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First Aid Gloves

About First Aid Gloves

First aid gloves offer an added barrier against any infection in first aid situation. It is among the most important item in the first aid kit. The first aider wears them whenever there is a likelihood of contact with bodily fluids. Moreover, these disposable gloves are mostly used once to treat one casualty to avoid cross-contamination. They should be removed once the treatment is complete.

They are commonly known as medical gloves and are used for medical examination and procedures to help prevent disease transfer between patient and caregiver. These first aid gloves are made of different materials, including Nitrile, latex, neoprene, rubber, Polyvinylchloride, etc. Moreover, they come in both powdered and unpowdered with corn starch to lubricate gloves. It makes the gloves more comfortable to put on hands. Commonly these gloves are either used for surgical purposes or a medical examination. Today, we will help beginners understand these medical essentials and buy one for their first aid kit.

Beginner’s guide to first air disposable gloves

No matter what the responsibilities of a medical professional are, it is likely that you will need to wear the right protective gear. Gloves protect the hands and prevent skin contact with hazardous chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and other dangerous substances. Moreover, these gloves also have high puncture resistance since most medical professionals’ work with surgical tools, needles or scalpels. Each of the two types of gloves is meant to serve specific tasks while protecting the skins. These gloves should be free of powder, well sterile, textured and coated for additional protection.  

Common first aid sterile gloves 

Among all the types, Nitrile tends to be the most favoured glove material for professionals working in the health care sector. However, all kinds of gloves must protect the caregivers and other patients from cross-contamination during procedures. These gloves are also used in unsanitary situations and can be disposed of after use. However, the medical exam gloves are not necessarily high quality or the thickest material. These are readily available and are economical in price. Standard material is vinyl, latex and Nitrile with thicket level. Hence you can make your pick as per your needs. 

Surgical first aid latex gloves 

Surgical gloves are worn by professional surgeons and other health professionals while examining or treating a patient. These gloves prevent the wearer from having direct contact with infections, blood, sharp tools and other harmful substances. Hence, protecting users from severe infection and illness. At such a professional level, the gloves need to be f high quality. The quality and thickness ensure that it does not tear during use and serve the purpose it is meant to. This is the reason why most surgeons prefer gloves made of Nitrile. The material ensures extreme durability and puncture resistance. 

Specs of standard first air gloves 

Commonly latex gloves are either powdered or powder-free; they are flexible and offers a more generous fit but come with moderate protection. Therefore, you can use them for mild allergies or skin irritations. On the other hand, vinyl gloves are high quality yet cost-effective. These are generally made of PVC and offer moderate protection. But they are soft, comfortable and latex-free, therefore not as durable an option to consider. Above all other options are Nitrile gloves made of protein and latex-free material. They are allergy-free and highly resistant to chemicals and punctures. This is why they are reliable to offer a higher level of durability and protection. 

Powdered VS powder-free disposable gloves 

There was a time when latex gloves were the first choice of hand protection for medical professionals. These gloves often have powder coating on the surface. It makes them more comfortable putting on and taking off in case of emergencies. However, the powder was later harmful to the skin, and prolonged use can result in many skin issues. It can also be a reason for respiratory problems if you inhale this powder. Hence the powder-free gloves came forth to do the job. These gloves are disposable, easy to put on and off and come with no harmful powder or any other substance.  

Tips on how to buy First-Aid Gloves online in the UAE

When it comes to health and beauty care products, even the smallest details hold massive importance. As in the case of first aid gloves, wrong choices can push you to the brink of death along with many other diseases and health issues that can be avoided otherwise. And to meet the varying needs of users, the manufacturers offer a wide range of medical gloves online. However, choosing the best option depends on you. We know it can be an overwhelming process for many, and this is why we are here to share some tips on how to buy the best option in first aid gloves online. Let us have a look at these simple pointers.

  • Start by choosing the right material – On a retail search engine, you will find first aid gloves made of Nitrile, Latex, or Vinyl. Each of these differs in dexterity and thickness. And the appropriate material depends on the type of substance you are planning to handle. In general vinyl, gloves are best for standard household first aid kits.
  • The size of gloves – Generally, these gloves come in a standard size, but there are some exceptions. It is important to find a suitable size for professional use as a tight glove will restrict blood circulation and make the wearer tired soon. Likewise, bigger sizes are not comfortable, either.
  • The cost of gloves – You can find gloves in boxes for a first aid kit. These boxes contain a standard number of pairs and have different pricing. The product’s price varies based on the material, powder/non-powder type, brand, and quantity of products in a box. We will recommend you check the price of more than one brand before you buy one.
  • Check customer reviews – It is always a great idea to look into the customer’s product review. You can consult the customer’s comment on the durability and performance of selected times. As a rule of thumb, I prefer buying a product with the highest rating marked for better performance.

If you are still confused and unsure about the type of first aid gloves you should have in your kit, consult an expert. You can also ask for peer recommendations on the matter. It is important to buy a genuine and high-quality product in one way or another. Saving a few bucks during your health care shopping can cost you more than you can ever imagine.

Question & Answer

Do first aid gloves need to be sterile?

Yes, using sterilized tools and accessories, including first aid gloves, is a must when dealing with any medical procedure. This is because sterile gloves have a higher AQL of pinholes and are treated according to the FDA standards. Hence, they ensure better protection from the spread of the virus. Plus, they are highly resistant to microorganisms, therefore better protection to the patient during and after treatment.

What are first aid gloves used for?

These special disposable gloves offer an added barrier against infection in the first aid situation. These are among the must-have items in any first aid box. A first aider is supposed to wear these gloves before developing any physical contact with the wound on the patient. Doing so will lower the likelihood of the spread of germs and bacteria to and from the injury. It also protects your hands from direct contact with blood on contact with the wounded area.

Why are first aid gloves important?

First aid gloves play an important role in medical emergencies in several ways. At first, they protect you from direct contact with blood, resulting in the transmission of many viruses and bacterial infections. Also, in case of emergencies, you can improvise a theme to seal the wounded areas and block blood flow and direct contact of injury with the environment. You can also use them as a quick tourniquet for injecting the patient correctly.

Where to buy first aid gloves online in the UAE?

First aid products come in a wide range. It is better to do a market search to find the right type of glove with economical rates and exceptionally high quality. You should consult a retail search engine online to do the job efficiently. At, you can find products from top brands like Dynarex, Generic, Hart Health, Prostat First Aid or Firstaid4less. Moreover, you can use the unique price comparison tool to find budget-friendly options from top global brands.

Besides such known global brands, also helps you find best-selling products from stores to make the best first aid kit for emergencies.