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Many of us get the chills with just a thought of winters, but the people who love cold weather know the best things about it. One of them is lighting warm and soothing fireplaces! Let us explore fireplaces & accessories that make those chilly nights not only comfortable but also charming.

A fireplace is a wooden, stone-made or metallic structure that is designed to contain fire. Having a fireplace at home is a great way to create a warm atmosphere. Fireplaces have travelled for decades and taken various forms. You can try your hands on a variety today, from wood-burning to electric, gas fires and bioethanol fireplaces. Wood burning fireplaces are classic, traditional and look natural but are expensive to install and clean. Gas fireplaces lie among the popular choices as they are efficient. In addition, they are easy to install and can go at any place, depending on the model. Electric fireplaces are the next common choice due to many other properties. If you just want to upgrade your current fireplace model, be it of any type, you can find a range of fireplace & accessories for sale in the market. Let us explore in detail.  

Things to know about various fireplaces & accessories

Whether you want to buy a fireplace online in the UAE or just upgrade the parts of your old model, you must perform research on what exactly to look for. Fireplaces or their parts come in a wide assortment depending upon indoor or outdoor usage, materials, fuel, and more factors. Starting from wood-burning models to gas-burning and electric fireplaces, you can bring any to your home. Fireplaces are also classified based on mounting options. Some come in the form of an open hearth, whereas others can be wall-mounted, tabletop or even freestanding styles. In addition to this, having the right tools for fireplaces such as screens, glass doors, handheld bellows, shovels, and poker make your experience even more convenient and safer. Read on to know more about fireplaces & accessories. 

Traditional open-hearth fireplaces

Fireplaces come in a wide assortment of mounting options. One of the traditional methods is open-hearth placements. Open hearth fireplaces are generally used for wood-burning models. However, today, you can find many replicas of it with minimal to large variations. Open hearth fireplaces are typically made up of bricks, stones or sometimes; you will find them built into the wall of a home. If you are wondering about ventilation, then we must tell you that there are chimneys and flue for that purpose. To have them in your place, you need to have a good budget. These fireplaces require construction. Then, you have to spend on tools and the best wood to burn in a fireplace.  

Gas fireplaces or gas fireplace insert

If you are looking for an easy to install and cleaner substitute, you can go for gas fireplaces. They burn natural gases to produce heat. You can find them in direct vent and ventless options. The best gas fireplace insert will fit into your existing fireplace system and chimneys. Alternatively, you can go for freestanding fireplaces that do not require any existing system. You can use them in any room, and they also come with additional safety features. However, to operate a gas fireplace, you will require a natural gas line in your home. Or you need to use a gas tank to serve the purpose. 

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are one of the popular choices these days. It creates a warm atmosphere by heating coils. You will even find fans inside most of the models so that the heat can distribute well around the place. Electric fireplaces do not produce real flame but would give a fake look so that along with heat, you can also enjoy the great sight. Some models also come with a lot of features to control the heat. Suppose if you need lesser heat or more heat someday, you can easily alter the temperature. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of styles like electric mantel fireplaces, fireplace inserts and wall-mounted options. 

Fireplace glass doors, poker, and bellows

Fireplaces & accessories both are important to avail of benefits. To operate and maintain the fireplaces well, you need a set of accessories, especially in the case of a wood-burning fireplace. The toolset for a wood-burning fireplace would typically include a poker, tongs, shovel and broom so that you can keep the place free of debris and ashes. Moreover, you will need an ash bucket to store the ash that should contain a lid. Andrion is the next important part that holds the wood, whereas fireplace screen and glass doors work as a protective layer for you and your home against fire. When we speak of gas or electric models, the number of accessories required is lesser, as they are easier to handle.

Tips on how to buy Fireplaces & Accessories

Fireplaces and their accessories come in a wide assortment of options depending upon heat source, material, mounting style, price, brands and more factors. If you want to pick a style that suits you the best, you must keep certain factors in mind. So, below we have brought together some tips that would make your buying process effortless.

  • Know which type you need – You can find many types of fireplaces in the market, including wood-burning, gas and electric models. Wood burning fireplaces are traditional and offer classy looks but can be difficult to manage. Gas and electric models are cost-effective and require minimum tools to operate. Before you search for fireplaces, you must know which one you require.
  • Consider mounting options – You can go for freestanding, wall-mounted and even tabletop fireplace options depending upon your requirements. Freestanding or tabletop models can be moved around anywhere. So, if you need such a thing, you can consider them.
  • Consider your heat requirements – The primary role of a fireplace is to offer heat. Some places get warm sometimes, whereas others require many hours, depending upon weather conditions and the area of the space. So, weigh your heat requirements before considering any model.
  • Buy sturdy accessories – If you are bringing accessories for your fireplace or want to replace its part, be sure to bring sturdy models for durable and safe operation in future.

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Question & Answer

What do you call the thing that holds the wood in a fireplace?

The bracket support that holds the wooden logs inside a fireplace is called androin or fire dog. It does allow not only better air circulation and burning but also product less smoke. This element typically consists of tall vertical elements and at least two legs in the front to hold logs and not let them roll into the room. In the past, this bracket used to be made of iron, but past that, people would choose decorative elements like bronze, brass and even silver. In modern fireplaces, you will find them in various other materials and designs also.

What fireplace accessories to buy?

There is a wide range of accessories you might need to set up a fireplace at any place. Your choice of tools depends upon the type of fireplace you have. However, some popular fireplace accessories include screens, log holders, andrions, poker, bellows, tongs, wood cart and carriers, fireplace doors, fuel etc. Each has a different role in producing the best and safe fire. For example, Andrion holds the logs in place, whereas poker pushes and rakes the burning elements into the fireplace.

What are fireplace parts called?

There is an extensive list of parts that a fireplace can have, depending upon its type. A typical fireplace may have a foundation, a firebox, a hearth, a damper, a home overmantel, a flue, a chimney filter and more parts. Each part has a crucial role in the operation of a fireplace. For example, the foundation is made up of sturdy brick or cinder blocks that provide structural support. On the other hand, the hearth is the area that lies in front of the firebox, which is designed to reduce fire risks.

 Where to buy fireplace accessories online?

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