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About Computer Parts

Building your own PC sounds intimidating to many, but if you have special needs, it is a mandatory process. For a professional gamer or people who are into the creative field (designing or editing), special sets of computer parts are used to meet the needs. These customized computers are much different than the commonly available options in the market. From Disk Drives to Sound Cards and Port Expansions, every hard and software is based on the preferences and needs of the user. 

However, the efforts to make a customize pc tower case is worth considering. The unique combination of Hard Disks, Processors, RAM or Internal Memory or Motherboards actually gives you leverage. Every unique combination serves as a unique weapon or tool to beat the market competition. These PC work the way you need them to. Hence giving you ought most flexibility and comfort to bring your ideas to reality. Many professional designers and gamer believe that a custom-built gaming rig is a sure-fire way to get exactly what you want and the way you want it. It is also a basic step for professionals that allow them to easily upgrade their home-built PC with the unique motherboard and processor combo. However, here are some essential to your built-in computer must-have. 

List of essential components of a built-in computer 

Love them or hate them, a computer is something that you use daily. And without one, you will surely feel lost. Just like cars, these machines are an important part of modern society. Although complicated, these machines are an integral part of the modern setting. However, not everyone knows about the essential components of a computer system. And at the time when we are heading to make our computer, necessary is to know all the essentials before you head to buy the cheapest computer parts in Dubai.  These components are found in nearly every computer. Whereas some are part of smartphones and tablets too. Hence when you head to buy pc parts online make sure these items are on your list. 

The motherboard 

This is the backbone of almost all technological devices we are using today. It is responsible for holding all the working devices in a computer system. These include Solid State Devices, Audio and Video CardsTape DrivePC RAM, gaming motherboard bundle or video card for laptop or desktop computers. With an advanced motherboard, you can replace the components as many times as you want. The only thing to worry about is the compatibility of the computer spare parts with the motherboard you own. For instance, you can take out your SSD internal hard disk for laptop and replace it with the one that has more storage capacity. 

Network and graphic cards 

Networking or interfacing cards can be separate or integrated into the motherboard.  They facilitate your device to connect with others around you or over the internet. Hence, if you own a laptop, it can connect with the Wi-Fi using a car that is closed to the outer edge of the device. But they are mostly not available on a desktop device. Whereas graphic (or video) cards come in two varieties – expansion or integrated. The integrated card is attached to the motherboard as is a part of the process. But the expansion card comes separately and connects to another part of the motherboard known as an expansion port.  Do some market search to know what suits your needs the most. 

The processor of PC tower case 

It is also called a CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is the brain of a computer. It is responsible for carrying out the instruction of different computer programs that are stored in the memory of the computer.  Generally, the speed of the process is measured in MHz. This measurement indicates how fast a computer device can read the electrical pulse. Hence how fast a system can work. Hence before you head to buy a process online in UAE, look for customer review and peer suggestions. For professional working, make sure you pick a process with maximum speed per second. As a reference, most of the mid to high range computer have process with a speed of about 3.0 GHz. 

Hard disk drive 

A hard drive is where your files and all the programs are stores. A traditional Hard Disk Drive or HDD comprises of series of magnetized disks that store data. These HDD spin under a magnetic arm with can write and read data. However, a few years back, a new version came forward known as the SSD. It stands for Solid State Drives. These drives use electrical circuits to store data. A reason for their extreme popularity among professionals is the speed. Due to the feature of speed and efficiency, these drives part of almost all the newly made laptops, professional computers and customized desktop computer for common use.

Tips on how to buy Computer Parts online in the UAE 

Have you have found it hard to select a perfect gift for a gamer or a professional who spends most of his life on a computer? Tech items like computer are likely to be a fascinating option to choose. It becomes of more importance if the receiver is already planning to upgrade his device. However, it is important to know what he is looking for and what parts will be compatible with the devices he already owns. Once you have an idea about the existing scenario, you can jump into the market to choose computer spare parts for your dear one. Here are some tips to help you deal with the buying process smoothly and efficiently, and to land on an ideal option. 

  • Know the device – A laptop is entirely different than a desktop computer. Hence any spare part that is made for a laptop will not work for a desktop computer. Hence important is to consider the type, make, model, processor and motherboard of the computer you want to upgrade. 
  • The processor – As said earlier, it is the defining part of any computing device. The speed of your computer and all adjacent parts depend on the speed of the processor. When buying online, read the product description section to find the number of core and speed of the process. 
  • Compatibility to the operating system – Every computer part works only if it is compatible with the operating system. You cannot change the operating system; hence you need to make it sure every purchased part is compatible with OS. Hence check if the selected supports your Mac or Windows or not. 
  • Budget and brand – Not all brands have the same price tag. And making a customized computer means a huge cost. Hence set your broader budget and segregate it into different sections. It will give you a limited budget slot for each item. Consider the limit and search for a product that suits your budget. 
  • Research before paying – Hundreds of computer brands offer dozens of products. It makes the choices unlimited and overwhelming for many. It is thus important to do a market search and get peer suggestions to find an ideal option online. 

First-time buyer or expert, buying computer parts demands some level of knowledge of parts itself. Plus, you need to understand the specifications of the computer. Most of the computer accessory stores help the buyer by giving details for each product. Additionally, you can read the customer review section to understand a product before you proceed to pay for it.  It is also advisable for all buyers to learn more about the computer parts they wish to buy. It will help them to avoid getting a raw deal. 

Question & Answer

Is it a good idea to buy computer parts online?

It depends on what website or seller you choose to buy from. Today many trust for genuine products and reliable services. If you can access a trusted seller, you can buy any computer part online with complete peace of mind. Otherwise, buying from a third-party seller can be highly risky. But, contrary, offers you complete peace of mind about price, product as well as secure delivery of the product to your doorstep. 

Where to buy computer parts cheap?

Right here at you can find more than 5600 top global brands selling computer parts online in UAE. You can find everything from a variety of Storage Enclosures and PC Housing equipment to all sorts of Storage Adapters. More than 500 brands are offering their collection of spare parts online. Some to name here are Corsair, MSI, Gigabyte, Thermaltake, Silverstone, HP, Dell, Kingston, Hyper X, and Logitech. 

Are computer parts interchangeable?

Not all computer parts are interchangeable. And even where the possibilities lie, compatibility is a must. Some commonly interchangeable parts include sound cards, video cars, power supply, CD and DVD drives etc. Others may include externally connectable items like SSD drives and other externally connectable devices like monitors or sound systems. However, here important is that both devices have the same types of slots for connecting devices. Here, in certain cases, you may need to install drivers in your operating system to keep the machine working. 

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