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Do you know that even the smallest addition like doormats can change the entire outlook and fee of the interior and everything that you placed in your location? This is why they are an important part of any home and living setting on this date.

Have you ever been to any home and notice a welcoming experience right from the main entrance? And if so, did you tried to place a little attention on the combination of colours, and texture of the mat? What about its surroundings? If yes, you will surely have the idea of the soothing and cosy feeling you get. The next thing you might have noticed is the clean floors inside the home. This is because the doormat not only welcomed you but also took all the dirt off your feet. Otherwise, that could have embarrassed you in front of the host. There are many other benefits of doormats that vary with the type and material they are made of. Let’s explore what they possibly are.

Pros and cons of basic types of beautiful doormats

Although many think it’s an outdated trend, the importance of doormats has increased with time. No matter what the season or climatic conditions are, doormats play a vital role in the cleanliness and aesthetic values of a home. They also help in leaving a nice first impression on the guests. These mats are responsible for tackling the dirt and debris that is bought to your home from shoes. All you need to do is to stop on the mat for a moment, rug and tap your feet a few times, and that’s all. You are all set to enter the home without taking any harmful elements with you. Let’s study some of these might be doormats!

The coir doormats

Here you can also find the flexibility of making personalized doormats with a special message or image. Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of the coconut. They can be available in both PVC backed or unbacked forms. The unbacked mats will allow water to drain through. Coir mats are available with different sets of qualities. A branded coir will always be an ideal option. The best version of these mats will be thicker and heavier and is excellent in scraping dirt off shoes. However, as these mats consist of fibres, they might shed with the passage of time.

Rubber doormats

These are the most functional mats. Commonly they are used at the commercial level and in offices or factories etc. However, they are still suitable for a domestic situation where appearance is not important. You can use them in garage entry or in the patio. These mats are really good for removing dirt from shoes and draining the dirt particles down using the holes in them. At times they are also used as comfort mats if one needs to stand at one place for a longer time period (common in commercial settings). The only drawback is the lesser and non-aesthetic value of these mats. Generally, they are available only in black and deteriorates in extreme cold.

Synthetic pile doormats

These mats have piles made of polypropylene and have a rubber dam around the edges. These edges work as a barrier to stop dirt and debris from coming out of the mat. Besides, it also helps in keeping the moisture on the piles. Just like many other doormats these mats also come with a non-slip backing. These mats are appreciated for their higher performance and dirt locking abilities. Plus, they can accumulate moisture from the shoes and are thus highly recommended in rainy climates. However, they are not as good looking as coir doormats. Besides, the polypropylene will also flatten over time, so the life of these mats is something not as good as other types of mats.

Carpet doormats

These mats are commonly found in warehouses and other industrial locations. These mats are basically designed to prevent dust, grime, and dirt tracking from outside to indoors or from the warehouse to office areas. These mats come with a rubber trim that helps the mat to stay at a place. Besides, it eats up both water and dirt. Today we can find a wide selection of colours and sizes to suit any business needs. Additionally, they are easy to clean and thus allow you to hose down, sweep or vacuum the mat to get it nice and clean again.

Tips on how to buy Doormats online in the UAE

Choosing the best doormat for indoors or outdoors of your homes is by no mean an easy decision. After endless work into the best of your home décor, do not let these welcoming rugs in your house look like an afterthought. A doormat is the first glimpse of your home; designers have offered an extensive collection to match any home and give a good impression. But with that, many brands and products selection can be overwhelming. Therefore, we are about to share some tips on how you can make a smart door mat selection decision. Here are your top considerations.

  • Know your needs – Start by deciding why you need a mat. Is it just for adding aesthetic values? Or do you want to be extra careful about the cleanliness of the home? Do you live in a wet climate, or is it the dust that might come in with shoes? The selection of material depends on answers to these questions.
  • Choose a brand – A branded mat will always be a wise decision for your home. They are creative, high quality and aesthetically rich products to suit any indoor or outdoor needs. This versatility also justifies their higher costs- which is not necessary in every case.
  • Consider the surface of the mat – Designer doormats come in different materials and makes. A mat in a high traffic area should be abrasive or have some textured surface. You can also look for a mat with scraper surfaces as they can whisk away the most stubborn muds.
  • Avoid complete rubber-based mats – Although rubber mats are cost-effective, they are mostly useless. Specifically, if you are about to use them to add aesthetic values in your home indoor or outdoors. Instead, look for other options available on your selected brand.
  • Check size – Size of doormat if of great importance. A nice doormat is one that is neither too big nor too small but just as the size of the door, you are planning to place it in. So, take measurements of the door before you head to make a purchase.
  • Read product details – Always read the product description section before buying any product. This is how you can know everything from make and material to care and wash instructions. Always look for a product that is easy to handle after purchase.

In the end, it is important to consider the fact that doormats are more a practical item in your home than the aesthetic values they can bring in. So, when it comes to buying a doormat, the material, base, size, and functionality of the mat should be a priority over colour, shape or prints. To find a reliable, economical and lasting option; the market search is the only way to start your journey with. In this regard, visiting a product search engine is highly recommended.

Question & Answer

Are doormats machine washable?

It depends on the type of material the mat is made of. You can read the product description section on the product page to know if it is washable or not. Otherwise, this information is also printed on the tags attached to the mat. Usually, doormats for the bath and kitchen are washable. However, even in this case, the light wash is recommended in a separate cycle. Entry doormats are generally not designated for washing.

Can coir doormats get wet?

Coir doormats belong to the sub-tropical climate and come features that make them highly moisture absorbent. Therefore, these mats are extremely resistant to water. Not only these mats can get wet with freshwater or saltwater, but they also stay resistant to melds and protect the storage of bacteria. Some of the options that you can buy online are Pure Coco Coir Doormat with Heavy-Duty PVC Backing or Kempf Greek Key Natural Coco Doormat.

Which doormats are best?

Some of the bestselling items that came up this year are Tossed Dash Semi-Circle Doormat, the Quote Woven Half-Circle DoorMat by Novogratz By Momeni, the Doormat with Bristles by Iris Hantwerk and the Maroc Floor Mat #3. Other best-selling items for your home and office are Ryder Jute Doormat, the Hampton Weave Rubber Doormat, the Flip-Flip Mat, the Eelis Indoor/Outdoor Washable Mat and the Flagstone Grey Stone Doormat by Masterpiece. You can easily find all these items in your nearby store or at

Where to buy doormats for cheap?        

With a wide variety of brands and options in material, shape, and size, suggested it look at retail search engines online. For instance, at, you can find all the latest and best-selling products from top brands like Ikea, High Cotton, Elite D’art, Marvel, Matalan, Mohawk, Yeezys, Pottery Barn, and Penn State. Here you can also leverage the benefits of a price comparison tool to find products within your budget. Plus, you can spend as much time as you need to decide what is a suitable product for your home or office.

Moreover, at you can find products for Living and Home Decor from global stores using easy price comparison and search tools to buy products from stores that the world trust.

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