access

These unique hidden floor safes are incredibly secure for keeping your precious jewellery handy. However, if you are looking for added ease to access, install these safes at a convenient place. All the advanced high-quality floor safes are bolted from inside that helps to seize burglar access to the bolts with the door locked. Besides protecting your stuff from thieves, these safes also protect your belongings from natural disasters. Let’s mention flood, fire, tornados etc. even when the walls are fallen, and the entire building is down to the ground.

Spacing savings with ease of deposit

Working out on where to position your safe can be a serious issue and at such times, keeping it under the floor can be the best space-saving solution. It takes no surface area under the floor yet is easier to access. Even if you already have a property, all you need to do is to cut concrete to dig a hole in the ground to adjust the safe in it. You can also add a wire reinforcement to give the concrete some additional strength. You can also find models that come with deposit chutes so that you can put things in the safe without opening them.

Tips on how to buy Floor Safe online in the UAE

Are you looking for the best yet cheap floor safe for sale online in the UAE? If so, a product search engine can be the best place for you to find it online. However, there are hundreds of brands offering a wide range of the best floor safes for your home. With such a wide variety, choosing a reliable option can be a hectic task for many. Therefore, the buyers must be clear about the essential aspects they need to consider while dealing with a purchase. Here we will share some points that you surely need to consider while buying a new cheapest key safe online.

  • The locking mechanism – For a modern safe, you can either find a combination code system or can look for a fingerprint operating mechanism. Other options may include a number combination lock and double-bit security lock. Study the different types and pick what is convenient for you.
  • The correct size – Think about how many items you would need to keep in safe. Also, consider the size of things you will keep in it. It is evident that you will add up stuff in it with time. Therefore, it is always a better idea to keep some extra space for future needs.
  • Resistance grades – When it comes to a floor safe, resistance grade means how resistant a strongbox is against burglaries. Official authorities generally offer these certifications. You can read the product description to know what security certification the safe box comes with.
  • The safe location – The main idea for a floor safe is to keep it hidden and far from obvious areas. But you will also need to check the floor type you have before picking a safe for installation. Settle for a stainless steel safe if you live in areas with extreme moisture.

In the end, we will suggest you look into the customer review section for the products you buy. This is where you can find real-time information about the performance of the products and their usage. Here customers also share reviews and problems they might have faced about the particular item that you are about to purchase. With the information, you can make a secure buying decision and be sure of investing in the right product.

Question & Answer

How to install a floor safe in concrete?

Start by deciding the location and break the floor, creating a hole of the size of the safe you want to install. Now partially mix the floor with concrete filters and let it set. With the dust cover on, position the floor safe into the centre of the floor and carefully twist and apply pressure on the safe until it levels with the ground. At this stage, you can use a level to ensure accuracy. Make sure the top of the safe is levelled with the finished floor. Now use a trowel to smooth the concrete and clear all the dust from the floor. Allow the concrete to dry and cover it with a carpet to complete the installation.

Where to put a floor safe?

As clear by the name, a floor safe is installed on the floor with no obvious outlook and access. To install these safes, you need to decide on a dedicated floor space in your home and dig a hole of the size of safe you want to install in. After installing the floor, use the additional board to cover and the top for accuracy with the floor. As a floor safe is not visible, you can install them in any ground area of your home or office.

What is the best floor safe to buy?

Some of the best-selling options that you can find online are Hollon B2500, Protex IF-3000C, Hayman FS4000B, and the Barska Steel In-Ground. At the same time, others on the list are Amsec C7 Star, Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG, Hollon B1500 In-Ground, Barska AX12656 and The Barska AX12656. Besides, brands like Gardall, Hayman, Protex, Stealth Safes, and Perma-Vault also offer quality products for all your personal and commercial needs.

Where can I buy a floor safe online in the UAE?

There are different brands like Yale, Bunnings, Chubb, Honeywell, Mosler, Barska, Hollon Safe, and AMSEC Safes that offer their products online. To find all the products from such brands and more, explore any product search engine online. This is where you can find the entire range of old and latest products from top trusted brands online. Besides with, you can use the price comparison tool to find reliable options within your budget range.

You can also explore to buy a wide range of office supplies from top shops that the world trust to buy from.