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About Racks

No matter how much control modern technology has taken over our homes, some things can never be replaced. One of those crucial entities is racks without which our home would have been nothing but a pile of things.

Racks are one of the essential household items that store our clothes, books, kitchenware, shoes, and many other things. They do not just give a defined place to items, but also make our homes look tidy and beautiful. While the few initial uses of shelves date back to 8th century comprising of suspended shelve pivoted to the wall, today we have countless varieties to choose from. Some of the popular styles you will find in the market include standard, modular, leaning, barrister and corner shelves. So, if you are looking for some optimum storage options for your home, this comprehensive guide will assist you till the end.

Everything about storage racks and their characteristics

Racks are well known for their practicality. We have never seen them replaced by any mod alternative. However, we have seen certain transformation and the best one is that they come in the form of shelf units now. There is no need to attach them anywhere in your home. All you have to do is to purchase one, allocate a space to it and start storing things. Modern dwellings do not require a cellar to keep things but good looking, compact and functional shelves that add up to their indoor aesthetics. Let us explore the usability and characteristics of some must-have shelves.

Adjustable steel racks

Adjustable steel shelves come in a variety of construction, sizes and shapes, comprising of rails and bars to conveniently store things. You must have seen them in most of the houses. They are not restricted to any single kind of storage. From the study, kitchen and store to the living room, warehouse and other utility areas, you can keep them anywhere. The shelving units are capable of holding items as small as canned goods to as large as trolleys. The best part is that you can assemble them in different shapes from tall to dresser-shaped structure according to the available space and items to be stored.

Kitchen shelf racks

Your kitchen is an assembly of assorted things ranging from utensils, tools and other kitchenware to food items like cooked meals, raw vegetables, spices, canned products and so on. There are many varieties of kitchen shelves you can find in the market to organize a pile of things accurately. They may range from standard organizers to sliding racks, drawer mesh, corner shelves, pull out lid organizers and under-shelf drawers. You can find them in stainless steel, plastic, classy wooden and many more sturdy materials as per your storage requirements.

Shoe rack bench

A shoe rack is an essential element to have in homes to declutter the entryway. A good quality shoe rack not only keeps your footwear in tip-top condition but also keep your living spaces tidy. They may range from standard cubby systems to multiple tier racks, container store, closed cabinet, bamboo shelves and their metallic counterparts. You can keep them anywhere like entryway, hallway or even bedrooms. But for spaces like bedroom, it is advisable to go for cabinets that come with an elegant finish to enhance your home décor features.

Tips for purchasing Racks in Dubai

There are many types of racks available in the market depending upon type, design, usability and materials. For some spots, you just require basic steel made shelves whereas, for others, you might want to go for closed cabinets that can also complement your home aesthetics. Moving towards modern varieties, you can get your hands on floating styles, rotating shelves, hanging racks etc. To stop you from overwhelming, we have drafted some tips below that would help you bring appropriate style home.

  • Placement– This should be your first and foremost consideration while choosing racks. Racks come in a wide variety based on where you want to keep them. Each one comes in a different structure as per the things you want to keep in them. For example, you can buy kitchen shelf rack online in the UAE for holding plates, bowls, kitchen appliances and other delicate dishes. On the other hand, for clothes, you require closed cabinets to keep cloths dirt free and creased.


  • Material– You can find racks in a wide assortment of materials like steel, wood, plastic etc. Each has different properties. Like, stainless steel is one of the most versatile and durable materials. It is corrosion-free so apt for everywhere you want to keep them. Chrome-plated wire shelving units are suitable for dry storage and can bear high temperatures like in stores or warehouses. Wooden shelves, on the other hand, are useful for keeping books, decorative items and even clothes. They offer an elegant and classy ensemble.


  • Storage space– Shelves are storing units; hence you must consider their storage capacity. Look for the one that can store accommodate all the things you want to keep inside. Also, consider the available space at your home for the rack. A compact design will be convenient to keep. You can even go for wall-mounted or hanging varieties if you have space constraints.


  • Adjustable patterns– Some models give you a facility to adjust their design and storage space as per your requirements. It is a fantastic feature that you must look for while selecting racks. By having customizing features, you can increase or decrease the storage space as per the size of items. You can also remove unwanted shelves when not in use.

Now that you have gathered much information about racks, you must be wanting to purchase one. Well, you are in the right place. On our product search engine, you can find an extensive collection of racks ranging from drying racks to kitchen shelves, clothes racks, herbal shelves, shoe racks, key racks, magazine racks, wall racks and wine racks. If you still feel confused, you can set your preferences like price, colours, brands etc. Moreover, compare prices to find the best racks under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best styles while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Which racks are good for drawing room?

You should prefer wooden or wood coloured racks for your drawing room to accentuate the aesthetics. There are many varieties you can find in the market ranging from superior Sheesham or mango wood to rich and classy mahogany, pine, and walnut finish racks. You can go for bookshelves, display units or wall shelves to set up a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere in the drawing space.

Where to buy racks online?

You can buy racks from any trusted home décor store or marketplace. One such store is where you can find hundreds of trusted sellers that offer a variety of sturdy racks at an affordable cost. You can browse through the collection effortlessly and even compare prices to find racks under your budget. Also, set your preferences like price, colours and brands for quick purchasing. So, go ahead and find the best shelves while stock lasts.

Which wine glass rack to buy for home?

If you want to put your wine glasses on display, then go for minimalistic styles. But, if storing is the only purpose, then you can select a rack with any material, like gauge steel, stainless steel, or metal. Also, must look for a durable model as it will extend the lifespan of your glasses which are delicate anyways. When it comes to installation, you can go for any- countertop or cabinet mounting models. Get a wide range of wine glass racks for sale right here on our retail search engine.

Are wooden kitchen racks the best?

A wooden rack is not the best option for the kitchen. Though it offers a nice look and requires minimal maintenance, it is not suitable for holding heavy weights. You can go for wrought iron and hammered steel if you want something with an excellent finish. You do not have to spend much time on their cleaning or polishing. Moreover, these durable metals can withstand the heaviest loads and also resist rust.

After discovering so much about racks, you must have got enough confidence to choose the best. We hope that the above guide steers you towards the right purchase. However, if you are unsure of where to start, come to us on You can find popular brands like Muscle Rack, EDSAL, Rhino Rack, Martin Yale, Seville Classics, and Versatile Rack here. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices to find racks under your budget. Find kitchen organizers, best metal storage shelves, bookshelves and cheap shoe rack bench to buy. On our website, you can even set your buying preferences like price, colours, brands etc. So, go ahead and get your hands on best racks and other home and living items right away.