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About Cooling Compresses

Cooling compresses are special medical tools used for cold compression therapy. This therapy combines two principles of ice, rest, elevation, and compressions to reduce swelling and pain from injury or sports activity.

The cooling compresses are particular types of gel or ice packs in the shape of portable plastic bags. These bags are filled with water, liquid, or refrigerant gel. The content is frozen in a freezer and later used on the infected parts of the body. Generally, they are used to alleviate the pain that results in minor injuries or bags under the eyes. To do so, you will need to apply the cold compress on the swollen, inflamed or pain area for a given time as recommended by a doctor. The cooling content in the pack helps to reduce the metabolic activities in the muscles of the body. As a result, they help you relieve pain and recover fast.

Everything you need to know about using a cold compress

The human body is prone to damage, yet you can bring it back to its best with proper care. Almost every one of us has to deal with minor injuries, hits, bruises now and then, and these are times when we all need the best first aid products . An ice pack is one such medical equipment that can be a part of your first aid kit and help you get rid of the pain and swellings without consulting any medical expert. Just by putting together a cold compress, you can get instant relief in less than minutes. However, there are some important points that you need to know about these special health care items. Let us discuss.

The benefits of cooling compresses

These packs generally contain water or gel content that converts to ice when kept in lower temperatures—this cold content help in decreasing inflammation and stopping bleeding from an injury. For the same reason, they are also helpful in offering better first aid until professional help arrives. In case of an accident or collision, these packs can help you get rid of the bruising sooner than expected. For their swift results, these packs are a must-have in the car and home first-aid kits. For travelling, you can opt for instant cold packs that contain special chemicals. These chemicals activate when you squeeze the pack.

How to use a cold compress

Cold compresses usually come forth for help in case of emergencies.  It is ideal to ice the injury within the first 48 hours. In case of any damage, all you need to do is wrap the ice pack in a small towel or piece of cloth with reasonable thickness and press gently on the swollen area. You should avoid keeping it on your skin for more than 20 minutes at a time. For severe damage, you can alternate between 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. You can also keep the icing for days, depending on the condition. But if it is not relieving the pain or slowing the bruises, consult the doctor for a suggestion.

Using cold compress for eyes, fever and more

You can place a cold compress on any part of your body. However, some delicate parts like eyes do need special care and adult supervision while using these packs. This is more important if you are using a gel-based ice pack. The gel can irritate if it gets in contact with the eyes. Besides some basic care instructions, these packs have the best healing properties in severe headaches, gout pain, fever, muscular pain, fatigue, tendonitis, haemorrhoids, and certain types of eye allergies. However, you should consult professionals for any serious medical condition or pain before using these bags for a long time.

Risk of using cooling compresses

Using cooling compresses is the easiest way to treat any minor injury or pain at home. However, there can be many side effects that come if you are not using the compress properly. To avoid any bad experience, you should never apply the bag directly to the skin. By doing so, it will stick and burn your skin, causing further injury. Also, avoid keeping ice on one part of the body for too long, as it can lead to frostbites. Also, remember that your body can undergo many changes by using an ice pack, so prefer using a cold compress of severe injuries only.

Tips on how to buy Cooling Compresses online in the UAE  

Just like with any other health and beauty care product, there are some standard features your need to watch out for a while looking for the best ice pack for injuries. There are dozens of brands selling top quality products, including cooling compresses, online in the UAE. Choosing the best from such a wide range entirely depends on your particular needs, brands budget limitations or any other preference regarding use, look or features.  Let us have a look at these important points. Make sure you have these points in your mind while you head to look for a cooling compress for personal or commercial use.

  • Pick the right size – Before you think about the size of the ice pack, consider the use. If you are about to use it on your eye area, buy ice bags for your eyes. But if it is meant for knees, you will probably need a bigger size in the cooling compresses. In any case, it is essential that the ice pack covers the entire injured or damaged area to deliver better results.
  • The material of pack – You must look for a flexible and rugged eye pack. Also, check the build and quality in detail as the seams are the weakest point. Here you can ease your search by looking at products from top-rated brands. Search for bestselling brands and manufacturers and explore options available from them.
  • Customer Reviews – When it comes to online shopping, customer reviews are of core importance. Once you get hands-on with some relevant options according to your budget and needs, you should look into the customer review section of every product. It will help you find the real-time performance of the products, thus allowing you to make a smart buying decision.
  • How long the product will work – Just like anything else, ice packs also have an expiration date. Low quality and poorly made products will not keep your body cold for long. This is another area where you can consult customer reviewed to make sure you do not buy something that will run out of steam sooner than needed. Choose a pack that can stay cold for at least 20 minutes.
  • Multifunctionality – There are some special options in cold packs that you can through in the microwave and use as hot packs. If you are often in need of such medical products, look for a double-duty item. Even though they come with many benefits, many experts still recommend using separate hot and cold packs for injuries.
  • The frequency of use – When we speak of general injuries, these packs come into use occasionally. However, for eyes, many people prefer using it even daily. So, when buying an ice pack, you should assess and consider the frequency of use of these items. You can ask yourself as well as your family and buy accordingly.
  • Considering your budget – For sure, budget is of great importance. Despite the fact price is an important factor, it must not be the only factor. In fact, ice packs are economical, and you will not need to invest much to get a high-quality branded item online. On the other hand, opting for cheap items will make you lose money without getting any benefits from the pack.

By now, we believe you have had a good idea about the basics of ice packs and how to buy one online. According to many users, these are something a must have any home with small kids or people of older ages. Likewise, they are a must-have for commercial settings with risks of any injuries resulting in swelling or muscle and bone twisting.  Luckily, with it has become relatively more comfortable to get one for you today. So, explore now and get yourself prepared for any emergency.

Question & Answer

What is a cooling compress used for?

A cold compress is mainly used to cool any injured areas that protect body tissues by slowing metabolic rates. It also helps in reducing swelling around any injury. At other times, these are used for treating ocular allergies, ocular itching and swelling around the eyes. These packs work on body tissues by slowing metabolic rates and abnormal deformations (swelling, etc.). These packs are also ideal for treating soft tissue injuries like blunt trauma and bruises with the same properties.

Is it ok to use a cold compress regularly?

As a general rule of thumb, you need to ice an injury over 24 to 27 hours. During this time, you can apply cold packs for periods of up to 20 minutes every two to four hours.  Once your skin starts to feel numb, it’s time to remove the pack and give a break to the body. While doing so, make sure you are not applying ice directly on your skin, or you might feel burnt. Also, you should never use a cold compress in a significant injury and avoid applying for long hours.

Is gel ice pack toxic?

In most of the freezer packs, the gel is not toxic. It is also biodegradable as it is made of polymer and cellulose. If this gel comes in contact with the skin, it may not cause any issue or irritation. Moreover, the chances of getting poisoned by this gel are meagre, and one needs to consume a large quantity to experience any health issues. However, in some cases, it can cause a little irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes.

Where can I buy a cooling compress for the eyes?

Health and beauty care products like eye compresses are readily available online. Therefore, it is better to look for different brands like Boots on a precise retail search engine . This is how you can find the best selling and most trusted products at reasonable rates. At, you can also take advantage of a price comparison tool to find budget-friendly products for all your personal and professional level injury treatment needs.

Besides such known global brands, also helps you find best-selling products from stores in a few clicks. Explore now to make the best first aid kit for emergencies.

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