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About Arm Sling

Suffering an upper-body injury around the shoulder or arm can be both painful and inconvenient. Thanks to the medical device called an arm sling that stabilizes the area, the affected part can rest. It is an essential part of treatment that aids an early recovery. Let us explore more details.

An arm sling is a device that limits the shoulder or elbow movement in the case of injury. It is a simple device but effective that aids the process of recovery. Without this device, it can be pretty hard to keep the arm or shoulder immobilized. You can find arm slings in many shapes and sizes as per requirements. Also, they come in many materials having different properties. You can find options ranging from slim varieties that help you recover from sprain and strain to heavy-duty, immobilizing the par completely. They often have adjustable straps for proper fit and sizing. Also, arm slings for kids and adults are different. On this page, we will explore much more in detail so that you can choose the best-rated arm sling.

Things you need to know about arm sling

They come in a wide range of options, varying based on their size, shape, features, level of support they offer, and many more factors. The one with mild support is apt for minor injuries in which you are allowed to do some movement. The maximum support braces, on the other hand, immobilize the part completely. It can be not very clear to choose one out of so many options. However, to make most of this excellent medical device, you need to go for the right one as per your condition. It may even come with additional features like hot and cold packs for quick recovery. Continue reading to know more.  

Types of arm sling

They can be categorized based on material, range of motion it offers, level of support, and more factors. Neoprene, polyester, nylon, and nylon mesh are common materials for shoulder braces and arm slings. Neoprene is popular for its lightweight and durability. It also works towards wicking away moisture and, at the same time, deliver continuous airflow. Nylon is a common material for arm slings as they help in cradling the arms and, at the same time, minimize weight and bulk. Based on a range of motion, shoulder braces can be divided as stabilizers and immobilizers. The stabilizer stabilizes the joint but offers flexibility, but the immobilizer completely immobilizes the part.

Benefits of arm support sling

Arm support sling is an important medical device in the case of an arm or shoulder injury. It helps stabilize the area or completely immobilize it in case of certain conditions. Without this device, it can be pretty hard not to make a move. Wearing a sling helps you keep your arm against your body and, at the same time, prevents you from moving the arm till the injury heals. There are many conditions in which an arm sling is helpful, like shoulder surgery, after a fracture, after a stroke, and more. However, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions while choosing one since they come in various options.

 Popular variants like waterproof & double-arm slings

You can find them in a range of options. However, to make most of this device, you need to go for the right one. Your selection depends upon the kind of condition you are going through. Many patients prefer waterproof arm sling varieties not to have to worry about coming in contact with little water. A double arm sling is another common variety that is an advanced version of general slings. Double slings support the shoulder, forearm, elbow, and wrist. However, that also depends upon the variety you choose. The one with a waist strap is also popular as they come with an adjustable waist fixation belt. It basically prevents arm swing.  

Tips on how to buy Arm Sling online in Dubai

Are you searching for the best arm sling for yourself? Well, there is a wide assortment of options you can get your hands on. The varieties may range from regular arm slings to double arm slings and the ones with waist straps. It is great to have so many varieties to choose from. However, at the same time, it makes the shopping experience full of confusion for anyone. To help you choose the best, here are some guiding tips that would help you.

  • Know your requirements – You need to know that all arm slings are not created equally. Different products may suit different conditions. For example, some offer mild support for stabilizing the area and allow a little movement. Still, if the doctor asks to stop moving completely, you need to go for the one that provided maximum support and immobilization.
  • Consider material – Neoprene, polyester, nylon, and nylon mesh are common materials for shoulder braces and arm slings. Different materials may come with different properties. So, it is essential to consider this factor.
  • Go for a trusted brand – It is also important to go for a trusted brand as their products are rightly designed to offer good support. Some of the best brands include Actimove, Flamingo, Aircast, Bird and Cronin, Curad, and Futuro.
  • Shop online – Shopping online is a way to find things with a few clicks quickly. You can browse a huge collection easily. Moreover, you will save yourself from travelling to store and traffic. You will get the product delivered at home. But in immediate need, you should consider going to medical stores.

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Question & Answer

Where to buy arm sling online in the UAE?

If you need to buy the best arm sling online in the UAE, you are in the right place. On our retail search engine, i.e.,, you can find hundreds of online stores that offer the best products at affordable prices. Moreover, you will be able to compare the costs of different products here to find the things suiting your budget. In some of the stores, you can even find exciting deals and offers. So, visit now to explore products from popular and trusted brands.

Which arm sling should I use?

It depends hugely upon the condition you are going through. The doctor may suggest different kinds of slings depending upon your condition. You can find options ranging from slim varieties that help you recover from sprain and strain to the heavy-duty ones, immobilizing the par completely. There is much more to choose from. Choose as per the doctor’s recommendation and your condition.

What is the best arm sling?

The best arm sling will be the one that best suits your requirements. If you search for the best brands, you can go for Active, Flamingo, Aircast, Bird and Cronin, Curad, and Futuro. The good part is that you can find their products right here on We bring together their products and showcase them on our website so that you can have a lot to choose from. Also, it would be easier to find the exact varieties you are looking for.

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