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About Emergency Blankets

An emergency blanket is the very first aspect that one tends to use if there is a fire breakout. Using water or air is not the best way out because it makes the situation even worse. Blankets are also a part of first aid kits.

It is essential to remember what helps and what makes it worse when it comes to first aid and health and beauty . The simple way of using the same things can either work your way or in the opposite direction. Such is the case with an emergency blanket too. For some reason, people try to ‘blow’ the fire away if they have access to a blanket, jacket or towel. When it comes to basic science and first aid, the first thing about light is that you need to cut out the oxygen to eliminate it. By blowing air into it, you add and not subtract the level of oxygen. So, basically, you end up feeding the fire. With a blanket, the first thing to do is lower as much as possible and place it over the area to cover it completely.

Different types of cheap emergency blankets to buy today.

Wherever you work or whatever you do, having some basic knowledge about first aid and health measures always comes in handy. You never know when you end up in a desperate situation and immediately have no access to medical assistance. At times like this, some presence of mind and first aid essentials will come to your help. So, make sure you sign up for a basic first aid class because these are lessons that you will use throughout your life. Today, the internet is also a fantastic way to self-educate yourself. Plus, don’t forget to keep an open eye for any minute issues you see at your workplace or home, and notice if something can turn into a hazard.

The first aid blanket

The typical first aid blanket is easy to find in an organization, school, workplace and sometimes even apartment security is supposed to have one part of their kits. This one can be of several types; however, a regular thick blanket is also good to use. If you are at home and spot a fire, there is no time to run down and ask for help. The easiest and quickest thing to do is grab the thickest blanket you have and put it over the area. It’s easy to get a couple and have everybody assist you. This makes sure the fire wears out fast, and it does not damage too much of your property; if you have a fire extinguisher, that’s another ideal option for you to consider.

Thermal blanket

The emergency thermal blankets are thick and very durable. They are widely used as a part of first aid kits today. You will notice that the material and texture of these is very different when you compare them to the blankets you use at home. They are also more durable and better to use, making sure you don’t need to use too many to eliminate the fire. You can even buy a few and keep them ready for use in a situation at home. It is possible to get them in supermarkets today, or you can check online as well. The ones you buy should be mainly for helping out with fires, durable and practical too. Make sure to go with a good brand.

Foil blanket

Also termed as space blankets, the emergency foil blanket is a great choice to consider when there is a fire outbreak. It is made of thin pasting sheeting that looks very much like foil, and hence the name. Everything from first aid kits to astronaut supplies, see this product. The foil blanket is both water and windproof and is perfect for retaining body heat. The product is widespread in situations that can cause panic and nervousness, due to which the individual starts losing body heat. The design of this blanket is such that it ensures there is no heat loss in any way. It is also known to reduce convection, heat loss by evaporation and protects against radiated heat.

Emergency blanket for cars

Today, many people also check for car emergency rescue blankets. They are generally for self-healing, and the other variation is too good to use in case of a fire. The car blankets can be used after a recharge, so they get warm with the help of their electric components. It is perfect for camping and celebrations in a situation where you need to spend the night in the car. They are also termed sleeping blankets. You can also store some sleeping blankets and foil blankets alongside if you need to use them. The blankets also help control and reduce hypothermia, a very common side-effect of having been in a house fire.

Tips on how to buy Emergency Blankets online in UAE

Thermal blankets, medial, space or fire blankets – whatever you call them, it’s undeniable they do a great deal in making a fire situation better. Even if you don’t have the complete first aid kit right now, get fire blankets and keep them. A fire can take place anytime and needs a few minutes to take over the entire site. There can also be a loss of life, which is devastating. However, you can control it effectively with the right aids.

