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La Doublej Mosaico dessert plates (set of 2) - ORANGE
La Doublej Mosaico dessert plates (set of 2) - ORANGE
Orange, pink and white porcelain Mosaico dessert plates (set of 2) from La Doublej featuring an all-over print, a round body and hand painted details .
MALIN+GOETZ Mojito scented candle (260g) - White
MALIN+GOETZ Mojito scented candle (260g) - White
Too early for a drink? Why not spark up this white Mojito single-wick candle from MALIN+GOETZ. Because it's five o'clock somewhere. Featuring a printed logo to the front, top notes of lime, mint and basil, middle notes of spearmint, base notes of white musk and a single wick design. This item comes with a protective case.
Rosenthal TAC Gropius Rhythm teapot - White
Rosenthal TAC Gropius Rhythm teapot - White
White porcelain TAC Gropius Rhythm teapot from Rosenthal featuring a round body, a top handle and printed details.
Chanel Pre-Owned Sports Line CC cushion - Grey
Chanel Pre-Owned Sports Line CC cushion - Grey
Channel all Chanel's elegance to your home with this ivory white and graphite grey cashmere and wool-silk blend Sports Line CC cushion. Sophistication doesn't only belong to your look. Featuring a cashmere knit and a signature interlocking CC logo. Please be mindful that this piece has led a previous life, and may tell its story through minor imperfection. Purchasing this item continues its narrative, so you can be confident that you’re making a POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS choice for the planet.

About Home & Living

Moving into a new home or relocating can be one of life's greatest joys. However, it can also be a time of uncertainty, especially when it comes to decorating. How do you make your space look the best while reflecting your style? Well get the right home & living products, and you'll end up with a happy, comfy home. But to reach the finish line, you need to know how and where you're going. Fortunately for you, this guide highlights all that you need to know about decorating your space effortlessly. So read on. 

We're quite sure that most of you have no prior experience in decorating a home, and it's quite likely that you oversee many aspects of home decoration. Therefore, let's first get to know the critical aspects of home decoration. There are mainly four key aspects to consider when it comes to decorating your homes. The first thing is to always pick a theme for your space. Once, you have a theme in mind, pick the colours you want to play around with. Further, space utilisation is a vital aspect to consider. If you don't resort to appropriate space utilisation, it will result in inconvenience. Lastly, unless you personalise your home décor the whole idea of doing it yourself goes in vain. Let's now understand how to enhance the various rooms in your house.

The room by room home décor basics to consider for urban living 

Some people have a keen eye on design. However, we know that most of you are in the camp of those who can't do anything without consulting the Pinterest board. Well, we feel you! But even those of who love and breathe interior designing might need a bit of expert advice on speed dial before making any major decisions. But, until you win the lottery, you might have to settle down for your guts. We've compiled a few secret tips to decorate and enhance each room in an effortless manner. Check them out below.

The basic home decor ideas for living room 

From a formal 'parlour' used to greet guests to space where the whole family gathers for study and entertainment living rooms can fill in many functions. That' why in modern homes, the living room is often the 'great room' that's contiguous with the kitchen and dining area. That's why you need to be careful while implementing any living room décor ideas. Even before buying the products, you must first choose a focal point for the living room. This includes the conversation area. Your selection and arrangement of home & living products for living room must keep this element in mind. Only then you can pick the right rugs, art, accessories and couches.

The best wall hanging décor and more for your bedrooms 

You spend most of your life in the bedroom. Therefore, you should carefully consider strategies for making it the best space for resting. You could start with choosing the bed, blankets and bedding. Next, you can move on to picking out the right storage cabinets and side cabinets. While you might able to save some bucks in other areas, buying a good-quality mattress and pillows is always essential. Furthermore, your choice of colour is of utmost significance when it comes to choosing items for a bedroom. Apart from that, the wall decorations and bedroom lighting are important for setting the right mood.

The nine essentials for the perfect home office

Working at home is great, as it allows you to be your own boss. However, that's only possible if you work efficiently. And for that, you need to set up a functional home office. So what all do you include in a perfect home office set up? Ideally, the first thing you need to invest in is a desk. You can purchase a sit-stand adjustable desk for maximum comfort. Once, you have that in place, go for an ergonomic chair to retain good posture while working long hours. Next get a good laptop, monitor, keyboard & mouse. And of course, you'd require an uninterrupted high-speed internet too. Well, all these are essentials. You could also add in some bells and whistles like desktop flowers and showpieces.

The perfect home products for your kitchen 

Kitchen is always the most expensive rooms to model in your home. So, you must carefully plan your project. While considering to design or remodel your kitchens, make sure to include the essential home & living products for kitchens. Some of the essential items include kitchen utensilskitchen knivescutlerybakewarepanstableware, and many more. Remember, if you cannot wholly design or remodel your kitchens go for a budget makeovers. You can find several kitchen makeovers for nominal rates these days. Above all, make sure that you give your kitchen deep cleaning, fresh paint, light, cabinets, and new accessories.

