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We believe without the invention of mailboxes; human civilization would have been quite different. But good thing is that someone had the idea to invent a sturdy receptacle that would hold the world’s most important and ancient form of communication – The letters.

Mailboxes, previously known as letterboxes, are dedicated repositories for receiving any type of incoming mail or parcels for business or private residence. These mail posts are available in different shapes including a letter plate, a mail slot, or a dedicated box. You can find these boxes in both horizontal and vertical shapes. Based on the shape and size, you can place them through the middle or lower half of your main gateway or front door. Although you can use many universal styles, certain styles deliver specific benefits for your home and personal needs. Today, we will discuss some of these particular types of mailboxes available in the market.

Different types of residential mailboxes

A modern-day mailbox comes in a wide range of materials. The variety has made it possible to accommodate different types of weather conditions and other surrounding circumstances. One mailbox may last years in a sunny area but will rust instantly in a rainy climate. Meanwhile, the other one may sustain cold but will say a farewell in extreme heat. Therefore, before you head to buy an indoor or outdoor mailbox, important is to understand the different types of boxes available in the market. Here are some described for you.

The wall-mount mailboxes

A wall-mounted mailbox is one of the oldest and widely used types. These boxes are ideal for a larger building with an apartment or a large number of tenants. They are a popular choice in any dense urban setting where the postmen need to deliver mail door to door. These styles are generally attached to the outside of your home. Meanwhile, they are also often placing right next to the front door or entryway to your home or villa. These boxes allow quick and secure mail retrieval. Many designs come with features like overhangs and awnings that keep the mail protected.

Metal mailboxes with posts

They are also known as post-mounted mailboxes. These are free-standing designs that are usually found along a curb or occasionally at the end of a driveway. Such designs are famous among rural areas where mail is delivered by vehicles. The design of a mail post makes it easier for the postmen to deliver mail without leaving the car. Besides high functionality, these boxes come with high aesthetic values. They come in a wide range of styles and colours. Hence you can choose an option that will add charm and character to your home exterior.

The surface-mounted mail posts

These posts are majorly made to mount onto a concrete sidewalk, walkway, or street. These designs are generally best for areas where there is limited space. They are the best and staple option in downtown cities as well as main streets with the crowd. The modern design surface mount mailbox can have the option of mounting hardware that makes the installation process easier. Plus, they can be placed in either existing concrete pads or in freshly poured concrete. Hence, no matter if you are about to add a mail post in your new home or want to replace the older one, the surface mount is your option.

In-ground locking mailboxes

They are no different than their name. These mailboxes come in a horizontal pol shape and are placed directly into the ground. They are easy to install, and you can place them on any type of ground. Many of these designs are sold in sets that include both a highly decorative base cover and a mailbox post. Most of the time, these boxes are used for adding aesthetics and value to their surroundings. You can install them in a place surrounded by flower beds. Surprisingly, they are suitable for many different types of landscapes.

Tips on how to buy Mailboxes online in the UAE

There is a wide range of commercial mailboxes for sale available in online stores. From huge plastic mailbox for purchase to those tiny wall-mounted options, you can have it all on your fingertips. However, the look and feel of a mailbox are not enough. There is much more for you to consider while best mailboxes for home. Today we are here to share some tips on how you can make a smart buying decision when you head to buy outside mailboxes with locks or look for a reliable indoor option. Here are some points that you need to consider while making your choices.

  • Consider your climate – Weather is a crucial deciding factor. You will need to consider a box that can withstand climate conditions like extreme heat, hailing and others.
  • The size of the household – Here, consider how many people in your home might receive emails and how frequently. For a larger number of recipients, recommended is to look for a bigger box.
  • Curbside or walk up delivery – Wall mounted mailboxes, and mail slots help the postman deliver the courier at your front door. But for curbside, you must consider column or post mounted styles.
  • Locked or unlocked – Locks helps to secure your emails. These are ideal for frequent travellers or the ones too concerned about their privacy.
  • Style of the box – Here you are free to choose from timeless Victorian boxes to charmed by farmhouse designs. In any case, make sure you have the box matching your surroundings.
  • The installation system – Here, you have options like Surface and pedestal mounts, in-ground boxes, and mail slots. In most cases, you will need professional assistance for installation.
  • The material of the box – Today mailboxes come in different materials to suit individuals’ preferences and needs. You can choose between copper and bronze or boxes made of plastic.

In the end, you must keep in mind that the mailbox makes a strong and lasting impression because it is the very first thing your visitor will notice.  Therefore, no matter if you want to enhance the appearance of your home or are looking for a locking mailbox to secure your parcels and mails, the market search is the key to success. Therefore, never hesitate to find the right platform and search for the most appropriate option before your close any deal.

Question & Answer

Where to keep mailboxes in an apartment?

If you own an apartment, there should be some changes in your mailbox considerations. Here you need to choose a convenient and easily accessible mailbox. The placement of the box also depends on the type of box you own. For example, if you have a centralized mail boxing system, install them right at the entrance of the building. This is where both tenants and courier professionals will have access to the mailboxes. Otherwise, a parcel building box is generally better for placing at the reception of the building. These are ideal for the delivery of larger packages.

What size are apartment mailboxes?

The existing apartment mailbox standard of 5 inches by 6 inches by 15 inches has been in effect since 1975 despite a rise in volume for flat mail and packages. However, modern mailboxes may be in a variety of sizes and shapes. The smallest dimensions for a standard tenant mailbox that you can find in the market is not smaller than 3 inches high by 12 inches wide by 15 inches deep. But anything more significant than that is happily acceptable by law.

How much is a standard mailbox?

The price of mailboxes varies according to size, material, design, and brand. Typically, a residential mailbox costs somewhere between $12 to $900 whereas a mail slot costs something between Dollar 25 to 325. But if you are willing to buy a wall-mount mailbox, you should consider investing an amount of about $ 11 to $550. It can be more as the boxes made of metals like bronze or brass are a bit expensive to buy. For cheaper options, explore

Where to buy decorative mailboxes?

When it comes to buying any versatile item like mailboxes, online stores are the best idea to consider. An online retail search engine will give you access to hundreds of products from dozens of brands. At, you can find top trusted brands like Dvault, Architectural Mailboxes, Royal Mail, Solar Group, Walpole, and Bobi. Here you can also leverage the benefits of a price comparison tool to find products within your budget. And enjoy being a smart buyer for your next mailbox.

Buying living and home care plus decoration products online can be the best idea for saving time and money side by side.  However, it is important to consider every detail of the product you intend to buy. We wish you a happy shopping!

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