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Yes, we agree, smoking is indeed a filthy habit. But, do you what’s even nastier than that? Well, it’s the cleaning that you need to do after you smoke a pack of cigars. Just like every other problem has a solution this to have one, and it’s the ashtrays! However, ashbins do not need to be strictly for smokers. You can always buy them as decorative pieces to spice up your home décor. However, you need to be able to differentiate between the ones that are best for decorative purposes and otherwise. In this article, we shall take you through various options of ashtrays and a few smart hacks to buy ashtray online in Dubai effortlessly. So read on.

Plopped on every end table, coffee table, kitchen table tossed like nourishment plates in front of any famished smoker, have you ever thought about how these smart tools came into being? We bet you did not! Though the original form of ashtrays existed long before the 19th century, it was during this time that their popularity, design, and aesthetics really took off. As more and more people began to smoke their lungs out, these ash bins inched closer and closer to a form of art. As time went on, the construction of these bins changed rapidly. Cut to the present day; you’ll now find endless options of ashtrays out there on the market in all sorts of designs and materials. So before we start to explore the quick tips to buy them online, why don’t we first check out some of their popular options available on the market?

The various types of cigar ashtrays to choose from

As mentioned earlier, you can find several types of ashtrays on the market. Some of the common ones include the smokeless, glass, or even a decorative stone ashtray. And the best part is that each of them offers you a unique experience depending on their make and characteristics. For instance, the ash bin that comes in silicone materials is virtually an indestructible ashtray that comes in hard silicon materials. Similarly, the smokeless ash bin ensures to eliminate smoke and airborne ash to filter any harmful smoke. Well, this list is endless, which also means that picking out the perfect one for yourself might even become a challenging task. To make things easier for you, we’ve laid out a few popular models and their specifications below.

The smokeless ashtrays

The odour, the debris in the air and of course the smoke is something that every smoker wants to get rid of after a smoking session. If you’ve always been wondering how to remove that burnt odour of tobacco in your house, then a smokeless ashtray is your best pick. With this ash bin, you need not go out of your home in those cold winters to enjoy your cigarette. Smoke grabber from Holmes, smokeless ash bin from Gratefulbuys, and more as such are a few famous names to consider when you’re out a hunt to secure the best smokeless ash bins online. That said, quite often buyers are sceptical of how well these products work. Well, most of these ash bins come with an internal fan that sucks in the air through the top and filters out the contaminated air.

The antique ashtrays

Whether you need a centrepiece for your lovely coffee table or a candy dish for your entryway. The unique colours, glazes, and shapes of the vintage ashtrays are perfect for any smoker or even people who love to treat them as just another addition to their vintage home décor collection. One of the best parts about these bins is that they’re small, which means you can collect hundreds of them and display them in a relatively infinite amount of space. Secondly, they come in a wide range of materials. So if you’re a fan of art glass, copper or ceramic, then there’s bound to be an ashtray for you. Above all, all of these trays were came from the creative periods in history. This means that you can find one for those who’re fans of the Victorian era, Arts and crafts, and Art Deco.

The outdoor ashtray

Remember, ashtrays are not only for homes. You also need to get ash bins to help keep your storefront, restaurant, or office building beautiful by encouraging the visitors to dispose of their cigarette buds in the bin properly. As the owner of the commercial buildings, you need to make sure that the visitors to your place put their cigarette buds in the right place instead of throwing them on the ground. Note, for those outdoor ash bins to serve their purpose, they must be durable and easy to spot. Which means they should be colourful and must withstand harsh climatic conditions. In short, the ideal ash bin must be soft on your eyes and easy for your staff to maintain and clean. Outdoor smokeless ashtray, steel trays, concrete outdoor smoke bins, are some popular models.

The ashtrays with lids

Ash bins with lids are one of the most prevalent models out there on the market. Why? Because these models are efficient, particularly when you have to use them outdoors. Their unique mechanism prevents the ashes and buds of the cigar from flying around if there is some wind. You can find several models that offer this convenience. Some popular models include Lependor Ceramic tray, TAKAVU car ashtray, SEA or STAR stainless steel bins, & Ooze silicone ash bin. Many of these models have peculiar characteristics. For instance, the ceramic bin from Lependor is a classic glazed pottery ash bin with a lid. This product has a windproof design that’s deep and large enough to store several cigarette buds.

Tips on how to buy Ashtrays online

Now that you’re familiar with their prevalent model, it’s time to purchase one online. Getting the right ashtray for your needs shouldn’t be confusing or would break the bank. It’s true that while there was a relatively limited selection of ash bins in the past, nowadays you’ll find an extensive collection of their models in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. So whether you intend to buy stainless steel cigar ashtray for home or wish to buy an outdoor windproof ashtray for outdoors, you need to consider the following factors listed below.

