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About Motherboards

A motherboard malfunctioning can leave you pondering upon two options: swap or upgrade. You can buy the same model as the previous one or upgrade. It may also be your first purchase as you assemble your PC and would like to wander around a bit to see what is there in the marketplace. In any possible situation, always commence your shopping drive with an ample understanding of the product.

The fundamental function of a motherboard is to provide connectivity between hardware components of the system. Thus, the foremost consideration while buying a motherboard is that it must be compatible with the hardware configuration. Some of these hardware components include a processor, memory (RAM), hard drive, and video card. Also, a few modern motherboards have a unique design that allows the replacement of needed electrical components rather than the whole board. There are more to the specifications of motherboards and more research to be done before buying. Explore everything while buying the motherboard for pc online in the UAE.

Computer motherboard and daughter boards

Computer systems first used a motherboard in 1981 by IBM. At that time, technicians used to call the motherboard a “planar”. The fancy word motherboard came into the picture when the extensions of small circuit boards were named daughter boards. So, where all the daughter boards are connected justifies its name as the motherboard. Another interesting fact is again about the motherboards that their name is logic boards when inside a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. But the functioning is similar to the PC board. You see, the terminologies can differ with brands or even countries. So, you must be aware of the correct terms and make sure what you are buying covers the appropriate technical features.

Intel motherboard

You can always trust Intel to bring out the full potential of your hardware components. Whenever you update to an upgraded core processor, invest in a motherboard as well. Their products provide excellent cooling, easy overclocking, and superb build quality. As you see the overloading of features for top-notch performance, their price range is also high. But you will find the budget range as well and different sizes on this brand. In short, if you are buying a motherboard for pc online in the UAE, you cannot miss checking out the Intel brand’s products with splendid features.

Gaming motherboard

If you love online games or are a professional gamer, you will highly likely to focus on PCI slots. You will need PCI express *16 slots to connect multiple cards. The standard PCI slots occupy sound cards, WiFi adaptors, and other connectivity expansions. Thus, the motherboards with gaming specialities offer relevant features. For instance, overclocking is beneficial for good speed. And SLI feature can enable the use of multiple NVIDIA graphic cards. Our product search engine can let you see more of these features and related products. You can also choose to explore the best budget motherboard for a gaming PC.

AMD motherboard

Performance-wise, AMD has similar features as Intel’s computer parts. Their products give consistent performance and got impressive connectivity as well. Some of their products have reliable gaming performance but contains older chipset. So, do not forget to read the specifications before grabbing any product. Or, in this case, you can take advice from an expert. Coming to the purchase, you should also explore other brands like Asus, Gigabyte, Evga, Biostar, and many others. You can even check out and buy a motherboard with a graphic card inbuilt if that is what you are searching for.

Motherboard bundles

These bundles are a combination of motherboard, memory, processor, and CPU cooler. You can choose from basic to high-end bundles as per your purpose. If you are building your PC from scratch, this bundle should be the first item to buy to assemble. The next checklist of items should go as follows: Case, graphics card, power supply, and storage. You can then move further with other essentials. We hope the information will help pick the right product. It is indeed a good time that you can commence your shopping drive on our platform,

Tips on how to buy Motherboard

You will end up creating a CPU bottleneck if you do not invest in the best motherboard or processor. These products are the cornerstone of every PC buildup, but is it worth spending a fortune on a not-so decent product? Probably not! Also, you may need to balance your budget, so you can spend on a fast GPU or other electrical components later. A few compiled points below may add more insight to your decision, or they may just help you create a priority list.

  • Form factor – It is a technical term for the combination of features. For instance, the dimensions, power supply type, location of mounting holes, number of ports, and other relevant information come under the definition of form factor. The form factor is crucial to know to purchase a product compatible with your PC. For example, ATX boards have more expansion slots than micro slots. This way, you can compare and shop.
  • Processor socket – You can subcategorise motherboards by the type of processor socket they have. LGA, PGA, and BGA are three kinds of processor sockets used by different brands. For instance, intel motherboards use PGA whilst AMD use PGA. It is the type of socket that determines the type of processor you should buy because the pins on the processors connect to the holes in the processor socket.
  • RAM slots– An ideal board would have four or more memory slots accommodating at least 16 GB. Maybe you would like to spend on GB more than you have planned, thinking of future requirements. Suppose you pick four RAM slots. Most probably, you will be using only two in the beginning, yet you got left with two for a later upgrade.
  • PCI slots – Basically, these are expansion slots that allow the insertion of expansion cards. You can have video cards, sound cards and other high-end features for gaming or any other purpose. But different products have a different number of slots. For example, PCI express is for those wanting multiple cards like professional gamers. Smaller PCI express or standard PCI is for other connectivity expansion like WiFi adaptors and sound cards.
  • In-built features – You can choose to have a motherboard with in-built features, such as onboard audio, WiFi, and Bluetooth. With these features in hand, the product tends to cost more than usual. If you do not have a budget constraint, having them could be a great deal and save your time exploring expansion cards because everything is inside the product.

To release any doubt about the product or features, you should explore products online. Even better, compare those explored products with each other to contemplate your decision. You can start with a few brands. Some names include Mercury, AsRock, Dell, and Supermicro. You can find all these brands or even more upon your visit to our platform –

Question & Answer

How to choose the best motherboards?

The motherboard’s compatibility with the CPU is a must to notice and should be the first feature you cater to. The reason is that the socket on the motherboard will only work for a few chip lines. For example, the i10 core processor needs motherboards with an LGA 1151 socket. After that, you can decide upon motherboard sizes in which ATX gives the most space for plugs and slots. Then, check out the I/O area on the motherboard and ensure it has the options you are looking for. The rest of the features depend on whether you want a basic product, high-end, or gaming one. You can then decide on RAM slots, expansion cards, chipsets, ports, and many others.

Which is the best motherboard for gaming?

MSI, Asus, and gigabyte motherboards are brands known for manufacturing excellent gaming motherboards. When choosing gaming boards, you need some extended features. One of them is PCI slots that you need at least two in number. Full-length slots will be good for graphics cards, WiFi, and other features. Then, the USB port is another feature if you plan to utilise them. Other features to look for include overclocking, VRM, WiFi, Bluetooth, Graphic cards, SATA cables, and sound cards. If you religiously contemplate your decision after taking care of all these factors, there is no doubt the product you buy will be the best in all aspects.

Which brand motherboard is the most reliable?

Gigabyte and Asus have the most followers when it comes to best buy. Gigabyte motherboards are optimal in price, and black editions are even durability tested. But before going with the ranking, make sure the service centre is available in your country, lacking the same could make the product dead at some point. There are other brands, such as MSI, AsRock, Intel, Dell, and Evga, which you can consider. There are more to find out on our shopping platform and even other computer parts if you are trying to assemble a PC. In any case, the platform is worth giving a shot.

Where can I buy motherboards online?

Our shopping search engine can be the best resort to grab the best buy. Here, you can find top-notch brands and multiple shops to explore, compare, and buy at your convenience. To commence your shopping journey, you can check out Asus products if the overall best motherboard is in your mind. The Asus HERO model can be a worth exploring product in that regard. In the same way, the high-end Intel motherboard could be MSI MEG, and budget models are better to find at Gigabytes. There are many more to find on the platform. Do check it out!