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About First Aid Products

It’s impossible to overstate how useful first aid products can be at the right time. But because we do not know when that will be, having a first aid kit handy at all times is the solution. First aid products, as the name says it, are for the primary treatment before the professional help arrives at the scene of the accident or you can take the injured person to the hospital.

Be it a workplace, your home, or the car, should have a first aid kit within your arms reach all the time. But not all the first aid products are the same. There are a variety of guidelines regulating them in workplaces. For a household kit though, you only need to buy a kit that has all the basics covered. There are a few different specialised kits as well for outdoor sports, marine use, etc. It is really helpful to know more about first aid kits before shopping for one. This article will tell you about the benefits of having one and how to use them and maintain them.

A guide to first aid kits

The history of first aid products goes back centuries ago although they were not called so back then. In those times, people used these essential medical supplies to tend for the wounded soldiers on the battlefield. But in modern times, it is not unusual for common people to sock on these products. Well, this is a good chance, after all. Now that you have decided to get one as well, knowing a bit more about first aid products can help. In this article, you will also find some helpful tips that you can follow while shopping for these.

Benefits of having a first aid kit

At one time or another, we all get hurt. Sometimes they are minor injuries while sometimes they are not. But what we all can do is to keep a first aid kit and also learn how to use it properly. Giving primary care can even be a lifesaver. In case of small cuts or burns, you can use it to reduce bleeding or use the antiseptic to stop it from becoming an infection. Even if you were not able to stop the bleeding completely with a first aid kit, using them at the right time can greatly improve the recovery time.

Maintaining the first aid kit box

Buying a first aid kit is easy. But without proper maintenance, first aid kits are not worth having. Accidentally using an expired medicine can be more harmful than the injury itself in some cases. Maintaining the kit includes replacing the items as you use them as soon as possible. Another aspect of it is making sure that none of the items is expired. Because nobody uses the first aids on a monthly basis, it is easy to forget about them. Keeping a checklist of the items that should be in the box is a good habit.

Things to have in a first aid kit

This depends on your situation. The contents you should have in a home first aid kit is more than what you should in a travel first aid kit. This is because you want to keep your luggage as light as possible when you are travelling. In a home kit, you should have plasters, dressings and bandages, gloves, wipes, masks, cooling compresses, eyebaths, antiseptics, pain medications, etc. But many of these items are not necessary for a travel kit. You should keep basic fever and cold medications, thermometer, plasters, etc. along with the special items that you need depending on the place you are travelling to.

How and when to use them

First aid kits aren’t useful for all types of injuries. Quite the contrary, there are cases in which you should not use first aid. Rather than listing when not to use it, it is easier to list when you should. First aid kits are useful for minor injuries related to burns, cuts, sprains, stings, and abrasions. Even in these cases, if the injuries are severe, first aid is no help. While travelling, having a first aid kit can help you treat minor colds and fever as well. This will also help you save a lot on medical bills as getting medical treatment while you are travelling is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Tips on how to buy First Aid Products Online

All first aid products in the kits are not the same. Depending on their intended purpose and price range, they vary quite a lot. For the kit to be useful, you have to make sure that you get the right one and it has all the essential supplies in it. However, it is easier said than done. There are hundreds of different first aid kits on the market and figuring out the right one from among them is a bit tricky. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that you are getting the right one.

  • It should cover all the basic categories – Most important thing to look for in a first aid products kit is that it should have items that can give the primary care to all the injuries a first aid kit should treat.
  • Quality of the items – It is easy to find a cheap kit. But the trick is finding one that has good quality items in them. The bandages should not stick to the wound, the packaging and items should not fall apart, etc. Having a poor-quality kit is almost as good as not having one at all.
  • Compactness – Although a first aid kit need not come in compact packaging all the time, having a smaller set of dimensions is great for a travel first aid kit. You need something that you stow in at the back of your backpack and do not want it to hog a ton of space.
  • Proper instructions – Often, situations arise where there is no one who is properly trained to give the primary care. In that case, anybody should be able to use the first aid kit. Having a proper instruction set along with the kit is the solution.

Apart from getting the right type of medical kit or first aid product sets, you should also learn how to use them properly. Because first aid can only take care of the injured person until the medical help arrives, you should call for help in severe cases before using the first aid. Also, be mindful of maintaining and storing the kit in the recommended condition. Finally, you can find all kinds of health and beauty products using our shopping search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them.

Question & Answer

Is it better to build a first aid kit than buy one?

It is definitely easy to buy a readymade first aid kit. But there are some caveats. If you were to build such a kit on your own, it would cost you far less than a readymade first aid kit. There is also customizability. Depending on how and where you use the kit, your needs will also be different. But readymade kits do not account for that. By building your own stuff, you can ensure that you have all the items to cover you. This is especially true for travel first aid kits as space and weight come at a premium during a journey.

Do first aid products expire?

Everything in the world, including first aid products, have an expiration date. Expiration dates on medicines are more serious than those on food products. But the expiration date of the first aid kit is not for the kit as a whole, but for each item in it. Usually, a medicine can last for 3-5 years since it is manufactured. It can change as well depending on the item. Therefore, you have to periodically check the kit to make sure everything is up to date and working and replace the expired items with new ones. You should also check if the medicine is within its expiration period before using them.

How to dispose of old first aid items?

This is a question people ask often. And in fact, most people do not properly dispose of spent medicines. For first aid medications, improper disposal is a matter of environmental concern. Flushing expired medicines down the toilet can potentially cause contamination of natural water sources. Most of the medicines in a first aid kit can be thrown along with the household garbage. In case of medicines that can be misused, remove them from the original packaging before discarding them. In case of tablets, you can dissolve the outer shell in water to make it unidentifiable.

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