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The kinds of plasters you may want depends on lots of factors. There are some who should be readily available and always stocked in your first-aid kits. Then, there are some needing an expert’s intervention to make sure the dressing is appropriate to the medical standards. Well, thinking of the right product you wish to buy online, we think a little research from your end would suffice.

You have got orthopaedic plaster, dentistry plasters, sticking plaster, and lots more variations in medical grounds. The choice between one is not as hard as they have a set of rules based on the injury. The method to put them on is also different from one another. Now, if you are looking to buy one for your clinic or your first-aid kit, you still have to explore a bit as the market has always been upgrading products in relation to their technicalities. Many brands even come up with their new line of bandages, which you may find best-suitable. For example, ouchless bandages specially made for people with sensitive skin. Likewise, you can search, filter, compare, and buy under our Health & Beauty section.

Types of medical plasters

There are basically two types of medical plasters. The one is for wound dressing, and the other one is for stabilising the wraps and dressings. There is also a bandage that is used just after taking injections so the puncture sites can get treated and protected from surroundings. There is another one, which is basically a functional wrap excellent for treating joint pain, back pain, and many other issues. You can either get them pre-cut or buy a roll. This also has colour options available if you want to emphasise that. All in all, this is a broad brush of terms and their purpose that you should remember while buying surgical plasters online in the UAE.

Orthopaedic plaster

Orthopaedic plaster is a cast made from plaster or fibreglass. The reason for having them is usually a broken bone. And the time these will remain fix on your body is until healing is confirmed. The dressing is highly likely performed by an expert, which consists of two types. One cast could be of fibreglass and polyurethane, and the other can be of cotton and plaster. As they do not usually get changed in between the course, their maintenance, hygiene, and cleanliness are a top priority overall. The removal of these types of casts is usually a process involving a cast saw, leading to more protocols set by your doctor. So, it is imperative that you have to follow all the steps told by him and act accordingly.

Surgical waterproof plaster

We are not talking about casts here. Sticking plaster, adhesives, or nearly any other best surgical plaster is available as being waterproof. That means you can submerge these products under the water, and there will be no consequences as such. This is an important feature to look out for because day to day tasks are impossible without having one. Bathing, doing dishes, or even washing hands could be troublesome. In the case of casts, you have to buy a separate product known as cast protectors. These protectors are only for the time when you plan to involve in water activities. Other times, you can just pull the cover off and let it dry for reuse.

Adhesive plaster bandage

Adhesive bandages may or may not have antiseptic properties, depending on your purpose of buying. You might want the bandage to just keep your wound protected from odd conditions that may occur in the surroundings or to keep the cotton in place. The other bandage that has antiseptic properties is directly in contact with the wound. It helps it heal within a stipulated time, depending on the wound’s intensity. There are some cheap adhesive plasters available at our online shops you may explore. You can choose between different materials, size, shape, function, and brands.

Tips on how to buy Plasters online

No matter how tiny skin damage has been done, it needs proper care and dressing. You can trust adhesive bandages in this case, which do not require an expert to do the dressing. It is also a must-have in your first-aid kit. Although many of us do not really put their features into consideration as we happen to believe that all are the same, the fact is they are not. You can single out different brands at our online shops, and each one of them brags about a premium feature that they have in their products. So, we have here some points or technically some features outlined to make you buy the best adhesive plaster next time.

  • Inspect your wound properly – If it is a graze, minor burn, or not so deep cut, you can rely on your first-aid kit without having an expert’s intervention. Otherwise, we strongly advise a doctor’s visit. Also, inspecting your wound can make your further decisions correct.
  • Primary or secondary layer – It is possible that you rely on the dressing where you want to put medical ointments or creams on your wound and have a bandage to keep the ointment in place and make the wound protected. This method makes the bandage acts as a secondary layer. Otherwise, you can rely on just a bandage, and that’s that. According to your purpose, you should purchase different products.
  • Pick the right shape and size – Depending on the size of the wound, you should pick the proper size and shape of the bandage. You can also buy two bandages of the same size to cover the wound in case you do not find the proper size. Also, we do not think of a bigger size of the wound for which you won’t find a bandage because if it is that big, you must visit a doctor then.
  • Match the wound and adhesive type – There are bandages that only retain moisture, which is good for a graze to heal faster than dry healing. Other than that, you can also buy bandages specially available for cuts more intense wounds. You must read about the product before adding it to your cart.
  • Bandages for sprains and veins disorder – You may not necessarily require a plaster cast for strains, sprains, and other types of twists. There are bandages available for that purpose. You can check out elastic compression ones because they do not interfere with the blood circulation and top it with your normal bandage to keep the primary one in place. But make sure not to make it too tight.

We hope the tips have made almost everything clear about adhesive bandages and the things you should consider before buying them. If you think something is missing, we would like you to explore the products at our retail search engine. You can find the right product at our online shops showcasing multiple brands. You can also begin searching some of the adhesive plasters for sale and see if the stock has something you are looking for.

Question & Answer

What is the use of medical plasters in the first aid kit?

The other names for a medical plaster are adhesive bandage and sticking plaster. This is the most familiar product that happens to be in a first-aid kit. You can use it for injuries that are not serious enough for a full-size bandage. You fell and get a scratch on your skin. Medical plaster is something you should be searching for in this case. It is a small medical dressing you should not ignore having because leaving your scars open is way worse.

How long should I wear a plaster?

Obviously, this question would not be brought up in more serious injuries where you have your bone cracked. So, adhesive bandages or corn plasters may be the ones you are talking about. In the case of adhesive bandages, five days is the maximum time. If you feel the material is ripped or torn, you should replace the bandage immediately. About corn plasters, you can wear them for two days after which you can see the condition of your corn. Then, you can make the decision of replacing it, or you are good to go without one. If by any chance, these plasters look ripped, torn, or damp, you should replace them immediately.

Do plasters speed up healing?

Plasters provide suitable conditions to the wound to speed up the healing. They keep the wound moist and covered, which is perfect for blood vessels to regenerate faster. And also the number of cells that cause inflammation drop more rapidly when covered. So, the answer to the question is yes – plasters do speed up healing. There have also been products in the market that mention this as one of the prominent features. And that does not mean that other products are not up to the mark. You should read the complete features and compare them before making the decision.

Should you put a plaster on a graze?

First of all, graze is a kind of abrasion that happens when you accidentally get scratched by some hard surface. Many of you might call it to scrape. Now, about the dressing, there has always been discussions to keep this kind of wound open and let it cure naturally. However, the logic that says keeping it covered makes the wound moist sound good and technically correct. Plus, it also protects the abrasion so that you don’t put yourself in a situation of getting another graze on top of it. If you are an athlete and a person with an active lifestyle, you must make it covered.

You can explore the kind of plaster you want at our shopping platform, which is We are sure that we haven’t missed showcasing any variety or brand at our online shops. While taking a stroll, you may also check out our First-Aid section. We understand the priority of having first-aid boxes at home and keep them stocked all the time, which is why we have a whole section dedicated to it.