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It feels so comfortable to have a beautiful cosy blanket with you while you are falling asleep, doesn’t it? In fact, for so many of us, we crave for our favourite blanket, without which it’s difficult to fall asleep. The same goes for our bed, pillows and other bedding accessories.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, some people can find it challenging to get there. Especially when you don’t have all your comfortable bedding accessories, it could be even more challenging. However, it is vital also to derive a schedule that you can stick to every day, so it gets easier. Insomnia is getting more familiar with increased stress-levels, issues and everyday problems. Relaxing during bedtime is essential, without which you don’t get the best quality of sleep. However, there is a lot of things you can go on the other side, to make this easier. Checking for some comfortable blankets, soft pillows, and some soothing bedtime music could be good things to start with.

Different types of the best blankets that you can find today

Blankets are so underrated. You cannot fall asleep without one, yet we don’t pay attention to what we use every day. And it’s only when we are left without one or a different one to use, and you realise that your body is used to certain feelings to fall asleep and the lack of them makes it difficult to sleep. Of course, some people are such heavy sleepers that they can easily do with just about any sleeping gear. But for most adults, the sense of comfort comes from using things that are a part of their routine. Here are some of the different types of blankets that people use these days.

Blankets for winter

Winters are when you need the thickest and most comfortable blankets. Even if you live in a hot country, chances are your bedroom has to air-condition. So, you require a blanket during the night, and especially during the winters. Winter blankets come in different types, but the best are woollen ones. These can trap in the heat and make you feel warmer. They also prevent the cold from the outside to get in and make you feel comfortable and warm for longer. The better-quality ones are more expensive; however, they are genuinely a one-time investment for so many years to come. So, it’s worth every extra penny you put in for a good blanket.

Throw blankets

The best way to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie during the winters is to use a lovely throw blanket. These are thinner and lighter than the regular bed blankets but work wonderfully well for couches. They are also used to add a décor structure to the room, so you can keep it laying on the sofa or bed even when it’s not in use. You can easily find throw blankets in most stores today, and they look lovely. Check out some variations too that you can use on your bed, the couch and more. You can also find throws for kids, and it’s a great way to keep them warm while watching television or doing their homework.

Picnic blankets

Winter picnics are growing so popular that you want to keep planning them all along the winter months. While you pack some hot chocolate, coffee and yummy hot snacks, also look for picnic blankets. These are excellent for laying on or wrapping around yourself when the temperatures start to fall. Again, they are much lighter than your regular blankets, and you can find a vast number of choices in most online stores today. Look for the best ones and also pick darker shades that won’t show stains easily. There are some fantastic options for picnic blankets for adults, kids and more.

King size blanket

This one works beautifully for your king-sized bed, and it is perfect for keeping you and your partner warm and cosy during the winter months. They are expensive, thick and will last you for a good couple of years. You can fold and store it away when the weather starts to change. It is not ideal for keeping using them during the summer months. This is when you should shift to something lighter. However, the kind sized one also works for a queen bed, if you love some extra blanket in between the two of you. Check for kids blankets that are designed for smaller beds if you need to buy something for the little ones.

Tips on how to buy Blankets Online 

Looking for the best blanket for your bed could be a tricky thing – you have to consider several factors. You don’t want to check for returns shortly after and struggle with that if it doesn’t work well for you, do you? So, check for good brands and some of the most versatile blankets for the chilly season. You also need to focus on other factors such as storage and caring for it. Here are some tips and tricks to check out if you are going to buy a winter blanket shortly:

  • Buy the right size – People often end up buying the wrong size of blankets, and then they have a hard time using it. A blanket too big will keep falling off the bed, and a size too small won’t cover your body. So, choose just the right one, and it will work correctly!
  • Look for winter blankets specifically – It is essential to distinguish between summer and winter blankets and choose accordingly. There are also thinner and thicker ones, so you might want to consider what will work the best for you.
  • Work with the different styles – There are many kinds of blankets, so consider them all and then decide. The throws, wrapping blankets and summer and winter ones are only some of the types. You can also go with pre-loved or generic brands.
  • Check on storage and maintenance – Winter blankets that are made of wool can be difficult to clean. They also take up more space as they are thicker. So, you need a good cover or case to keep it safe until the next winter. Consider all this while buying a new one.
  • Check out its reviews – Checking online product reviews is a great way to get some ideas about how it fares without even using it. You can also ask friends of their views of different winters blankets and then look for them online. Make sure you make an informed decision.
  • Buy online – Buying online has so many pros, and you can quickly also return or exchange it while at your doorstep. There are also many online exclusive offers that you can stumble upon if you are lucky; all these factors make online shopping very appealing.

You should also try to research winter blankets if you can. There are several different types and newer variations keep coming up every season. If you want to make it luxurious, then there are also some designer options to take a pick from. Some of these brands have hand-embroidered and satin blankets that will make you feel like true royalty. Don’t rush with the decision but take as much time as you want and then decide on the best blanket to fulfil your needs. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Home and Living category.

Question & Answer

Which are the best winter blankets?

If you are buying a pure wool blanket, or something for a luxury brand or just another generic blanket, the most crucial factor is how good a job does it do to keep you warm. Brands now realise that people are willing to pay the best amounts for good-quality products, so they leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the best options. Some of the most fantastic winter blankets are – Merous Winter Fleece Blanket, Home Soft Things Knitted Tweed Throw, Pendleton Throw Blanket and Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt by The Comfy.

Which are the best throws?

If blankets are not something you like to use, then throws are a better choice. They are not as heavy or expensive and still keep you feeling warm and comfortable. You can also use them on the couch while lazing around or working. Here are some of the best throws today – Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw Blanket, Pendleton Washable Wool Blanket, Schoolhouse Tangerine Fringed Throw, Faribault Trapper Wool Throw, Williams Sonoma Home Solid Cashmere Throw, Smokey Amethyst, Ben Soleimani Ribbed Cashmere Throw, Pine Cone Hill Chunky Knit Throw and Tactile Home Horizon Throw.

Are summer blankets a good idea? How do you maintain them?

Some of the very best blankets for the summer season are now very readily available on online stores and in retail shops as well. These blankets are pretty convenient to use while watching televise, reading or working in the summers. Most importantly, they are lightweight, and you don’t feel warm. However, for that little lip of air in the middle of the night, they work brilliantly well. You can check out some fantastic variations online and then decide what works well for you. There is also an excellent choice for kids, summer blankets today. To wash them, most of them do well with machine washes—however, its best to read the label to see. You need to dry them in a warm place, wrap them well and store away.

Where can you buy blankets in the UAE?

It is effortless to find super cheap super soft blankets in the UAE, thanks to so many beautiful stores that have many kinds of products under them. You can look for summer and winter variations and buy the best ones that you find suitable. If shopping online is more convenient for you, then don’t forget to check out This super product search engine is one of the best and works well for all types of products. With more than 500+ products, you are sure to find the best one you want. You can buy blankets online in the UAE from brands such as Ikea, Vellux, Hermes, Bedsure, Cortina, Story@Home and Raymond Home, among others.

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