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About Gauze Pads

Gauze is a special type of thin medical fabric that is constructed in loose open weaving. This fabric is commonly used for wound care. Generally, 100% cotton fabric is used for making gauze pads and sponges. They wick vertically and draw an exudate out of the wound. Because of longer fibres, this fabric is stronger than any other type of dressing available in the market. Hence a preferred choice of medical experts and doctors.  

Both gauze pads and gauze sponges are used in different applications. They are ideal for general cleaning, prepping, dressing, debriding and packing wounds. Moreover, they are also used as a temporary absorbent dressing over wounds. In many cases, the gauze is used for packing or cushioning wounds as it helps to health the broken tissues from inside out. Due to their medical properties, you can massively find them in hospitals, clinics, and an important part of any first aid kit. Being an important part of an uncertain life, it is necessary to know and understand the features, types and uses of gauze fabric. Today we will explain all the necessary aspects of the product and help you get hands-on a reliable option successfully.  

Types and styles of medical gauze pads 

Technically speaking, gauze fabric has many different uses. However, medical gauze is majorly used to cure and protect wounds. In the medical line, the gauze is available in the shape of pads, bandage rolls and other medical dressings. However, each of them serves with a high level of absorbency. It is a versatile product. You can use it on its own or saturate it with petroleum-like Xeroform (depending on the use). However, when it comes to medical gauze, there are a lot of choices. Hence important is to seek a medical expert’s advice before buying or using one. For instance, gauze for treating open wounds must be sterile. Otherwise, it will only make the situation worse. Here are some features of gauze pads you need to know.  

Woven band-aid gauze pads 

Woven gauze has a looser and open weave that allows the fluid from the wound to be absorbed into the fibres. These open weaves help the wound fluid pass through the gauze and absorb other absorbent dressings like gauze sponges or pads. however, you can not cut a woven gauze pad because it is woven and will unravel if cut. In such a case, the lint or debris can get into the wound and result in delayed healing issues. Hence if you need a woven band-aid gauze pad, look for the size that suits your needs or use the available option as it is. These woven pads are generally used as a secondary dressing. hence, please do not use it directly on the wound or cause many issues later. 

The non-woven gauze pads  

These first aid pads are made from special fibres that resemble a weave but are not actually woven.  instead, they are pressed together and are available in condensed form. Such a tight pattern and construction helps the non-woven gauze to absorb more fluid (blood). Hence they are the ideal option where optimum absorbency is a priority. This type has less loose lint. Hence fewer bits and price of gauze are left behind in the wound. These gauze pads are normally made of rayon or polyester and sometimes a blend of the two. Overall speaking, these pads are durable, highly absorbent and comfortable in use as compared to their woven counterparts.   

Gauze pads VS Gauze Rolls 

The rolls are used for holding other dressings on the wound. You can easily wrap them around the body and secure them with medical tape. They are often used to pad an injured part for added comfort and protect the tender wound sites. Most of the gauze rolls are not absorbent and are thus used as a secondary dressing. The gauze pads or sponges are comparatively more absorbent. They are folded into a square, and the layers are referred to as ply. The higher the ply, the thicker will be the gauze, and the more will be absorbency. These pads are available in sterile and non-sterile forms. The sterile pads are a must if used on an open wound. Otherwise, you can use a non-sterile pad for general wound care. 

Difference between sterile and non-sterile gauze pads   

A sterile pad is individually packed and is free from bacteria, dirt and other living microorganisms. It is a guaranteed clean product that is used for treating open wounds. This is why a non-sterile wound dressing medical gauze pad is not recommended for use on open wounds. rather the non-sterile pads are ideal for cushioning bruises and other types of closed wounds. Sterile gauze is packed to protect the content from being exposed to outside surfaces or dirt. Therefore while using sterile gauze, it is important to take proper precautions like washing and sterilizing your hands before opening the package. Moreover, the sterile pads also work well on certain types of wounds for faster healing.

Tips on how to buy Gauze Pads online in the UAE

Medical care is something everyone needs in a while in their life. When certain issues need professional assistance, and you have to visit a hospital, certain can be managed at home. Smaller wounds can be treated at home if you are the right medical care products available at home. Medical gauze is one such product that is an essential part of any first aid kit. When you need to have basic knowledge of first aid treatments of cuts and wounds, knowledge of products is important. Likewise is important to know what type of dressing material you should have. Today we will share tips on how you can buy a quality gauze pad for your home first aid kit.

  • Find a reliable store – Buying products like gauze for medical uses is a critical matter. A wrong choice can cost you health and your loved one. Thus, it is important to look for a reliable store or supplier, no matter how far you need to go. With it is right at your fingertips.
  • Find a reliable brand  – Once again, reliability is everything. You can find only certified stores and brands manufacturing medical supplies at shops, including gauze pads and strips, etc. Here reliability and certifications mean the quality and security of the user.
  • Know your needs – As discussed, a sterile gauze pad works differently than a non-sterile member of the gauze family. So before you head to buy one, know what the needs are. Options that you will need for your home first aid kit will be different than otherwise. Make sure you have the right type available.
  • Consult a physician – If you are confused or not 100% sure of your needs, consult a medical expert. The same goes for if you are not well educated about using the product on different types of wounds. Educating yourself before a purchase can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Consider your budget – Overall speaking; there is not much price difference in the product offered by different brands. However, a slight difference remains. It will be better to look for an option that remains within your budget. If not, pay a bit more but don’t compromise on quality and go for local made.
  • Read product description – Despite being familiar with the product, it is always good to read the product description before proceeding with payment methods. It can let you know about certain important aspects of the product that might have skipped your mind.

Staying knowledgeable about the type of product you purchase can be the best gift to yourself. Likewise is for buying quality products. Even if it takes you out of our budget limit, it is worth considering. Reliable manufacturers and brands are the only options you must consider when buying health care items online. Online stores like Shops. are ideal places to order your next gauze pads online in the UAE. Here you can find a wide collection of reliable yet cheap gauze pads for sale.

Question & Answer

What are gauze pads used for?

These pads are majorly used for medical treatments. It includes cleaning of wounds, prepping, packing, dressing and debriding wounds. At other times you can use them as a temporary absorbent dressing on specific types of wounds. You can also use them for packing or cushioning wounds as it helps to heal the tissues from inside quickly. However, many of the above-mentioned scenarios need professional assistance for processing.

Do gauze pads expire?

It depends on the type of gauze. A sterile gauze will expire after some time as the chemical keeps it sterile works until a specific time period. In such a case, it is highly recommended not to use an expired pad. You can read the backside of the package of the product to know the expiry date. However, for non-sterile gauze pads, there is no expiry. However, the pad must remain in a hygienic container. It has to be free of dirt debris and bacteria of all types. Only then it is recommended to use on any wound.

Where to buy gauze pads?

Right here in the health and beauty section of you can find global brands offering top quality gauze pads online in the UAE. All these brands are certified by accredited authorities of their respective government. Plus, these brands are selling medical and health care products around the globe, earning a long list of satisfied customers. With you can get access to all these brands with just a few clicks. Hence, making your reliable shopping easier and more successful.

How do you keep gauze from sticking to a wound?

It varies from one type of dressing to another. for a standard gauze or cloth, you will need to add a thin layer of common used white petroleum jelly directly to the material. It will help to keep the wound moist and prevent the dressing to get stuck to it. However, it is not an ideal procedure for many types of wounds. Thus, it is important to consult the experts if the wound is serious and will need dressings for a few days.

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