  • Read about the manufacturing materials – Most of the emergency blankets are designed of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting. This helps eliminate fires and also in keeping the people safe, protecting their selves. Note that it is durable and of a good brand before you purchase.
  • Note the product specifications – The blanket should be good to accommodate at least two people. You don’t have to store too many this way, and people can also share if the area is broader. Most of the blankets come in a measure of 52″ x 84″, which is a standard size.
  • Always buy one, to begin with – Don’t buy too many and they end up noticing they are not of the best make. Always buy one, check the material and other features. You can always go in for a second bulk buy once you are happy.
  • Keep it in a safe yet accessible spot – A lot of people buy emergency blankets but end up forgetting what they stored them. Make sure to distribute them in different places in the home, in a place where the fire won’t reach. Keep a set in each home and the kitchen as well.
  • Make others aware of it – If you have invested, let your first and neighbours know too. You never know when your blanket ends up saving someone else’s life also. So, spread the word and be helpful if anybody is in a situation.
  • Check out the options online – There are so many different types of blankets today. So, buy the ones with great reviews and which are durable and comfortable. Don’t hurry but check all the factors before you consider one.

Ensure you also understand the other fire safety measures you can take when it comes to fire protection. One can do so many things at a personal level to keep any havoc from breaking out. Along with this, also keeping some emergency blankets for the homeless is a thoughtful idea. Connect with an exclusive fire squad and inquire about all the measures that you can take to make it safer for everybody.

Question & Answer

Which are the best emergency blankets today?

It goes without saying that having emergency blankets at your home, office and even for keeping in the car is a great idea. You never know when a situation might occur, so it’s best to be prepared in advance. Build a complete first aid and emergency kit, so you are always safe. Some of the best blankets today are – Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag, DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Large Waterproof Windproof Blanket, Mezonn Emergency Sleeping Bag, Primacare Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket, S.O.L. Emergency Blanket,  Arcturus All Weather Outdoor Survival Blanket, Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket, Stansport Wool Blend Camp Blanket, Sojoy 12V Heated Smart Multifunctional Travel Electric Blanket and Outdoor Packable Down Throw Blanket.

Which are the best foil or space blankets today?

Space or foil blankets are very common to emergency ones, except they also help keep the individual warm. They can be used in many different scenarios and have plenty of advantages. It helps to have one at all times, even if you have the regular emergency blankets with you. Some of the best ones are – Survival Blanket by The Tact Bivvy, Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Blankets, Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket, Arcturus Heavy Wool Military Blanket, Down Under Outdoors Blanket, Packable Black Diamond Down Throw, Grabber – The Original Space Brand Emergency Survival Blanket, PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho, Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Sleeping Bag With Hood, Titan Two-Sided Emergency Mylar Survival Blankets, U.S. Military Poncho Liner Woobie Blanket, and Snugpak Jungle Blanket.

What should do you in case of a house fire?

Well, the very first step should be to evacuate. Leave everything behind and run out of the house. If you live in an apartment, get down and go to an open area. While doing so, also alert the neighbours and ask someone to call the fire brigade. If you are in a room and don’t notice it, leading to smoke filling the area, get on your knees and try to move out, breathing as little of the smoke as you can. If you see your clothing catch fire, don’t run, or it will spread. Instead, drop it on the ground, roll to extinguish it until it’s over. If you have time, turn out the electric mail supply so none of the gadgets will catch fire. Check for the fire extinguisher and use it directly on the flames while keeping yourself safe. Cover your nose all this time and close the doors and windows in the room to avoid it from spreading.

Where can you buy emergency blankets online in the U.A.E.?

Many stores in Dubai sell emergency blankets. Whatever your requirement, it’s easy to buy them online too. You should make sure to do your research to determine the right kind before going ahead to buy it. You can also check out This spectacular product search engine is one of the best in Dubai. With more than 500+ online stores under it, there’s no reason why you should shop anywhere else! Brands such as Mylar, Grabber, Sol, U.S.T. and Coleman are some of the best blankets to consider.

Now that you have gathered a lot of crucial information, proceed towards browsing the best collection. If you are wondering where to begin, then this is the right place for you. At, you can find a wide assortment of first-aid products . So, look no further and go for the best before stock ends.