About Umbrella Stands

Patio umbrellas or not, umbrellas, in general, offer an excellent respite from both rain and shine. However, unless the umbrellas have a sturdy stand or an ideal umbrella holder, it may be almost impossible to achieve that perfect refuge you need. Fortunately, with umbrella stands now sold separately on the market, you don’t just get the sturdiest but also ones that perfectly fit your styles. However, you must be well aware of the product features to achieve the best buy. Luckily for you, this guide is all that you need to purchase the best umbrella stands online. So scroll on! 

The primary purpose of an umbrella stand is to keep the umbrella stable even when it’s windy. This is particularly true when in the case of patio umbrellas. Considering that most stands that come with the umbrella do not last for long, at some point, you will need to go back to the market to get a replacement. The stands come in different colours, shapes, and patterns. Depending on your style, you can always get that perfect umbrella stand that matches your style even better than the original umbrella stand. Moreover, you can use most of them for both commercial and residential purposes. But how do you choose the best? We have done the homework for you; through thorough research and have finally managed to sort out a few trending ones among the vast collection. Let’s have a look at them in our next section.

The top patio umbrella stands and their reviews 

With the market flooding with the numerous options of umbrella stands and holders, you must understand them. That’ll help you pick the right one depending on your particular needs. Some of the common types of stands for patio umbrellas include cantilever stands, resin umbrella stands, cast iron, planter, rolling umbrella stands. Each of them has different characteristics and features. This also means that they’re suitable for different types of umbrellas. For instance, you usually use cantilever stands in the seating area. Moreover, they hold up to 100 pounds of umbrella weights. Similarly, different stands have different characteristics. Let’s explore the best ones below.

The Blissun heavy duty umbrella base stand

If you’re looking out for a more stylish and heavy-duty stand that can hold the patio umbrella in your yard, then consider investing in this model. The product comes with a durable, solid concrete material that weighs about 35.6 pounds. This heavyweight of the stand makes sure to sustain the weight of a regular patio umbrella. Besides being made from solid concrete, you need not fill them with sand or water to make them sturdy. Even though it’s an advantage to have heavy-duty umbrella stands, but it proves to be an inconvenience when you have to move them. Their heavy structure makes it difficult for you to move them around. Nevertheless, it’s quite reliable and looks much better.

The Abba patio steel umbrella stand holder

Are you on a hunt for a stand that’s simple and one that’ not quite bothersome? If yes, then this patio steel umbrella is your great pick. Just like the above model, these solid steel holders do not need to be filled with water or sand. Their solid structure makes them sturdy, and it weighs around 55 lbs. This weight is more than enough to hold any kinds of patio umbrellas. This particular model works with 6 foot and 9-foot umbrellas. Moreover, you could also use them through patio tables, and they will not get knocked off by the wind. You can even use them for home or for commercial use. The base plate of the standing measure 27 inches in diameter, and the height of the support is 13.8 inches.

The EasyGo umbrella stands for wet umbrellas

This product is a great pick, particularly if you’re a penny-pincher and would want to save a few bucks. The model looks quite extravagant, although it comes in plastic materials. The umbrella stand comes with a bronze finish that you need to fill in with water. You can usually fill in about 5.8 gallons, and when you fill it, the stand weighs about 74 pounds. We can see that this is way more than the stands mentioned above. This means that they’re more than enough to hold even the largest patio umbrellas. When it comes to reliability, the stands are heavy enough to hold an umbrella even in windy conditions. You could also adjust the diameter by fixing the knobs.

The Sunnyglade outdoor umbrella base

If you’re someone who hates the idea of filling up your stands, then you can never go wrong with this model. The stands come in cast concrete materials that make them more convenient to use. Besides, the umbrella stand has a stylish bronze finish that doesn’t get chipped or rusted over time. Hence, you can use them in all climatic conditions. Apart from that, the stand weighs around 30 pounds. Indeed, this doesn’t sound much when compared to the others, but it can easily hold a medium-sized umbrella. In general, buyers get the base stand and two couples in the pole inside the package. Moreover, it has a securing mechanism that keeps the umbrella rod properly in place.  

Tips on how to buy Umbrella Stands online

Now that you know the various types and the trending model of umbrella stands, the next step is to purchase them. But which one should you buy? And how do you know which ones are the best? Well, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is to keep in mind a few essential factors while assessing your options. This not only makes your buying process simpler but also help you get the one that suits your requirements. To make things even more lucid, we’ve listed those factors below. So read on.