  • Explore their types – By now you must’ve figured out that there is virtually an infinite selection of ashtrays available for you. But, to get the best model among the wide variety of options, you need to explore their various types and evaluate your needs and space. If you do this step right, then we can guarantee you that you can easily choose your perfect ash bin from the wide varieties available online and in-store.
  • Check out the size – Remember, just like their types, the ash bins come in different sizes too. That’s why you must consider the space you want to dedicate to the ashtray and choose the appropriate size accordingly. For instance, if you have multiple smokers at your home, then go for larger ones that fit your space. Alternatively, choose small size ash bins for side tables or if you want to transport them easily from one place to another.
  • Look out for the design – Design is a crucial aspect to consider when it comes to buying them online. In other words, the bins must’ve designs that should naturally be practical and easy to use and clean. Next, it’s also crucial that they effortlessly fulfil their mission to collect ashes and debris. Apart from all this, the ashtrays must also be aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there’s no shortage of models and designs that you can choose from online.
  • Check out for additional features – Quite often many ashtrays include features that make them more effective and efficient. Make sure to consider these features to know if any of them may be of interest to you. After you’re informed and clear on your options, it will be much easier to find exactly what you need. Apart from that, these features usually enhance the standard models and increase their longevity to an extent.
  • Consider the materials – Last but not least, ensure to check out the material you want your ashtray to be made out of. While it’s essential it first fulfils its purpose; it is also vital that the model you pick be aesthetically pleasing if this is something that matters to you. Moreover, make sure to consider its use too, and if you want it to be sturdy or easy to transport. Taking all these things into account will help you determine which material will be best for your ash bins.

Ashtrays are valuable items in any indoor or outdoor space. Besides, you can find a huge selection of their models with varying characteristics and features to choose from. In fact, if you rightly follow the above tips and tricks, then you’ll surely find an ash bin that’s of perfect size, shape, material, and design in line with your likings. So be sure to carefully analyse the factors above and make an informed decision.

Question & Answer

How do you use an ashtray?

The way you use an ashtray depends on the design and construction of the model. However, regardless of their building, most ash bins are very straightforward and easy to use. All you have to do is to shove in your cigarette buds inside the bins. For this reason, many a time, people take them for granted and neglect to notice how helpful they can be. If you do not have a cigarette tray, then the smoke and ashes from the cigars will scatter all over the place. This is certainly unpleasant for people around you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you use them in the right way.

Where should I place the ash bins?

Apparently, you must place the ash bins where people tend to smoke. For this reason, it’s isn’t uncommon to find several ashtrays at different places both indoors and outdoors. Some of the familiar places you’ll see these ash bins include, bus stands, streets, restaurants, cafés, homes, and many more such places. Also, remember, each of these places requires different kinds of kind of ash bin models. For example, an indoor model can be vintage, made of steel or any other of similar fashion. Whereas when it comes to outdoor models, you must choose ones that are sturdy and long-lasting to withstand the external elements.

When should I clean my ashtrays?

Of course, it’s your personal preference to choose the kind of ashtray model you want. However, make sure to pick one that’s easy to use and maintain. Most importantly, you should ensure that you can easily empty the ash and dirt without much effort. Quite often, most of the ashtrays do have a user-friendly design and built that allows you to fill and empty the bin easily. However, we still recommend that you empty the trays before it gets filled up to the brim. This avoids any unwanted potential mess.

How much do ashtrays cost?

Ash bins come in several different styles, materials, designs, and feature different characteristics. This is primarily why you’ll find them at different price ranges too. For example, you buy cut glass ashtray at a price as low as AED 25. Whereas, there are also advanced models that cost you above AED 250. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to set a budget before you head out to purchase any cheap ashtrays online.

Where can I buy the best ashtrays online?

You can easily purchase several models of ashtrays online. However, it’s always a challenging task to find a credible and reliable platform that offers you the best. Well, if you’re in search of such a platform, then do not miss to check out the curated collection of cigarette ashtrays on The product search engine not only allows you to purchase your favourite ash bin but also enables you to explore their models from popular brands. Hermes, Elite D’ Art, Adore, Ikea, Marlboro, Murano, Supreme, Menards, Andalusian, and Davidoff, are a few to name. Besides, the platform also lets you compare their prices from online stores so shop the one that best suits your needs.

Keeping the environment smoke-free and inhabitable for your fellow non-smokers is every smoker’s duty. Therefore, you must always have a reliable ashtray with you if you’re a smoker. We hope this article has been insightful for you. So why not get into the next section, which is exploring and shopping your favourite ash bin? Get ready to explore several home & living products, including a massive collection of ashbins from over 500 online stores here!

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