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About IO Port Cards

If you travel the last twenty to thirty years of computer history, you will be able to spot a huge transformation in both software as well as hardware components. Every system may not come with everything you look for and this is especially true in the case of ports. Thankfully, we have IO port cards that open up many possibilities for us. Let us explore in detail.

IO port cards comprise a wide range of cards that let you add specific ports to your system. PCIe serial port cards, internal PCIe sound cards, and USB-C PCIe expansion cards are some of the popular examples. They can be easily placed in the back of your system, but they should contain the slot. They can offer a direct connection between your computer and the device that uses a compatible connector. However, your selection relies on many factors such as available space in your PC, the number of ports you need, port type, and more. It is one of the useful computer parts to know about. On this page, we will unveil more information that will help you choose the best IO port card for PC.

Things you need to know about IO port cards

IO port cards come in a wide assortment of options based on the type and number of ports required, their manufacturers, size, connector type and many more factors. In order to make the most out of this excellent thing, you need to go for the right one. For example, manufacturers are rarely including serial ports in computers nowadays. However, that does not mean you have to throw away your old serial hardware and get the USB equivalents. You can get your hands on a serial port adapter card offered by many reputed companies. Similarly, there are alternatives for USB 3.1, USB-C and much more as per your needs. Continue reading to explore some more things you need to know about various options available in the market.

USB IO card

The best part about having a desktop instead of a laptop is that you get more possibilities to upgrade it without investing in a new one. Adding more or advanced USB ports is a need of every computer enthusiast, especially gamers. You can find a wide range of USB port cards, varying on the basis of size, height, number of ports, power requirements, and more factors. Your selection depends upon the space available in your PC and port requirements. You can find many brands offering the best IO port cards of this kind. For example, StarTech USB 3.1 PCIe card has three USB 3.1 ports and one USB Type-C. Each offers 10Gbps of bandwidth. However, it has a wide form factor so it will need a fill-sized case.

Thunderbolt 3 IO card

An IO card having thunderbolt port gives you a possibility of connecting a thunderbolt peripheral to it. Only a few motherboards offer Thunderbolt 3 support. If your PC does not have it, then a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe card can be a great pick for you. It is an add-in card that can instantly add thunderbolt 3 support in your system. You can get the cards having one or multiple thunderbolt ports along with other ports as per your needs. However, not all the motherboards will support such cards. You should always check it with the manufacturer or go to the manufacturer’s site to find out compatibility. The best thing about this is the power delivery. You can find a wide range of cards in the market of different performances.  

SATA IO card

SATA IO cards are the best way to upgrade a computer with SATA ports, provided the required slot is there. Whether it is a SATA hard drive or any other SATA device, a quality card will support it. However, you still have to check the compatibility while buying one. You can find them in a variety of options containing one or more slots. With some cards, you might even get better speed than normal SATA on the motherboard. These cards may differ in the number of slots as well as form factor. Choose one that is compatible with your system. Drivers may be required to make the card function.

Tips for buying IO Port Cards online in Dubai

While browsing for it, you will come across many cards such as USB 3.1 port card, thunderbolt, and much more. However, it is important to go for the right one as per your system requirements. It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of options you will have at the front. However, if you keep certain factors in mind, you will be able to go for the right one. So, here are some tips and trick that will help you get the best and appropriate type.

  • Consider your port requirements– The IO cards differ hugely on the basis of the number of ports and type of ports required. Some will have USB whereas others may have SATA port. So, you should know how many numbers of ports and what type of ports you require.
  • Consider form factor– IO cards come in various sizes. So, while selecting one, you should look at the space available in your system for the card. Many systems will allow the standard size, but it is not necessary. So, considering the size aspect becomes important here.
  • Check compatibility– It is very important for the card to be compatible with your system and its parts. Else, it may turn out to be a wasted investment for you. You should check its compatibility with your computer model. You may find this information from the manufacturers of a card or their website.
  • Go for trusted brands– As far as computer parts are concerned, it’s necessary to go for trusted brands only. Some of the best brands operating in this domain are IOCrest and Dell. If you want to explore their collections at one place, you can do it right here on

Keep the above tips in mind while selecting IO cards online. If you are wondering where to find the quality options, then the good news is that you are already in the right place. At, you can find a wide range of options offered by some of the popular brands in the industry. Moreover, you can compare prices to find products falling in your budget. Also, do not forget to explore other computer parts right here. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

What is a serial port card?

You may not spot serial ports on some computer nowadays. However, that does not mean you have to throw away your old serial hardware and get the USB equivalents. The serial port adapter card is a solution here that has made it easy to control or access data with fast and cost-effective communications from various serial devices. The cards may vary in the number of ports, form factors, and even brands. Go for the trusted brand that offers card compatible to your system.

Where to buy IO port card online in the UAE?

If you are planning to buy IO port card online in the UAE, then you should not look any further. You have arrived at your destination already. You can find the best IO cards right here on We are a retail search engine where you can find hundreds of online stores that sell quality products at affordable prices. If you feel confused looking at so many options, you can easily narrow down by setting your preferences like price, brand, seller etc. You can even compare prices to find the best one under your budget.

How to choose IO port cards?

IO port cards come in a wide range of options. However, to choose the best and appropriate one, you need to keep certain consideration in mind. Firstly, you need to check the slot you have on your computer for the card. It will help you find the right size of the card. Next, you need to check its compatibility with your system. Also, you should consider the number and type of ports required. Choose trusted brands to get reliable cards for your system.

We hope that the above guide will take you to the correct products. Are you are looking for the best collection of IO cards? Well, you can find it right here. At, we have brought together hundreds of trusted and popular online stores. Explore their collection and also compare prices to find product fitting your budget. Now, make no delay and grab the best one before the stock lasts.