  • Know where you place them – Where do you want to place the umbrella stand? That is, the location of the stand plays a vital role in selecting which types of stands you’d wish to purchase. A freestanding stand, for example, is more massive than the ones resting inside. Besides, you should also consider the effect of weather conditions.
  • Consider the types – As stated earlier in this article, you can find various kinds of umbrella stands and holders out there on the market. They’re available to you in different materials, styles, and designs. This makes it even more important to understand the features and characteristics of each type to make sure you have adequate information about the model you intend to buy.
  • Check out the material – Once you know their types, next it’s time to assess their materials. The majority of the umbrella holders come in materials like cast iron, steel, or polyethene materials. The cast iron and steel materials usually are sturdy while those made with polyethene material are maintenance-free.
  • Size matters – Just as umbrellas differ in size, so do the umbrella stands. Umbrella stands have specific umbrella sizes. As a general rule, the size highly depends on the weight of your umbrella. You can also find models that come in universal sizes that fit in almost all kinds of umbrellas. Therefore, make sure you check the recommended umbrella size before buying an umbrella stand.
  • Assess the durability – Of course, one of the significant factors that you shouldn’t ever miss out on is the durability of the product. By assessing the durability of the stand, you’ll know how long the product will last or how soon you’ll need to consider buying a replacement. When looking at longevity, it is vital to consider the material that is used to make the umbrella base. Quality material also assures you of superior performance.

Umbrellas are an excellent choice to shield you from both rain and shine. Equally important are the stands to store them or place them upright, like for the patio umbrellas. A good quality base is the best way to keep your umbrellas safe and secure regardless of the weather. We hope the factors mentioned above will help you to explore umbrella stands to buy online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What is an umbrella holder called?

You generally refer to an umbrella holder as an umbrella stand and find them in the hall or at the entrance of a home. At home, you use the umbrella stands to store the umbrellas when not in use. However, many a time you can also use them as a base to hold the patio umbrellas, that’s placed in the garden or any outdoor area. The stands come in different colours, shapes, and patterns. Depending on your style, you can always get that perfect umbrella stand that matches your style even better than the original umbrella stand.

How heavy should an umbrella stand be?

An ideal umbrella holder’s weight depends on the size of the umbrella. For instance, if you have a large umbrella, or if you intend to use the umbrella in high-traffic commercial applications, we say the more onerous the stand, the better it is. In short, the general rule is, the larger the umbrella; the heavier your stands need to be. One of the easiest ways to determine the weight of your stand is to multiply the width of your umbrella canopy by 10.

Are the umbrella stands universal?

As mentioned earlier in the guide, you can find several types of umbrella stands on the market. They’re available in different sizes, materials, shapes, and designs. This indeed means that there’s one for every umbrella type. This is why quite often you might have to check out the compatibility of the stand with the umbrella. However, there are a few options of universal size umbrella holders that fit in any kind of umbrella.

What are the best umbrella stands?

The best umbrella stands are those that hold your umbrellas stylishly and sturdily. Besides, it should also match your aesthetics whether you place them indoors or outdoors. Apart from that, it’s imperative to check the quality of the stand. You do not want your umbrellas to be flying away or rusting in a corner. Having a quality stand will help you store the umbrellas in the right way. So how do you buy a quality umbrella holder? Well, it’s simple, get them from known brands. You can check out the extensive stand collection on world-renowned brands like SONGMICS, DC America, Tropishade, Winsome, Brelso, and Outsunny.

Where to buy umbrella stands online?

Several platforms offer you a vast collection of umbrella holders online. However, it becomes a bit challenging when you’ve to pick the best one among the wide variety of options on all kinds of online stores. Well, that’s where eases out your shopping experience. You can explore the cheap pool umbrella stands to buy or shop for umbrella stands for sale from only top-quality brands and online stores on our superfast product search engine. What’s more, you could also compare the prices of different umbrella table stands and easily add them to your wish list cart.

While the best umbrellas create a relaxed and comfortable lounging environment outdoors, there are chances for them to tip over easily when exposed to high winds. Even though this might not be the case for indoor umbrella holders, but you still need the best of the best products. If you’re on a hunt for that perfect stand that matches your umbrella, then look no further than And yes, do not miss to navigate through some other cool home & living product options here!