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First Aid Kit

About First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an assortment of equipment and supplies that are used for giving initial treatment in case of any medical emergency.  

There is a wide variety of content in a first aid kit which is based on the type, preferred use, knowledge, and experience of the users. You can assemble these kits in any container. However, standard kits come in durable plastic boxes, wall-mounted cabinets, fabric pouches or bags. Also, the type of container varies depending on the purpose. At the same time, the size varies from the wallet sizes to a larger box. As these kits contain important contents that can help you save your life and offer ease in a hard time, you need to take special care of these kits.  

Commonly used types of first aid kits 

Before we head to discussing how you can buy the best medical kit for all your emergency needs, it is important to understand what possible options you will see in the market. You must also know that having a good first aid kit is a must for any commercial or private place. These kits can help you treat your customers and family members or guests for minor injuries. Doing so can also buy your considerable time in the care of emergencies and help you keep a hold on the situation until professional’s arrive. Here are some common types of first aid boxes that can help you do the job nicely.  

Workspace first aid kits 

Such kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of any workplace. Considering the needs of the place, these medical kits are made of heavy-duty metal boxes painted with a special enamel. Generally, these kits are wall-mounted and have shelves that contain different types of products. These boxes contain stocks of different sizes and thicknesses of bandages, a medication that can be used in case of emergency and does not need doctor’s prescriptions. They also include ointments and other first aid supplies. You can also use the basic first aid kit list to restock items in this box for future needs.  

The domestic style first aid kits 

These types of kits are generally made of light plastic and have a convenient handle on the outside and compartments on the inside. These are economical items and include typically 75 pieces for scraper, burns, cuts, bruises and other common injuries. You can also find first aid bags that are ideal for home or personal use.  These are the most basic first aid kits that are incredibly portable, and you can carry them in the small compartment of your car or keep them in the drawer of your side table. With all the necessary tools and for minor injuries, these boxes are a must-have for any family person or individual.  

Outdoor first aid kits  

The outdoor or travel first aid kits are a bit different from the ones suitable for use at home or office. These contain some added medical care products. Hence you will need a set of basic first aid kit items with a plus of medication and tools needed in outdoor protection. These include sports or travel-related supplies like moleskin, athletic tapes, muscle gels, electrolyte tablets, and cohesive gauze that will assist most common sport-related injuries. However, just like any other option, these kits are organized in compartments to offer easy access to the products inside. 

Tips on how to buy First Aid Kits online in the UAE 

If you explore a retail search engine, you will find that there are several different types of first aid kits available. These kits range in design meant for personal use to kits ideal for athletic and other outdoor ventures. While the content of the kits remains the same in most cases, it is still necessary to check the content of the first aid box before purchasing. For instance, if you are looking for the best first aid kit for a sports team, you will need to ensure that it includes items like burn relief gel. Here are some tips on how you can find an appropriate best emergency first aid kit for you online.

  • Know your needs and budget – There is a huge variation in the first aid box price in UAE. The differences can be based on the size, number and type of items, brand, and the type of kit. Therefore, you should have a clear idea and budget limit for the type of kit you need to buy.
  • Check the variety of components – Here you need to focus on the variety of features more than the number of components. Imagine having a dozen pieces of 2 or 3 types of bandage can do no good. Rather the variety in size and working of bandages can help you.
  • Make sure it covers all basic categories – Your first aid kit must contain all the basic treatments. It must contain all basic antiseptics, injury treatments, different types of bandages, instruments like barrier gloves and tweezers, and basic medications.
  • Review the organization of kit – The first aid kits are always used in case of emergencies, and you cannot afford to waste time searching for the items to hold blood or cover the wound etc.  At such times, the organization of the kit becomes of great importance. Choose one with easy access settings.
  • The quality of components – Imagine having an adhesive bandage of such allow quality that it cannot stick or is poorly shaped. It will not be worthy, right? The same is the case with all other items in your first aid kit. So always opt for branded high-quality, reliable products for your emergency needs.
  • Information booklet – Most of the modern-day first aid kits come with a user manual. This short booklet shares all the basic information about the use of tools and advice on medication that comes in the kit. Make sure the guide in your kit is from a credible source and contain reliable medical advice.

We encourage our users always to stay prepared to deal with any emergency in their life. And to help them take the first step nicely, we are here to offer the best health and beauty care products from top brands and sellers online across UAE. Here you can find every type of cheap first aid kit supply without any compromising on the quality and reliability of the products.

Question & Answer

What are ten basic items in a standard first aid kit?

With certain variations in the type and place of using a first aid kit, there are only a few basic items that can make a perfect emergency medical kit. These items include gloves/eye protection; CPR pocket mask; tourniquet; roller gauze; 4×4 gauze pads; medical tape; two triangular bandages; SAM splint; elastic bandage; and trauma shears. However, for varying situations, you may need to add more items to the box to meet all expected medical emergency needs.

What is the best first aid kit for hikers?

If you are planning for a hiking trip with your mates, make sure you are carrying a full-fledged hiker’s first aid kit. It must include items like antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, assorted bandages, gauze pads, medical tape moleskin or another type of blister treatment. In terms of initial medication, you need to carry ibuprofen or any other pain killers with insect sting treatment, an antihistamine for allergic reactions, non-stick pads, butterfly bandages, tweezers, safety pins, multitools and instruction cards to us all these items. Otherwise, you can buy a ready to use first aid kit for hikers like Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Hiker, or My Medic MyFAK.

What are the basic items in the workspace first aid kit?

If you own office space, provide your employees with the essential workspace first aid products. It should include a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid, individually wrapped small, medium, and large sterile gauze dressings and bandages, and safety pins. Other items are sterile eye pads, eyewash and eye bath, plasters, wipes, adhesive tape and a few pairs of disposable nitrile gloves. Other items that you can add to the kit are crêpe rolled bandages, finger dressings, resue face shield, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, burn dressings, tweezers, and scissors.

Where can I buy a first aid kit online?

First aid boxes come in a wide range in style, size, material and more. Therefore, it is better to do a market search to find the right type of glove with economical rates and exceptionally high quality. To do the job efficiently, you should consult a retail search engine online. At, you can find products from top brands like Johnson and Johnson, Boots, Cintas, and Ecolab. Moreover, you can use the unique price comparison tool to find budget-friendly options from top global brands.

Besides such known global brands, also helps you find best-selling products from stores to make the best first aid kit for emergencies.