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About Computer RAM

Shopping for a computer RAM can be hugely confusing! Even if you are a non-tech, you cannot skip understanding DDR3, DDR4, OS limits, clock speed and more such terms to choose a correct model. So, let us explore in detail when and how to get new RAM / internal memory for your system.

Random Access Memory or RAM is a hugely important device in laptops or PC systems. It lets the motherboard and operating system swiftly store data and access it. Even if solid-state drives are popular these days, RAM / internal memory modules remain the ultimate choice for speedy access. However, beginners need to know that your computer will use the available RAM to run the operating system and programs you are currently using. So, the amount of RAM used varies with time. If your system uses a fair amount, like 75%, then do not immediately decide to purchase more RAM. On the other hand, RAM might require it if it is becoming complicated for you to manage with that small space. Are you looking for a computer RAM for sale in the UAE? If yes, then let us explore more.

A technical guide on a PC RAM

A fair amount of RAM / internal memory, like 8 GB, is enough to do some multi-tasking and enjoy games on the computer. However, if you use your system to run heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw or something like that, you need to purchase more. It cannot be a straightforward purchase until you know the technical details such as existing random-access memory details, the configuration of modules, clock speed and type of memory. The components vary based on memory requirements like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Moreover, based on what the CPU and motherboard support, components can go from DDR to DDR4. So, whether you want to buy RAM for MacBook pro online or any other system, the below guide will be useful for you.

Understanding DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM & higher versions

DDR SDRAM is the modern RAM / internal memory your home computers use, but the versions can be DDR, DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4. Around the year 2016, the fourth generation, i.e. DDR4, became immensely popular. However, it does not mean that DDR3 memory or compatible motherboards are totally absent. Just like any other system, the new version of DDR performs better and faster than its predecessors. It is important to note that DDR4 is not backwards compatible, and DDR3 is not forward compatible. The catch here is that if you have a DDR3 compatible motherboard, you will not install DDR4.

Understanding 32GB, 16GB & 8GB RAM for PC

Computer RAM capacity depends on the kind of work you do on your system. 4GB is the minimum RAM / internal memory you will require for the general use of the computer. 8GB can be your choice if you open like eight to ten-word documents and close to fifty tabs on Chrome. Moreover, if you are into gaming or using Photoshop, you will require more for sure. 16GB is also the popular choice of this time, but you may go for lesser or more. Speaking of 32 GB and more, it is also becoming popular for gamers who want to future-proof their build. Do you want to check out the price of 4GB computer RAM in the UAE or even the higher capacities? If yes, then you are in the right place! Compare prices here & select the one that suits your budget.

The clock speed of RAM

The clock speed is the measure of the number of cycles a device executes per second. Like CPU and GPU, the RAM module also has a clock speed that determines how fast and efficiently it processes the data. Sometimes, it can also be considered as a measurement of performance. In general, if the clock speed is high, then the system would perform better. However, when it comes to gaming RAM, capacity is always more important than speed. For example, DDR4 would remain DDR4 whether you choose 2400 MHz or 3200 MHz, as far as gaming is concerned.

Difference between a PC & a laptop RAM

Desktops and laptops use different RAMs that may vary based on form factor, means, configuration and size of the connector pins using which it meets the motherboard. Laptops typically support a small outline Dual in Line memory module. On the other hand, desktop PC use UDIMM or DIMM module RAM. SO-DIMM is a smaller and simpler version of DIMM. It is because the laptop has space constraints. You cannot easily install the computer parts meant for a PC on a laptop. The parts of the laptop are comparatively smaller due to their compact size. So, you should pay attention to details while choosing a new computer RAM.

Tips on how to buy Computer RAM in Dubai

Shopping for RAM is different from shopping for components like a mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. Since it is an internal component, not many of us know the natural details. You are not the only one if you are having a hard time choosing the right RAM for your PC. However, if you keep a certain set of factors in mind, you will get through this effortless. Here are some tips and tricks for a speedy and right shopping of RAM.

  • Consider the device type – Choosing RAM depends greatly on whether you have a desktop or a laptop. The RAMs for the laptop are generally compact and simpler than that of PCs due to limited space availability. So, whichever model you pick, make sure you check the compatibility.
  • Choose required RAM capacity – The RAM capacity maybe 8GB, 16GB, 32 BG and even more or lesser than that. However, you must consider your requirements while choosing one. For example, 16GB is fine for gaming, but if you choose 8GB for that purpose, the PC might not work well and fast.
  • Choose the right DDR – You can find DDR in four variations, mostly DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4. DDR4 became popular in the year of 2016. It is important to note that DDR4 is not backwards compatible, and DDR3 is not forward compatible.
  • Check the clock speed – Like CPU and GPU, the RAM module also has a clock speed that tells you how fast it processes the data. Generally, higher is better but overclocked RAM is also not good. So, choose one as per your system and requirements.

Use the above tips to shop for the best RAM as per your requirements. Now that you have known a lot of things about RAM, are you eager to purchase one? If yes, then you are in the right spot. We on offer you a platform where you can find thousands of products provided by trusted sellers. On our product search engine, you can compare the costs of many products to find the one suiting your budget and requirements. So, make no delay! Grab the best devices at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

Where to buy RAM in the UAE?

If you are in search of the best RAM, then you have arrived at your destination. On, you can find a range of computer RAMs offered by over 500 trusted industry sellers. You can browse through their collection effortlessly using filters, sorting and direct search option. These are the best places to buy RAM for iMac, HP, Dell and other devices. You can even compare features & prices to find the device that suits your budget. So, look no further and initiate your browsing journey.

Which RAM should I buy for my gaming PC?

It is the general question of all the gamers while choosing an appropriate Ram capacity for their computers. However, it depends majorly upon the type of games you play. Some computer games would run fine with 4GB only, while others require 16GB or even more. Having 4GB or lesser varieties will limit your gaming without a doubt. 8GB would run just fine, but if you want to prove yourself and the system, you must go for 16GB or more. The components vary based on memory requirements like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

How to buy RAM for a desktop?

If you are looking for an appropriate RAM as per your system and requirements, you should keep certain factors. Whether you are bringing it for a laptop or desktop should be the first consideration. Next up is the RAM capacity. If you are doing just the normal work on a computer with limited word files, excel files or browser tabs, then 4GB should be enough. On the other hand, gamers or users who have heavy software like Adobe photoshop in their system can buy cheap 8GB RAM for a laptop online or even go for 16GB capacity. Price, brand, clock time, and CPU and OS limits are other factors that can affect your purchase.

Where to buy cheap DDR4 RAM in Dubai?

If you are looking for cheap DDR4 RAM options, then you are in the right place. On, we have brought together hundreds of online stores that sell RAMs at affordable prices. To find cheap options, you have to set your budget preference on filters and compare prices offered by various sellers. Moreover, there are many brands listed here, so you will have a lot to choose from. So, look no further! Find the best and low-cost options while stock lasts. Go ahead before you miss the latest collection!

Are you ready to browse the best options? If yes, start exploring hundreds of options offered by popular brands like Kingston, Corsair, Samsung, Crucial, Dell, Asus, HyperX, and Timetec. If you have budget restrictions, you can compare prices to find the devices that suit your budget. So, whether you plan to buy 4GB RAM for an HP laptop in UAE or any other capacity like 8 GB, 16 GB and more, you can find almost everything here. So, go ahead and start exploring!