The various bathroom accessories and other products of home decor online 

Thorough research on general bathroom designs is imperative if you wish to turn your master bath into an elegant spa. Make sure you also pick the right bathroom accessories like the cabinets, tiles, sinks, mirrors, waste binsracks, and other accessories. Also, remember, if you have a smaller bathroom, then you might want to pick the home and living products for bathrooms that make them look larger. If you're going to remodel your new bathroom, then it's best to look for expert tips from interiors designers. You could even get the plan from them if you're willing to spend a few bucks. Other critical decisions include choosing the colour, picking the right vanity, and sink for your bathroom.

Tips on how to buy the best Home & Living products online

Everyone dreams of a perfect and beautiful house, and home décor plays a vital role in enhancing your home ambience. Unique home decorating items are pleasing to your eyes. Besides, it's one of the first things that people notice when they enter your home. While some people hire professionals to plan their home décor, others prefer doing it themselves. Either way, before you embark on a home improvement project, you must take care of a few things. These tips and tricks below will help you buy home essentials online in Dubai in a hassle-free manner.

  • Plan in advance– To make sure that the home & living products you buy meet your preferences and requirements, you should plan in advance. Right planning helps you accomplish your goal effortlessly. Consider various factors before finalising products. For example, do you wish to follow a classic, vintage or a modern theme? Colour also plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of your room.
  • Ascertain the layout and space– You might come across a lot of home décor products that you'll love to take away with you. However, do not take any hasty decisions and stick to the products that best fit the available space. Remember, the design of the space determines the functionality. In short, you must give priority to maximise comfort by eliminating unwanted things that utilise more space.
  • Consider your budget– This is one of the first and foremost steps to consider. One of the best ways to avoid overspending on home & living products is to set aside a budget in advance. Do not go for impulsive shopping when it comes to home and living Unless you want to fill your house with unwanted things.
  • Compare prices– If you like the product, do not rush and click buy. Look for similar products from various other brands and online stores. You might also come across some exciting offers and deals if research thoroughly before you make the final call. You can check out the collection of home products on and compare prices from various brands and shops.
  • Read descriptions and features– Most of you skip reading the descriptions when buying products online. Photos and videos of furniture and other home products can be attractive, but the descriptions give you a fair idea about the quality and performance of the products. You also get to know the size, colour, materials used and many more such things.
  • Find a store that matches your aesthetics– You have a plethora of choices when it comes to home décor. However, you must find a store that matches your budget and aesthetics. For instance, you might love a sofa on one web portal, but it can be way pricier than your budget. Hence, you must choose to buy from a platform that offers you beautiful products at reasonable pricing.

Home and living products are a pivotal part of creating a cosy environment for both yourself and your guests. Therefore, you should always be careful while picking them. We hope our tips above will help you purchase the right décor items for furnishing your home. But, then again, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference and the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

Question & Answer

What are the must-have home and living essentials for a minimalist living room?

We cannot deny the fact that living rooms are the centre of attraction in any home. And that's probably why we tend to shed extra bucks in making every nook and corner of the room perfect. But, here is a fun fact – you can decorate your living rooms in a minimalistic way too. Generally, a minimalistic living room only contains a few essential furniture pieces. So, when it comes to including the home décor products for your minimalistic living rooms, you could include a couch, a coffee table, an entertainment stand, a television, and a couple of clocks, lamps and decoration stickers

Are sheer curtains an essential for living room décor?

Any kind of window deco adds a flavour to your pale living rooms. And one such item is the sheer curtains. Sheer curtains, also known as sheers, are lightweight fabrics that cover your window. These curtains perfectly diffuse with window sunlight and keep your rooms well lit throughout the day. Moreover, having adequate opaqueness, they add required daytime privacy to your room. Besides, they're one of the best transition home décor products between indoors and outdoors.

How can you select the best living room accessories?

Selecting the perfect living room accessories requires careful considerations. You should start with a definitive plan and not pillows. One of the first things you can do is to invest in a perfect couch. Secondly, keep in mind the indoor lighting and the dressings like rugs. You could also define your room with rugs that match your furniture. In short, experiment with various products and see what satisfies your liking and enhances the living room ambience.

What are the best home & living products?

The best home and living products are something that ups your décor game. Not only does it enhances your home, but it also comes with smart functionalities. For example, fireplace & accessories, wine accessories add zest to your family gatherings. Similarly, a perfect couch, the right waste bin, the ideal bath & kitchen textiles all play an essential role. However, to make sure you have the best of the bests, you should pick them from popular brands. Some of the world-renowned names include Elite d' Art, Raj, Adore, Togas, Dinewell, Boles d' olor, Maison Mishmashi, Esteban, Ikea, Home Centre, and many more. 

Where to buy home & living essentials online in Dubai?

Online stores like Homes r Us, Pan Emirates, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Ebarza, United Furniture and many more offer you several types of cheap home and living products. However, browsing through the collection of endless products on each one of these platforms and finding the perfect one for your space is a hassle. Well, if you want to buy the home and living products online in UAE effortlessly then turn to Our product search engine allows you to compare prices and pick your favourite home & living products from over 500+ online stores on a single platform. Some recognised names include NewchicLifestyleOunassMenakartMamas & PapasTryanoBrands for LessSun & Sand Sports, and more.

Decorating your home can be stressful, exhausting, but still exciting. We hope this guide has offered you an insight into the world of home décor and how you can smartly utilise them to enhance your space. We believe you're now a home décor pro! So start your home and living online shopping here, and pick your favourite home products right here from